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Archive for October, 2009

Property Renovation: Get Huge Sales for your Property

By Singapore Home Guy On October 21, 2009 No Comments

Properties that are located in pleasant vicinity are truly having a big advantage to attract prospective buyers. Improving the property will also add value and can be sell out for higher price. Therefore, if you want your property to have high price in the market, certain adjustments and improvement should be taken place.

In making those improvements, looking and browsing around for ideas and renovation info will help you to start. You can look for some professional’s guidelines and some budget saving tips because renovation also means spending. It doesn’t mean that you will spend a lot for buying expensive material just to make the property attractive, only those spectacle that mostly inspect and look by buyers should be consider high improvements. Here are those spectacles that need to give attention in doing renovation.

Remember that buyers always looking from the outside of the property, so making attractive from outside is highly recommended. Repaint the outside wall of the house. It will give an outcome of being new and fresh, thus it will attract buyers to go inside to know further details about the property. Buyers also look at those parts of the property. Cut excess grass to make it look neat and tidy. You can also add plants or flowers or even furniture in the in patio or front lawn. You can also consider having the garden landscaped for it to be more attractive and beautiful for spectators that can transformed into prospective buyers.

Once the buyer liked and attracted in outside, it will more likely go inside to look further. Therefore, you should not forget to renovate the interior of the house. Well-lit and spacious house is more preferred by buyers (we all know that) so you need to make some adjustments if your house is dark and look cluttered within the narrow parameters. Addition of windows that will give natural daylight can be considered. It will also give an impression of being spacious of certain part of the house.  Proper choices of paint color also need more attention. If the house is small sized, avoid using warm colors as it will make the house looks even smaller. Try not to put lot of partition or division. If you can make the living room, kitchen and dining room together with one open space, it will be an advantage since it will make the house look spacious. But still make it well-designed and organized. Make your door as wide as 6 x 12 feet as it will make your house look bigger.

Some of business man or even employee prefers having office in the convenience of their own house. So, you can think about making one part of the house transformed into office. It should have adequate spaces for basic furniture and equipment that a specific office has like table, chair, filing cabinets and computer table.

In making those improvements in your properties, you’ll attract more buyers thus, you can have larger amount bided by them. All you have to do is make listings of what you need to renovate for you to monitor how much it will take to improve a certain property. You need to ensure that the budget you spend out should be back after the sales and you can achieve it by doing the renovation right and accurately.

Wall Finishing Touches: Accurate Application of Plaster to the Wall

By Singapore Home Guy On October 16, 2009 No Comments

Construction workers and designers are mostly doing some finishing touches in the wall before applying paint color. Plaster is one of those finishing touches done by them. It can conceal and cover bad surfaces, holes and cracks. It is a mixture of fine sand, pure cement or other bonding material and water to wet the mixture. You can apply coating next – like paint -after putting this plaster. The thickness of the plaster should be adequate and stick well on the wall so that the paint will attach to it as well.

Preparation of plaster to be put in the wall is very important and should be done in appropriate manner. Checking the surface which needs to be plastered is the first step. By determining how much thickness needed by specific part, you can now make some measurements for some points of the wall. In putting plaster, you don’t have to paste and cover the entire wide-range wall at once. You can do it by partial but still with perfect plaster coating outcome. Measure 15 x 15 millimeters of wall with same plumpness and aligned well. Then, mark them at the bottom, top and middle part. You can use straight-edged piece of lumber in checking is straightness.

After measuring the wall that need to be coated by plaster, you can now mix cement and sand wetted with water to make a plaster mixture. Before putting the plaster, make sure you wetted that wall for it to have excellent coating.

In applying plaster mixture to the wall, Cover the entire marked part first at once by means of steel float. Then, slightly put some dry mortar into the covered mixture. Remove excess mixtures applied by the use of straight edge. Pull it vertically and horizontally manner. By doing this, you’ll maintain the same plumpness of the surface. Smooth round surfaces using wooden float to rub around. You can check its plumpness using straight edge and measuring level device to have squared corners.

After determining if the surface is perfectly covered by plaster mixture, you can now remove markers. You can make cement grouting mixture to conceal those marking and applied with the use of steel float. You need to make sure that the corners should be 90 degrees squared. Let it dry for a few days before applying next finishing touches such as paint.

Useful Tips to Make your Small Apartment Cozy and Comfy

By Singapore Home Guy On October 11, 2009 No Comments

Having nice, spacious apartment is the idea when you’re thinking about having nice pad and house to live in, but that was before. You don’t really have to have that kind of spacious place just to have nice, comfy living. Having small apartment with full of multi-functional furniture and necessity is an ideal house to live in especially to those people who’s living independently.

Of course, with having minimal space, you’ll come up with lots of benefits and savings when it comes to using basic necessities such as electricity. In this kind of apartment, you will instantly think appliances that will not occupy spaces, and it means smaller appliance, less electric usage like small size air conditioner, refrigerator and television. You also don’t have to run often inside your apartment because everything is possibly within your reach, thus, easy lifestyle.

Mostly, when you think you’re into smaller places, it will be difficult to have it organized because all rooms are altogether. You got it wrong. You can also have those rooms designed and divided without giving it a cluttered atmosphere. By doing that, you need to be more creative and wise in picking up furniture to use for your small apartment.

Big and space-consuming furniture is not necessary in designing your apartment. All you need is furniture with same purpose or even multi-purpose with reduced size. Instead of having different and separate furniture, go for “2-in1” like sofa bed. You’ll have comfy seat at daytime and easily be transformed into bed at sleeping time. Folding furniture is also recommended. You just spread it when you’re in need on it then can be folded and kept afterward. It will give you more spaces to run to every time you finish specific routine like eating and cooking

Unnecessary stuff should be dispatch. Although those stuffs might have sentimental values that you want to be displayed, it will make your apartment look cluttered and full if it’s in excess. Make your apartment as simple as possible. As there is a saying, simplicity is beauty. You can keep those unnecessary things especially those space consuming. If you really don’t need that stuff within your reach, you better store it somewhere that won’t invade spaces. Some of your stuff is just being junk and hurdle without even realizing it by you because you’re clinging more on  schmaltzy so getting rid of them is the better idea. However, you can make some journals and write down notes about them for you to store up those sentimental values intact.

Moreover, rather than using “put-over” things for decoration, why don’t you hang it? There is more other furniture need the spaces so consider saving it for them. You can use the wall for other decorations and accessories. For example, instead of using flower vase that can be in the center of the table, you can look for vase that can be attached or hang in the wall, it also gives an impression of being neat of one’s apartment. Also, you can purchase cupboards that can be place above the kitchen sink and pinned in the wall. You can save space for dining table and fewer run-arounds when eating and cooking.

Designing of small apartment is not that difficult. All you have to do is to think creatively and wisely. You really don’t have to have large apartment to have nice and cozy living, with the proper arrangement and well-designed environment, you’ll have an easy yet beautiful apartment living experience.