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Archive for December, 2009

How to Decorate Your Bathroom – Easy to Implement Decorating Bathroom Tile Ideas

By Singapore Home Guy On December 28, 2009 No Comments

Alluring and creatively decorated bathroom can be obtained by designing it with variety of tile styles, color and designs. Depends on what kind of atmosphere you want, you can have a lot of bathroom tile decorating ideas you can choose from.

To start with, use pink tiles with black trimmings in your bathroom. This kind of tile decoration is popular in old world homes because they usually implemented it as bathroom design. This create classic minimalist look in the bathroom. To balance, you can use white linens with black and white motifs.

On the other hand, if you want a glamorous look for your bathroom, you can try adding some alluring chandelier with pink tiles that have no trims. Putting brown trimming in the pink tiles can complement with the brownish and pinkish shower curtain, few white accents and wooden furniture. This decoration setting can give enchanting atmosphere in the bathroom.

Another bathroom tile decorating idea and considered as most popular one is tackling shower tiles. This designing idea deals about adding attention-grabbing designs of shower tiles instead of typical and boring ones. You can decorate the shower tiles using stencil that you can obtain in most of craft shops. This will add some enticing designs in your bathroom that is beneficial to obtain the alluring appearance. However, in designing with the use of stencil, the design should complement to the bathroom themes to avoid the look of being cluttered. You can also customize your bathroom design by replacing your existing shower tiles with ready made and custom tiles that has letters and images.

Another bathroom decorating idea is painting the all the tile borders. You can also try adding some tiles that has contrast palettes to primary tile color. This will spice up and enhance the appearance of your bathroom. It can make your bathroom look exciting and interesting.

Now, if you want to have effective yet affordable bathroom design, you can try painting your bathroom with enamel paint. This will change the appearance and scheme of your tile colors. Instead of settling with the plain and boring tile schemes, you can change it into alluring and interesting appearance by panting enamel paint here and there. Just make sure that the paint is proportionally applied in the bathroom.

For colorful and bright shade of the bathroom, you can use hand painted ceramic tiles. This will adorn your bathroom walls and give exciting shades. These kinds of bathroom tiles have designs and colors that do not get washed off easily. Instead, the bright color remains intact and sealed in. Mural tiles are the examples.

Now you can have the new look of your bathroom. With these easy-to-implement bathroom decorating ideas, you don’t have to employ professional just to obtain the design you’re seeking for.

3 Effective Tips to Get Rid of Bad Smell in your Home

By Singapore Home Guy On December 22, 2009 No Comments

Are you having same problem with the bad smell in your home? Now you have your own great-looking home, fully-furnished and well-decorated. But there is existing problem in the air- bad smell coming from somewhere. The first impulse is to get rid of it and to get rid of it as fastest possible way. Don’t worry, there’s a lot of easy and quick way to remove the bad smell in the air. This article will give you some ideas on how to get rid the bad smell in your house.

First thing you have to do is to identify where the smell is coming from. It maybe dog smell or mildew. This way, you’ll determine what kind of solution is applicable to remove the specific smell. Here are some ideas and tips to get rid of bad smell in your house:

Let the air circulate in your house

In most cases bad smell is coming from the molecules that stay in the air within your house. Therefore, by letting the air circulate inside of your house, the bad smell will be lessened. You can let the windows open for some time so that the fresh air coming from outside will be able to enter and circulate in your house.

Use home-made Solutions for bad smell

Some folks used home-made solutions more often to get rid of smell. Usually, they tend to use simple cleaning agents to remove the bad odor. One of those agents is vinegar. With the use of vinegar, you will be able to remove the bad odor in your house as it can absorb the smell.

Use Air Fresheners and Aromatic Candles

So far, this is the most popular step used by most of people to get rid of bad smell in their homes. Aromatic candles and air freshener can remove the bad odor and replace it by soothing smell. This is a perfect quick fix to get rid of bad smell in your home as you will just lit the candle or spray the surrounding with air freshener whenever you feel you need it.

Exterior Renovation – Windows Designing and Remodeling Tips

By Singapore Home Guy On December 15, 2009 No Comments

Renovation can do a lot of appealing changes in your home. Remodeling in both exterior and interior part can make your house gets the beauty it has when it was first built. This is beneficial especially if your house is meant to sell as you can get high desired price for it. However, it is essential as well if you’re going to live with it for longer time as you can get the endurance of the house that you will live comfortably on.

There’s a lot of easy and low-cost exterior remodeling that is best suit for your house. If you’re thinking to cut back expenses in exterior renovation, this article will give you ideas to make the renovation cheap and more convenient.

To start with exterior renovation, windows should be the first one to prioritize. We all know the windows basically play the essential part of giving appealing appearance to our home. Thus, starting our renovation with windows can give a big boost to our property. Windows do a lot of functional task to exterior as well as to interiors. It makes the light comes inside thus house looks more spacious.

