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Archive for January, 2010

Interior Painting Ideas – Make your Room Exciting with these Four Decorating Tips

By Singapore Home Guy On January 25, 2010 No Comments

Looking for a new concept or a painting idea? Want to start and turn your home more approachable and exciting? Look no more! This article will give you some designing and decorating tips for your rooms. These 4 are about interior painting ideas and some low-cost ways to re-decorate your home wisely.

1. Transform bathrooms or kids rooms with Fun Tropical Designs – If you want to have neat yet exciting color decoration in your bathroom and kids room, you can use enticing color paints and wallpapers. I suggest using wallpaper that has wavy stripes designs in the upper half wall. At the bottom part, you can use dots styles with fun type design in the border to separate it from the upper wallpaper.

In this decorating tip, you will be able to create beach theme inside your room. You can try different color combinations to create a certain theme. For instance, if you want to have summer beach scene, you can use pastel, light and tropical colors.

2. Kitchen Painting Concepts – This will help you to hype up your kitchens lively, even bedrooms and bathrooms with painted stripes. You can paint you upstairs hallway with stripes designs. You can try the color combination of light blue and lime. In order to make the lined straight and in vertical level, use a carpenter’s level and a very special blue painter’s tape that won’t bleed. It is great for painting nice sharp-looking stripes.

To blend the interior design of the room, you can try installing a shower curtain with porcelain containers in sink area. Try to make an effort to provide those decorations as stripe designs. This will give your kitchen the atmosphere of living near the beach.

3. Bedroom Painting Ideas – do you want to have bedroom that has an atmosphere of being under the moon and the stars at night?  You can take a look on some “sky night designs” that is being popular nowadays. In this kind of design, when you turn off your light, your room will appear like being outside the house and under the twinkling stars. You will be able to feel the mood of warm sky night. This can also give you the rejuvenating feeling inside your bedroom- which is beneficial as our bedroom is meant to be resting area.

4. Faux Painting – this kind of interior painting idea is considered as another affordable way of making a certain room exciting and lively. This can give you the opportunity to have room that looks luxurious and expensive. You can take a look on some “glaze brochures” in order to have an idea about faux painting designs.

Most of million dollar worth mansions use faux painting in their walls. If you want to know the basic of faux painting, you can attend some workshops that talks about interior design like faux painting and marbling. That way, you will be able to master the faux painting method and you will be able to apply it in your home. Through that, you will be able to luxury-looking house.

Moreover, faux painting has been very popular nowadays. You can browse for sample designs online and selected brochures and magazines.

Living Room Colors – Helpful Designing Ideas to Make your Living Room More Attractive

By Singapore Home Guy On January 11, 2010 No Comments

In decorating a living room, color should also be considered. We all know that living room is the main area where expectorators mostly look into. Thus, decoration as well as the color should be properly chosen. There’s a lot of living room color idea you can choose from. Most of them can also fit to your budget. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the cost as you can have living room colors you want without spending much.

To start with, you can paint only one side of four-walled living room with such an appealing contrast color. This way, you can have well-decorated and balanced tone of the wall without spending much because you don’t have to paint the other walls of the living room. Just make the tone a little bit darker to create attractive environment in the living room.

To add more color in the living room, you can try placing colorful pillow in the displayed furniture with it. This is the most low-cost living room color idea as you can enjoy the convenience of the colorful ambiance as well as the decorated furniture without spending separately.

To have colorful drawing room, you can try placing green plant with different flowers with it. The different color from flowery plants can give different hues in the room without the need of painting the wall colorfully. If you are unsure on which plant should be used, you can consult for designer’s advice. Also, together with the colorful plant is the whimsical shaded lamp. Through this, you can have complemented colors of particular room with the use of only two factors – which is the plant and the lamp. There are a lot of cheap lamps you can find in lamp store. It is not required to go for expensive ones. All you need to do is compare prices also the quality and the light shades it can give. The shade of the lamp should compliment on the decoration that was displayed on the room.

You can also try putting colorful rugs strategically underneath chairs or tables. Through this, you will be able to add some colors in the living room while decorating it purposely. Just use contrast color of rugs to create attractive and enjoyable living room shades. If you find your wall boring, you can spice it up by adding decoration in it like ornaments and mirrors.

With these living room color tips, you don’t have to spend much just to have well-decorated and colorful living room. You just have to be creative when it comes to designing. You shouldn’t also be afraid in trying new things because it will just stop you from getting new and fresh ideas on how you can make your living room more attractive.

If you are looking to outsource to paint your living room, contact Painting Services Singapore.

Carpet Cleaning Ideas

By Singapore Home Guy On January 6, 2010 No Comments

Clean and well-groomed carpet can enhance the appearance of one’s room. On the other hand, dirty and dusty carpet will make you think twice on stepping into it. It can also create uncomfortable environment inside the specific room. Thus, maintaining its cleanliness is essential to ones home owner. Some tend to use carpet cleaning services. But this process sometimes costly especially if there’s a lot of carpet you need to be washed. The costs mostly outweigh the benefits of having clean carpet.

Now, if you want to save few bucks from cleaning your carpet, you can now start your own carpet cleaning. If you aren’t familiar with the process, this article will give you some ideas. Here are some tips to clean your carpet more conveniently:

– You maybe tend to use shampoo in cleaning your carpet, but the best way to washed it faster is to use cleaning agent used by professionals. Usually, you will just put some cleaning agents all the way to the carpet and let it dry. Once the dirt becomes dry and brittle, you can now start removing dust and dirt from carpet by vacuuming with the use of vacuum cleaner. This maybe difficult at first but with the proper skills and practice, the carpet cleaning will be easier.

– If you’re worrying about the chemicals that will be used in cleaning your carpet, you can make use of home-made solutions. You maybe consider kids or pets in your house thus using natural cleaning agents will be beneficial for both of you and your housemates. As home-made solution, use vinegar and blending washing soda to remove smell and stains in the carpet. These home-made solutions are beneficial to help you keep the cleanliness of your odor-free carpets.

– Remove dust in your carpet regularly. This way, you won’t have hard cleaning experience in monthly cleaning basis of your carpet. Use vacuum cleaner to clean your carpet regularly.

– Now, if all the given ideas aren’t suitable for you, you can seek for professional carpet cleaning service. That’s if you have budget for that. However, they can give you cleaning satisfaction for your carpet as they know the whole process of carpet cleaning. From using high quality cleaning agents down to taking care of the fabrics are their expertise. They know how to clean the carpet with care and good quality therefore you’ll be assured that you will be able to have dirt-free and odor-free carpet that will give the inviting sand soothing appearance in your home.