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Top Tips on Choosing the Right Outdoor Rug for Your Home

By Singapore Home Guy On December 20, 2011No Comments

There are different designs and styles of outdoor rugs. Hence, upon choosing the right outdoor rug, the overall design and theme of the house must be considered. The one you choose must complement with the existing design of your home. For example, if your home has traditional style interior design, then go for traditional-designed rugs to ensure harmony.

Similarly, if the style of your home is modern, it is advisable to choose rugs with modern style designs. You can have plenty of choices, ranging from bamboo rugs to hand-knitted and from fine linen to braided rugs. With wide varieties of designs and styles, choosing the right one won’t pose any problem.

To create artistic setting in your house, consider using braided rugs. For elegance and luxurious ambiance, better choose hand-knitted ones. But for those who want the touch of simplicity and nature, bamboo mats can be an ideal choice.

In choosing the right outdoor rugs for homes, the quality must be considered as well. Remember that outdoor rugs will be exposed to drastic weather condition since they will be located outside. Therefore, the rugs you should buy must be of high quality and much stronger. Choose the one that will most likely last longer.

Many people usually go for cheaper rugs thinking that they can save few bucks from it. However, they might just use their rugs for just short period. If you need long lasting and durable outdoor rugs, buy the ones that are made of high quality materials. It is advisable to consider the quality first before the price. That could be the reason why most beautifully designed and durable outdoor rugs are expensive.

Price is another factor that most homeowners consider when looking out for the most suitable outdoor rugs. Affordability is very important as it cuts down your options. The best thing you should do is to compare your possible choices. Both short term and long term cost must be carefully considered. Sometimes, buying cheaper rugs may lead you to spend more money in a long run because you need to buy new rugs over and over again. On the other hand, if your budget is enough to buy premium quality rugs then it can be more cost-effective. It is therefore advisable to weigh in the quality and price before settling on the outdoor rugs.

So, remember these buying tips when you’re out to buy outdoor rugs. These will ensure that you will be able to come up with the right choice that fits your beauty, budget and style.

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Air Conditioning and The Need for Maintenance

By Singapore Home Guy On December 13, 2011 No Comments

Your air conditioning units must have regular maintenance to maintain its good condition and efficiency. There are a lot of good reasons for that. Of those reasons, one of the most important is that maintenance can make your AC works at its best. Also, well-maintained AC consumes less energy and can make you feel comfortable during warm season. Of all home appliances, AC is probably the most important as the family’s health and comfort is depending on it, hence proper maintenance is required.

We will be able to avoid costly damage in our AC units by conducting regular repair and maintenance. If you’re familiar with the components and functions of your AC, then you can perform the troubleshooting by yourself. But for those who don’t have enough knowledge in AC maintenance, then you may want to consider taking the services of your local technicians. But remember, maintenance must be done promptly. Otherwise, additional problems may arise. The following are some tips on air conditioning maintenance that will help you avoid more serious and costly damage.

First and foremost, you need to ensure that your AC unit is properly installed. Regular maintenance is required to keep it in good condition. You can do these simple methods:

Clean air filters regularly. One of the common reasons for declining AC is clogged filters. This often results to reduced efficiency. To avoid this, you have to clean your AC’s air filter in regular basis. Remove the dirt or debris accumulated inside the air filter. You can check the manual of your unit for the instruction in removing and cleaning the air filter. This step will significantly boost your unit’s efficiency and lower the risk of harmful diseases like asthma and bronchial disorders.

Clean the condenser and evaporator coils of your AC unit. You will find these coils in condensing and evaporator unit. The condensing coil requires regular cleaning as it is located in the outside part of the unit. And since the evaporator coil is located in the inside part of the unit, it requires less maintenance. Condensing coil can be cleaned by opening the condensing unit’s case using mild cleaning agents. You can also clean and correct the air vents. Likewise, evaporator coil should be cleaned at least twice a year. Remove the dirt and unnecessary objects inside the condenser. This will ensure that the air and heat will flow freely.

Check the Freon and refrigerant levels. Condensers are getting heated when the refrigerant levels become low. Hence, you should check the refrigerant level regularly. You should also inspect the Freon for any leakage. If you think that your unit has low level of refrigerant, then you may want to seek for professional help.

Maintenance of your air conditioning can be done by any home owners, unless the repairs required are complex. Regular inspection and maintenance is relatively important for your unit to provide you optimal efficiency.