In choosing the perfect window set for your home, quality as well as style should be considered. The two factors should compliment to each other so that you’ll get the visual appealing you’re seeking for. Once you have identified the style and quality you are going to use for exterior renovation of windows, putting it with appealing style and long lasting placement is the next move.

For you to have an idea on which kind of style is much suitable for your window, you can search for images and renovation tips so that the task will be much more convenient. Also, you have to know what exactly your house is needed.

Now, after you determined what kind of quality is best suit for your window, placing it to your house is the next step. As I’ve said earlier, the quality should also compliment to the style to get an appealing result. To help you make the task more conveniently, here are things you need to consider:

Windows depth: In some cases, windows should be popped out or recessed. It depends on the area of the window you are going to put into. To have better idea on how it works, you can consult a professional so that you’ll come up with a better result.

Color and materials: There’s a lot of material can be use as windows. It can be plastic, metal or glass. Depends on what you prefer, you should also consider if the material will compliment in the color you’re going to use.

Exterior Trim Option: Some of window exterior can use trimmings and shutters if preferred. It can also add-up appealing changes to your home. You just have to pay attention when it comes to size, color and style of it.

Windows can also be a big factor in the appearance of our house. Thus, it is important to take a closer look in designing it for us to get the appealing house satisfaction.

Great Girl’s Bedroom Design Ideas and Themes

By Singapore Home Guy On December 10, 2009 No Comments

If you are looking for design that best fit for girl’s bedroom, you maybe come up with vast preferences. Choosing the best will make you have some hard time. But to make the difficult task a bit easier, this article will give you some girl’s bedroom design. Designing girl’s bedroom by painting it with variety of colors here and there is not really going to work. You have to determine what exactly you want your girl’s bedroom would like to appear to be. To start with, choose the theme for girl’s bedroom.

To give you an idea on which theme is perfect for girl’s bedroom, this article will discuss some of great bedrooms themes. This will also help you to design girl’s bedroom that will create the theme you’re seeking for.

We all know that a bedroom is meant to be a resting place for everyone, thus creating soothing environment inside the room is essential. Regards to that fact, a theme of ocean waves can be a great bedroom theme. This kind of theme does not only require ocean waves but aquatic plant and animals as well. This will give a girl’s bedroom a colorful environment that you would surely love. To spice up the ocean waves theme a little bit, you can put some contrast color and designs. You can add some beach color and sunny pallets. Therefore, more likely, the setting would be blue watery walls, yellowish floor (just like sand) and a ceiling with sky blue shade.

Another theme that is great for girl’s bedroom design is starlight theme. This kind of theme is best fit for every girl and even for boys. There are lots of wall papers and fabrics that can create the starlight theme in one’s bedroom are available in the market thus designing it is a bit easier. It can also be used in boy’s bedroom. You can actually do it yourself. Designing it yourself can help you achieve the theme you want without hiring professionals. Create your own star colors and shades to get starlight theme. To complete the design, decorate the room with start shaped rug and starlight related furniture accordingly.

You can also try moonlight theme for girl’s bedroom. This will give your room a romantic atmosphere. You can also try combining the starlight and moonlight theme. To do it, accessorize your room with star shaped decorations with the moonlight wallpapers. Just make sure that you are designing your room proportionally. This way, every theme details will be able to expose. Just being creative, you can have your own girl’s bedroom design.

Home Security Systems – Keep your Family Safe and Secure with Affordable and Efficient Security Systems

By Singapore Home Guy On December 4, 2009 No Comments

The safety and well being of your family is the most important concern at this time. A low cost residential security system is an effective way to give your family a sense of safety and you peace of mind. Although Singapore is a very safe place and has the lowest crime rate in the world, we would still want to make sure our family and assets are safe.

Having a low cost burglar alarm in your house is the best way to keep a burglar from entering your house. Most burglars seeing a burglar alarm in your house will bypass it and go to another easier house that has no security system. A thief wants the easiest place to enter, since he wants to enter quickly and do so without being seen. He therefore will have an easier time entering without an alarm system.

All the data collected so far indicate that a low cost security alarm system will deter burglars from entering your house. Not only does this help your family feel secure and safe but removes your concern for their safety and well being. It also helps lower your insurance premiums. If a thief enters and takes valuables or damages your home, the insurance company must pay for the damage to your home and replace those stolen things. With a quality yet low cost security system, most insurance companies will give a discount on your home owner’s premium payments.

Signing up with a monthly 24 hour per day security  service will insure that you are covered seven days a week  whether you are home or not. If a burglar enters and an alarm is sent to the security center, they would try to contact you first and if no answer would then contact the proper authorities. Likewise if a fire starts, again there would be an attempt to contact you and if no answer then the proper authorities would be contacted. This helps to cut down on response time, because every minute counts. A lot of companies have low cost security systems and will install their equipment free of charge when you sign up with their plan.

All the reasons above are why you should consider getting a low cost security system for your home. A low cost security system is something you hope you never have to use but when the need arises it will be there to use.