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Archive for September, 2009

Designing Tips for your Studio Apartment with Minimal Space

By Singapore Home Guy On September 22, 2009 No Comments

Creative designing is an advantage when you are into a tight and minimal space such as small studio apartment. Most of this apartment type is having kitchen, living room and bedroom altogether but in some cases; this kind of house arrangement will give a cluttered atmosphere. Therefore, you need to designed it with minimal décor and furniture that can make your studio apartment functional yet well-organized.

Using multi-purpose furniture is highly recommended. Use sofa bed rather than separate bed and sofa that will surely consume lots of spaces. In this kind of designing, you can put more furniture that you might need to use without having disorder and full environment. You just need to consider its proper placement where it will be more convenient and neat.

You can also consider of having divider or cabinet that you can put your stuff like appliance but will serve as partition as well to other room such as kitchen. Moreover, you can put things that you think will have difficult placement in your apartment. Through that, you don’t have to put a certain wall just to separate rooms.

In kitchen designing, you should think some scheme that will not make your kitchen to be excesses with bunch of appliances. Using multi functional utilities are also considered. It will give you more spaces for you to run to every time you’re doing everyday routine without being bumped in every corner. Positioning the kitchen in the corner of the room is common placement which is recommended for it not to consume large spaces especially when the kitchen is together with the living room in open parameter. You can also look for cupboard that can be put in the wall, above the kitchen sink, thus will save spaces.

It will be much easier if you start to design your small size studio apartment in a scratch, through that, you can come up with the whole picture of apartment that you want it to be while designing and fitting all the decors and furniture perfectly.

Perfect Paint Color Scheme For Your Bedroom

By Singapore Home Guy On September 16, 2009 1 Comment

room-colour-selectionFor individual who just came from a long day of their everyday responsibilities, bedroom is the best part of the house which is ideal to spend some time with – to relax and rest. As it’s the place where you can find peace and comforting atmosphere, having it painted and decorated with such a calming ambiance or colors that is suitable for your taste is also helps to soothe your tired self. Unlike the other part of the house like living room or kitchen that the colors is based upon which will be look elegant and admirable spectacle for house guests and spectators, bedroom colors can be more intimate and personalized as it will serve as  reflection of one’s personality and private “abode” of one’s self. Color paint and décor that is soothe, especially if it’s preferred by you, can also create an ambiance of serenity and tranquility that can help – even a bit – to uplift your tired spirit.

Given the idea that you can choose however you want to decorate and accessorize your bedroom, you can now set a plan about working on it. For it to have newer, unique look, having it painted or re-painted with chosen paint color combination will be a good idea. Choose paint colors that match your taste and will give you the feeling of being relaxed and settled. You can also select from colors that you’ve been favorite. Research can help you a lot and give you some ideas that you might want to consider before you go shop. There are a lot of professional’s pointers and guidelines you can mull over in deciding which paint  colors can be suitable for your bedroom that will give an exquisite  appearance you will surely love.

Here are some paint color ideas you may want to consider that will best fit for your taste and personality.

Vibrant and Moderate Bedroom Paint Colors

If you want your bedroom to have energetic and lively atmosphere, colors of the sun, fire and autumn which is red, yellow and orange, can be your choice. It will give an exciting and enjoyable mood inside your bedroom. But if you preferred gentle and delicate color, you can select vibrant colors with warm combination such as warm pastel, peach or apricots with lively hue of accessories such as bronze, red and gold as shades. Although warm and moderate paint color will give an impression of elegance and coziness, this kind of shades will make your bedroom looks smaller and tight.

Calm and Cool Bedroom Paint Colors

If you’re looking for colors that will give you a calm and tranquil mood, hue of the morning breeze, clear sky and deep blue sea can be your preference. Those shades can be blue, green and lavender that are perfect for children’s bedroom as it gives a soothing sensation the leads to sleep. Not just children’s room, a person who loves to have a lot of furniture and personal belongings inside his/her bedroom can also choose those shades as it can make your bedroom looks larger.

Natural Bedroom Paint colors

Taupe, brown and terracotta are samples of natural colors as it display nature shades such as earth and trees. It will give you peaceful atmosphere and can always complement to those other shades as it is being neutral in color combination.

Now, you can pick what paint color combination for your bedroom that best describe and express your personality and taste as it will be your private haven for you to have soothed and comfortable feeling. Or you can engage a painting services company in Singapore that will help you do the work and help you choose the colour you want.

Saving Money on Home Renovation

By Singapore Home Guy On September 2, 2009 No Comments

If your family is growing, or if you just need to fix up the house you’re living in, then you may be considering spending some money on home renovation.  Many times you have projects that must get done, but you’re not sure if you can afford them.  You can save yourself some money if you take time to.


– Try to be as flexible as possible concerning the timetable of the work.  Contractors are often very busy during certain times of the year.  It will difficult to negotiate for better prices if the contractor has a lot of jobs lined up.  If possible, have the work done during the off seasons.

Make sure you get as many bids as possible.  Consider the total price, but also consider the quality of work and materials.  Saving money is important, but don’t sacrifice quality.

– You might want to see if there are some parts of the home renovation that you can do yourself.  Labor is a large part of the total cost, so if you can do some of the more menial tasks (such as removing drywall or flooring), you could save a significant amount of money.

It’s sometimes good to buy the materials yourself.  You can be sure of the quality and cost when you do the shopping.  Some contractors are more open to this than others, so make sure you talk to them about this before they make their bids.

– Look around for the best way to finance your home renovation.  If it’s a big project, you may need to take out a loan.  Talk to your bank about all possible options.

When deciding on the materials for the project, consider the cost over the long run.  You may end up saving money by using more expensive materials that will last longer.

Tips and Warnings:

– Always get references for the work of the contractors you are considering hiring.

– Remember that the price may go above the quote if there are unexpected problems