Bamboo Blinds for Decorating a Singapore Room

By Singapore Home Guy On December 6, 2011 No Comments

There are many factors to consider while you are decorating your house. Some of these include your current furniture and the carpeting. Another aspect will be the window dressing. Bamboo blinds match well with an oriental design as well as modern designs. They can even be placed in traditional interior designs, too.

Sources of Ideas

If you have no clue what to change or where to even start, you have to find some ideas. There are plenty of ideas in decorating magazines, and a truckload of information can be found online. Even those who have a general idea what to do can get a more detailed solution, or a better idea of what to do.

Bamboo blinds fit in almost all interior design. They give the same function as blinds – they can let only certain amount of light in a room and provide owners with privacy while having great aesthetic value. Bamboo blinds, however, give a different feel compared to other blinds and might be able to give that extra oomph you are looking for.

Purchasing Bamboo Blinds

There are different options on purchasing bamboo blinds. You can have a customized bamboo blind for windows of a nonstandard shape or size. This, however, might cost you more than ready made blinds. For both options, it is better to take the measurement of the window before purchasing. You can also inquire about professional installation.

Bamboo blinds can be purchased in retail stores or home improvement stores. You can also purchase them online, but this might be a little bit more difficult since you cannot see the actual blinds. The advantage of buying online, however, is you would be able to see a wider range of sellers and read reviews on the product by previous customers.

These blinds are a practical and elegant addition to your home, if you find the one perfect for you. Do proper research, and do not be afraid to ask the questions you have. To add the finishing touch, install the blinds properly. If you cannot, get professional installation to be sure.

Washer and Washing Machine Hoses

By Singapore Home Guy On November 30, 2011 No Comments

Installation of any washing machine hose should be done properly. The hose should not be kinked or twisted when installed. Otherwise, it may prevent the proper water flow of the washer. Washing machine hoses are secured on both ends with hose clamps. They can be easily removed or replaced with the help of hex driver; pliers specialized for hose clamps or screw driver.

Fill Control Hose

This kind of hose is secured to the washer or tub with internal holding rings. This can be removed using needle-nose or regular pliers. The fill control hose is bonded to the plastic tubing with the use of reducing connector. This connector must be securely held to the internal part of the fill control hose using rubber cement.

Water Inlet Hose

Water inlet hose should be carefully attached to the nylon-made inlet valve of washing machine. When the nylon of this inlet valve becomes cross-threaded, it may result to leaks or thread damage. Avoid over-tightening. Each hose comes with filter washer screen which should be attached to the faucet. There are 2 3/8-inch rubbers attached to the stainless hose to bring the water from the faucet to the washer’s inlet valve.

Pump Outlet Hose

The hose of washers that are not equipped with two-way valve runs from pump outlet to the hole of the side cabinets and is held to hose couplings with hose clamps. On the other hand, those washers that have two-way valve have their hose running from the pump outlet to two-way valve inlet.

Recirculation Hose

Most washers use two hoses for water recirculation. The water should circulate from the external tub all through the recirculation pump and the filter which can be found on the top of the tub. The first hose can be found in between the pump and the tub. This hose is affixed to the plastic-side outlet which is held to the side of the tub with lock rings. The other hose is running from the recirculation pump outlet to the filter cover. Since the filter cover is attached on the top, you should remove the recirculation hose to lift the top of servicing is needed.

Roller Blinds For Nursery Rooms In Singapore

By Singapore Home Guy On November 23, 2011 No Comments

Decorating the nursery requires a higher attention to detail than designing other rooms. It should, first and foremost, be a safe and comfortable environment for the baby. Roller blinds are a great option for this. Since it comes in a variety of designs, it can make your nursery both aesthetically pleasing and functional.


Young infants can be very active – they can crawl and climb into various predicaments. They can pull on long, frilly window curtains with trailing laces, which might fall on them. The baby can also climb them and fall once they reach a considerable height. Roller blinds are trim and can be managed easier than extravagant curtains. Using blinds with safety features, such as systems with secure cords or cordless blinds, is a safe choice for your nursery.


Since the fabric of a roller blind is easily adjustable, it offers a great way to control both the light and the heat entering the nursery. Managing the light in the nursery is essential in the development of the baby’s sleeping pattern, and making sure that the room is neither too hot nor too cold can make your baby sleep more comfortably. Roller blinds with blackout material are more effective in controlling both the temperature and the light.

Aesthetic Value

Roller blinds always offer a chic feel to a place. They are offered in a variety of designs that can fit into the parents’ personal taste. Blinds can also be bought with matching fixtures for a coordinated interior design. The simplicity of its design also allows it to blend into a wide variety of interior designs, so it can adapt to a changing nursery.


