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Archive for July, 2009

Quickest Way To Make Your Home Value Up

By Singapore Home Guy On July 22, 2009 No Comments

If you are on the verge of selling your home in Singapore, and you want to fetch a good price too, what you need to do is to raise the home value. There are a couple of ways that can raise your home value, but I will share with you the fastest and the most affordable.

Get A New Paint Make Over. A lot of people in Singapore who wants to sell their home, before moving into the new one, do not want to spend some money to your old home presentable and desirable to own. When you are viewing for a new home, don’t you want to see that your home-to-be in a bright and soothing feeling? That is what the buyers are thinking too. Besides that, you are impressing the buyers that you take care of the house, and most of the items in the house are being maintained properly.

How To Rise Home Value

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Keep Your House Neat. This is another that is off the radar always. A buyer will also want to see that the house is neat and tidy. If you do not mind getting someone in Singapore to clean your house weekly at a very good price, you can click house cleaning Singapore to find out more. Or you will have to DIY yourself, it will take like an hour or two to clean up.

Installing lighting and changing electrical cables. Changing to new light bulbs will help to further brighten up, and also tells the buyer that most of the stuffs in the house are new. It has been said that every 20 years, you should change your wires, but I would think that it’s better that you can change it around when its more than 10 years. This will help the buyer to save on the renovation cost, and at the same time save money on the long term. Why do I say that? It’s because when the wire gets older, it will create more resistance for the current to flow, thus wasting more money where you can see. If you can add this in and sell to them what you have done, your house will be sold very soon.

Well that will be all for the tips on increasing your home value by doing some minor renovation to it. If you have other value added tips that are inexpensive and fast, please fell free to share at the comment below.

Is It Possible To Go Green For A Singapore Home?

By Singapore Home Guy On July 13, 2009 1 Comment

The trend nowadays is about going green, save the earth, plant more trees or plants, save energy. So the 2 questions revolving to this trend in Singapore: “Is it possible to go green Singapore our home here?” and “What is in for me if I go green?”

To answer the first question is that it can be done, but it will costly if you go this route initially and after that you will experience your monthly cost like electricity bills and even water bills to go down dramatically. We are unlike other countries which experience seasonal changes, typically we experience summer throughout the year. Let’s see what we can do to help reduce our bills and save the earth at the same time:

Use energy saving electrical appliances. As the countries around the world have taken into consideration of energy saving and going green, it makes sense for the electrical appliance companies to reduce the electrical consuming of the appliances. I have seen the new energy saving washing machines that save 30% of the old type of washing machines, and refrigerators that save 20% more in the long run too. So when you are out going shopping for a new electrical home appliances, make sure to read the labels that state energy saving.

Another thing that takes up a lot electricity are the lightnings in our home. We use lights to brighten up in the night. There are now energy saving light that not just save electricity but also the life span is so much longer than the previous lights (fluorescent light) that consumes about 25 ~ 35 watts an hour, but for the new LED light that last 3 times longer life span, and yet is only using 30% of what the fluorescent light are using.

Using solar panel. This is more for the landed property in Singapore. You can use the solar panel as electricity for the light during the night. You can use two different source for the light system in your home, one is the normal electricity from PUB, the other is from the energy generated from the solar panel. This way you can rest assure that you will have lights brighten up in your home.

Using white colour paint for your walls. As you know that Singapore is a tropical country that has sun throughout the year, so it will be hot throughout as well. By using white walls, you can make your home look brighter and it will also reflect the light from your home too. You can reduce the electricity in your home by just switching on the fans instead of air conditioning.

Well there are small little ways that do not cost you to go green in Singapore, by unplugging the plugs of the electrical appliances if not in use, this can save you like additional 5 ~ 10% of the electricity bill, as electricity are being sucked up if you on the switch or leave it plug to the electrical source, they are called electric vampires.

You might be asking, how we measure the amount of money I will be using for a year. I have found a web page by the Singapore government; you can calculate how much money you will be spending in a certain amount of hours. Do note that this is a gauge, and it’s not 100% accurate. Check your electricity usage here.

So be very conscious to make your home a greener place and money saving place to live in Singapore. If you have any things to share in regards to the topic, feel free to share in the comment below.