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Archive for February, 2010

Restyle your Kitchen through Cabinet Door Knobs Replacing

By Singapore Home Guy On February 23, 2010 No Comments

If you want your kitchen to look new, you don’t have to engage yourself into full remodeling task. There’s a lot of quick and easy fix you can do in order to have the new look in your kitchen. Replacing door knobs and fasteners in your kitchen cabinet can spice up the boring look of your kitchen. This will give you the opportunity to re-style your kitchen without spending much in full renovation.

Firstly, remove all the old door knobs in your kitchen cabinet. At some point, door knobs starting to worn out due to heavy usage. Be careful in unscrewing screws in the pilot holes of the door knobs. This way, further damage within the holes can be avoided. Once you have removed the knobs, bring it with you when you by a new one. This will help you to get the correct screws and knobs for your kitchen cabinet.

Now you have the appropriate set of knobs and screws, you can now start you DIY kitchen re-styling. Grab a screwdriver and start re-installing the cabinet door knob. It is faster and easier task if the screws match to the old hole patterns in the cabinet. If not, put some wood glue in the pilot holes and wait to dry out. Once dried, put the door knob and drive the screw back to the cabinet door.

But in some cases, you may find the pilot holes becomes squirted and worn out. This is where you will have additional DIY work. You have to make sure the all the door knobs will be replaced evenly. Firstly, put the new door know in the door and ensure that the old holes will be covered. Hold it at once and mark the proper placement of the door know to the cabinet door using a pencil. Make sure that the door knob is properly aligned so that the measurement will be accurate. To ensure the accurate door holes measurement, grab 2 pieces of 2X4 plywood and joined them together into T-shape. Now, you can hold it in the cabinet door and start marking the new holes placement. Outline the cabinet door’s edge on the plywood and mark the location of drill hole on the pattern. After marking, you can now start drilling the new hole for new hardware. To ensure the proper drilling holes for each door knob, you can make pattern for each.

Carefully drill the marked cabinet door. This way, splintering of cabinet woods will be avoided. Once you have created new holes for new hardware, you can now start attaching them to the cabinet door. Place the screw back through the attaching door knob and tighten them into new holes. Make sure that you won’t over tighten the screw to avoid losing its trade.

All things considered, you can do your own DIY kitchen re-styling. It doesn’t require specialized skill but only basic knowledge in repair and maintenance. Now, you can have restyled kitchen without spending much from full kitchen renovation.

Solar Energy: The Cheapest Money Saving Solution

By Singapore Home Guy On February 18, 2010 No Comments

There’s a lot of people nowadays are experiencing financial crunch due to global recession. Most of them were laid off by their employers and as a result, they become jobless and homeless. Due to that, they tend to look for alternative ways of saving money.

We all know that most of energy generators are using fossil fuel in order to produce and supply power to their consumer. But fossil fuels are starting to be depleted – becomes expensive. As a result, power that is being produced with the use of fossil fuels such as electric power becomes expensive as well. Therefore, you don’t have to be surprise if your electric bills keep on increasing in a monthly or yearly basis. But regardless on the fossil fuel cost, the effect of the harmful element released by energy generator to our environment becomes more frightening. Global warming accelerates that resulting of glacier melts and frequent odd storms. Thus, we need to act now and solve this once and for all so that we will be able to avoid severe catastrophe in the future.

You don’t have to go farther just to find answer in your problem – both financially and environmentally. The answer is just right there in your door steps – the sunlight. Solar energy coming from the sun can be converted into electric power. This energy is natural and much cheaper than any other energy sources. In fact, it can be used free. All you have to do is to set up your own solar panels to capture sun rays. Because the energy source require in producing power is merely sunlight, the whole process is environment-friendly. Usually, standard solar panel can produce 140kw electric power. Imagine, you can have enough amount of electric power for free just by utilizing solar energy from the sun.

Solar Panels maybe costly, depends on the function you are looking for. But with the numerous benefits you can get once you have utilized one, solar panel is worth investing for. While you are saving money, you are also protecting environment from further damages and pollutions.