There are various ways to operate roller blinds. While there are blinds operated manually, there are also roller blinds with motorized operation. These blinds can be operated remotely, either from a remote control or from a wall unit. It can also be incorporated into home automation systems and be controlled through a timer.


The arrival of a baby is a joyful occasion, but it also leads to additional expenses on the household. Blinds are offered in an affordable price, and with the functionality it has to offer – the baby’s safety and comfort, and the aesthetic value it adds to the nursery – it is worth every cent.

Possible To Save Money With a Home Made Solar Energy System?

By Singapore Home Guy On November 15, 2011 No Comments

Living off grid and producing electricity from natural resource may sound ambitious. But let’s face it, is it impossible? It’s true that it can be challenging and complicated but there’s always a possibility. It is possible to produce electricity for homes with solar energy. It requires ample amount of money, time and effort though. Yet, it’s achievable. Here are some few tips to achieve this goal.

Patience, Patience, Patience…

Living off-grid doesn’t mean that you call your electric provider to disconnect your power supply after you build one solar panel. A single home-made solar panel is not enough to support your household’s power needs. You need to build plenty of solar panels and to have lots of batteries. You may start with using home-made solar panels to compliment the electric consumption in your households and reduce your monthly utility bill. You will know that you can completely live off grid when your bill goes down to almost zero without too much trouble in regards to you and your family daily lifestyle.

Let’s do the Computation

First step to off-grid living is finding out the power consumption of your home. A standard American home usually consumes about 588kWh monthly. But this factor may vary depending on the home’s size, the number of occupants, time of the year and number of appliance at home. For an instance, many households have doubled power usage during summer season since they use air-conditioning more often. Check your old electric bills and know the monthly power usage in your household. Some electric company may also include the average of your home’s monthly power usage.

Once you have known the amount of electricity you need to start living off-grid, find out how many solar energy panels you need to put up. Actually, it is easier to know the number of solar cells you will need and divide these cells into solar panels later on.  Sadly, solar cells generate varied amount of electric power. It depends upon the location, cloud cover, size, time of the year, etc. But you can always get dependable number of watts generated by each solar cell by contacting your solar energy supplies manufacturers.

Lastly, you need to know the number of batteries you will need to keep the electric power produced by the panels during daylights. These batteries will supply your household the needed electric power during the night. You can choose from two types of batteries. The car batteries, or known as wet cell lead batteries and AGM or deep-cycle gel batteries. The latter is more expensive but are best suitable for solar power. They tend to last longer than the car batteries.

Depending on the calculation and the result, you’ll know how much power your household needs in a daily basis. Once you have come up with the battery type, know it storage capacity. Then, divide the power consumption by the storage capacity of the battery. The result will by the number of batteries you really need.

Reduce your electric Consumption

All of us enjoy and use up unlimited electric power. We worry less about using plenty of electric power and just pay what we used up once the bill comes up. Once you start living off grid, you need to limit your energy consumption as home-made solar panels generate finite amount of electricity.

There are few lifestyle changes you need to embrace once you try the off grid living. Firstly, you cannot leave your desktop on all-day, all-night. You will also need to be frugal in using air conditioner and heaters. As you build your home-made energy system, start replacing you traditional appliances with energy saving ones. So, instead of using incandescent bulbs, better use CFL lights. If you can, replace electric appliances with appliances that don’t use electric power. For instance, use hot water heater or furnace.

You will also need to change your behavior to achieve off-grid living successfully. You need to get yourself used to turning off lights and appliances when you don’t need them. Instead of drying your clothes with electric dryers, hang it dry outside.

Yes, living off grid is challenging but at the end of the day, you can reap seamless benefits from your home-made solar power system.

6 Ways To Avoid Electric Shocks In Your Home

By Singapore Home Guy On November 7, 2011 No Comments

Electrical-related accidents can be fatal. It may cost lives. And you can be a victim before you know it. Unfortunately, it attacks silently. You can’t see, hear or even smell it. At one time, you may luckily get away from some sort of shock. But remember, luck may run out at some point. Therefore, whenever you need to do any electric-related jobs, think safety. Consider these simple safety precautions when doing anything related with electricity.

  • Switch Off – The rule of the thumb: Always switch off the home’s main power supply before you start. Unfortunately, this is often overlooked as most people think that they will only work on minor stuff. Remember, no power means no shock, thus no risk.
  • Check it out! – have you switched the circuit breaker off? You think so? Are you sure? Once you have the circuit isolated, check it out first. It will only take a minute or two to do so.
  • Be Aware – you probably know by now that working with electricity could be extremely dangerous. This is especially if one doesn’t even know the basic precautions. As mentioned, electrical shock can be fatal, causing you not only physical damage but also death. You don’t have to rush. You better take your time as you plan and perform your task. Rushing things may increase the chance of an accident occurring.
  • Wet Areas – working with electricity in wet areas can also increase the possibility of getting electrical shock. Worse, the shock may be severe, resulting to excessive damage or death. As much as possible, don’t use anything with electricity in wet places. If this cannot be helped, at least take necessary precautions. Use rubber boots and gloves to get sufficient insulation and reduce the risks.
  • Warning Labels – Warning labels are there for reason, thus be sure to read them. It is also advisable to label particular power supply for when you turn them off, they will be aware that you’ve done so. Of course, you don’t want your effort in taking important precautions go down to waste for when someone come along and turn the switch on since he/she doesn’t know what you’re doing.
  • Working with high areas – if you need to work on elevated areas, you may need a step ladder so that you can work with much ease. But most homeowners have aluminum step ladder, which is an ideal electric conductor. It is best to use plastic stepping box or wooden ladder.
  • · Residual Current Device or RCD – it is advisable to use these devices when working outdoors or in area where there is high level of humidity. They can detect existing leakage of at least 6milliamps for just about 200 milliseconds.

Shower Curtains That Make Your Bathroom Impressive

By Singapore Home Guy On October 29, 2011 No Comments

Bathroom should be well-organized containing essential amenities as it is considered as a place for refreshment. Regardless of its size, it gets more traffic than any other part of the house. From early morning to late night, we frequently visit bathroom to do our daily routine. And one of the more important accessories of a bathroom is shower curtain which comes in wide range of designs and styles.

Shower curtains can come in different texture including fabric, nylon, vinyl and polyester. Nowadays, market is being flooded with fresh and original shower curtains that are suitable for any design of bathrooms. They can be designer’s, simple or funky. They can also be patterned, colorful or plain. Some may even have design as per the creative aspect of manufacturers.

The simple but elegant 220cm curtain can complement with the theme of your bathroom and protect your tub and floor against excessive water splash. These can lighten up the ambiance of your bathroom. Once installed, you’re rest assured that your floor is protected from wet and moisture that may cause mold and mildew.

These shower curtains are easy to use and clean. You just have to soak them into detergent, rinse and that’s it! You can also wash them with soap, giving them a fresh look. You really don’t have to exert too much effort just to bring back the beauty of your bathroom. You can enjoy the pleasant-looking ambiance for many years. Curtains made of polyester or Vinyl are relatively cheap therefore they can be easily replaced once they have been worn out.

Longer shower curtains provide optimal protection against mildew formation and slip over wet flooring. Before you settle on specific shower curtain, it is better to measure the area where you’re going to put the curtain to as these curtains come in different style and sizes. For those who are busy, you can search the internet for the right bathroom curtain, be it long or short ones. Your search can be easy as there are many sites that offer wide range of shower curtain at most favorable prices. Some may even offer discounts for wholesales.

If you are interested in getting a shower curtains, you can check out http://www.singaporebudgetcurtains/ for more info.

Quick Tips For Your Home Garden Landscaping Project

By Singapore Home Guy On October 21, 2011 No Comments

Are you getting bored with your outdated and boring garden? Notice the plants that grow unevenly in your garden, creating cramped, messy and cluttered setting? If you think your garden is like this then maybe it’s the right time to do a simple garden landscape.

Beautifully designed and landscaped garden shouldn’t be taken for garden. It can provide a lot of benefits to you. First, this could be an ideal spot for you to relax and unwind. Just picture yourself sipping a fresh cup of coffee in the garden set having a great view of your well-kept garden landscape. How relaxing, isn’t it? These are all possible if you have a nice garden landscape.

A nice garden landscape will also add value to your home. It can make your house more attractive. Guest and bystanders would notice and be astonished with your beautifully designed garden every time they pass. Soon, you’ll be the center of everyone’s attraction and you owe it to your landscaped garden.

To make all these possible, you have to start decorating your garden. The following are some simple and quick tips on garden landscaping.

Do not ever think that the entire landscaping project can be done by solely you. Unless you have enough knowledge in landscaping, you might cause more damage to your garden. If money is not an issue, it is advisable to take services of professional landscapers. These professionals have sufficient knowledge and experience that will help in designing your garden. In addition, you’ll be rest assured that the results will be satisfactorily.

Whether you design your garden by yourself or employ professional landscaper, one of the most important things you should consider is your garden theme designs. You have to determine what theme you want for your garden. If you want a garden with swan theme, then swan decorations may be ideal. You have to use your imagination upon designing your garden landscape.

Create an outline of your desired garden designs. You need not to be an expert to create a simple outline of your dream landscape. The basic outline is quite important especially if you are to hire professional as it will guide him on the specific detail that you want to achieve for your garden. The draft need not to be complicated or intricate either. A well-experienced landscaper can understand the idea behind your draft by just having a glance at it.

Finally, consider your budget. It is advisable to set specific amount beforehand and stick with it during the whole process. Most homeowners tend to spend more than what they set because they are getting carried away at the middle of the project, realizing that they want to buy expensive decorations. Set a budget and stick with it. Otherwise, your dream landscape might get you broke.

Mentioned are simple tips to follow when doing DIY garden landscaping. But for those who have large garden area, I recommend hiring professional landscaper to get faster, reliable and smoother landscape project result.

Lighting Options Suitable For Most Rooms

By Singapore Home Guy On October 14, 2011 No Comments

Providing enough lighting to each and every part of the house could be challenging. Hence, if you can find versatile options that can work on different space, you will be able to trim down your frustrations. If you have versatile choices, whether you redesign your room or alter the functionality of a certain room, you can still expect proper lightings.

Versatile lightings are trendy nowadays. Even your lights are only for a single use, with careful planning, you can use it in various purposes in every room. Piano lamps can be useful in lighting up the instrument but they also can be used in other purposes. These lamps can be used as task lighting as well as ambient lighting, setting the mood for living space, study or library.

Another multipurpose lighting option is chandelier. It can be both functional and decorative. Chandeliers can be used in a room that requires brighter lights such as kitchen or dining area. You can also use this light option in room that requires mellow and softer lighting. An unlit chandelier can still serve some purpose being a decorative item. There are different styles and sizes of chandelier. Choose the one that fits your existing interior and home decors.

Other overhead lighting can also illuminate different room spaces. They are often brighter than floor and table lighting hence they can be used in spaces where greater visibility is required. In addition, they will less likely create interruptions in the floor space since they are elevated. Lastly, their lighting can be functional and subtle. This can be an ideal option for those who want lighting that creates least impact to their lifestyle.

If you want to include lighting in your furnishing scheme and design, you may consider getting table and floor lamps. They have different potency. You just need to be careful though when choosing. You need to go for the one the suits your existing home interior and decorations.

Lastly, if you can’t decide on how to illuminate a space, then you may want to consider natural lighting solutions. Instead of using your lamps and lights to brighten your house, why not open up your doors and windows? This will not only effectively lighten up your living space but will also help save energy in a long run.

Hiring A Competent Painting Contractor

By Singapore Home Guy On October 6, 2011 No Comments

There are times when you feel that hiring a paint contractor is not a good idea. When you have plenty of time at hand, you believe that you can do it yourself. Come the start of the project, you buy cheap materials and lay out every single thing in front of you. You start painting and you soon realize that painting is not an easy job. It looks fairly easy as you see others do it by just moving the brush to and fro the walls. Days after, you begin to feel the enthusiasm slowly dries out. Then you feel tired. You look into your wall and you are not satisfied.

After all, painting the wall yourself is not an easy and engaging job.

What you really need to do is to get a competent paint contractor. First, set aside a brief meeting with your candidate and discuss about what you want to accomplish and how you want it be accomplished. You will be amazed by how fast and experienced your hired competent paint contractor is. The labor lasts for only a few days compared to when you did it yourself. Your competent paint contractor uses high quality materials which are good not only for your walls but also for you and your surroundings. The effects last for several years so you will not have to redo the painting over and over again.

Your competent paint contractor may even give you ideas for more beautiful walls. There are several types of wall paints like metal sidings and vinyl sidings. Your paint contractor will help you decide on which type of wall painting is best for you.

The overall outcome is visibly outstanding compared to your own painting job. It will give an effect that it has been done by a professional. Your house will significantly look more beautiful and more expensive.

It is true that you will shell out more money in an instant that you hire a paint contractor. What you don’t know is that in the long run, you will actually save more money as the effect of the painting lasts longer. In this case, you will not have to repaint year after year.

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