Feng Shui Tips – Create Balance and Harmony in Your Home with These Efficient Feng Shui Tips

By Singapore Home Guy On February 17, 2010 No Comments

In every particular room of your home, you may have tried applying specific feng shui principle. You may have noticed the difference of the environment or mood in that particular room. Actually, there is a suitable feng shui principle for every part of your home that should be applied in order to achieve the balance inside your entire home. If you want to have well-balanced feng shui home, here are some feng shui tips you may want to consider.

Walk/Entry Way

The feng shui principle that should be applied in this part of your home should be welcoming and inviting. In feng shui concept, this part of our home is what called the “mouth of chi”. Our entry/walk way is the first thing that people can see when they open our entry door therefore it should have inviting aura or atmosphere as much as possible.

The first scene that will be seen by you and your guest when they enter your home should be eye catching and attention grabbing. This way, your guest will focus their attention to the first scene inside once they entered your home. Therefore, if your stairway is facing to your entry door, you can consider the bold color for it (fire and earth theme) with matching tasteful artwork as decoration in downstairs.

But if your home is a bungalow, you can consider painting the wall that is facing to your door with such a bright and welcoming color. You can also add some enjoying and tasteful artwork. Placing mirror that facing inside your home can also help to retain the good chi inside your home.

Living Room

This part of your home is considered as the “bonding room” of your family. This is where your family spending their time to each other after a long day of work or everyday routine. Therefore, the environment in this part of your home should be inviting, warm and welcoming.

In order to obtain the efficient feng shui principle in this part of your home, you should keep the atmosphere warm and inviting. You will be able to do this by decorating your living room with such a neutral-colored fabrics and furniture. The theme that should be used in this room should be neutral and relaxing. You can use cotton pillow to your furniture to make it look soft and comfortable. You may also include decorating your living room with miniature fountain or rock artwork. This way, you will be able to create natural and warm atmosphere inside your living room.

In choosing fountain decoration, you may want to consider a bamboo fountain. This type of decoration symbolizes the two essential element of feng shui concept. The bamboo represents friendship and longevity and flowing water represents abundance and prosperity.


Our bedroom is served as our rejuvenation area in our home. This is where we rest and relax to regain our energy after a long, tiring day. Therefore, the atmosphere in this part of our home should be as tranquil, soothing and calming as much as possible. In feng shui concept, spacing and color are such an essential elements that need to be considered if you want to achieve a balance flow of good energy or Chi. You can use brown, beige, black, and metallic scheme in your bedroom to obtain a calming mood.

If you are sharing your bedroom to your spouse, it is important that the atmosphere inside your bedroom is having relaxing and romantic feeling. You may decorate your room with photograph representing lover images and picture of happiness and nature.

In furniture arranging, the bed should be in the center of your bedroom where both of you and your spouse can freely move around. Placing it in the corner can create an atmosphere of one is being trapped or cornered.

The aforementioned feng shui tips can help you to stimulate the good energy flow inside your home. You can easily achieve the balance and harmony inside your home by applying these feng shui tips accordingly.

What is the Advantages of Windows with Built-in Blinds?

By Singapore Home Guy On February 1, 2010 No Comments

If you are thinking of replacing your old window to a new, stylish one, Pella designer’s window can be your choice. There are a lot of advantages you will get once you have chosen to use windows with blinds inside. Especially, if you have children at home, wrecked things can’t be avoided. We all know that kids easily bend anything that they are able to reach.

Blinds in the window can’t be an exception. But if the blinds are already built-in to the window, there is no way that a child can bend the blinds. If you are lucky enough not to have child the bend things, then maybe your pet will do. And I guess you can’t afford to replace blinds from time to time as it will cost you much fortune if ever. Therefore, having windows with built-in blinds can be very beneficial to home owner.

Another benefit you will get in windows with blinds inside is the minimal entrance of dust. Because you don’t have to open and close the window blinds every now and then, dust will not able to enter the house from your window. With the fixed glass on the window, you can still have the light coming from outside without opening the whole window set.

Because there is no way that dust can enter to your house from windows, allergens can be blocked too. This is beneficial to people with allergy problem because dust and other allergen cannot penetrate to a glass panel of this modern designer window. Furthermore, there will be no hanging soft material that more likely attract allergens. This way, people with asthma or respiratory problems won’t have any problems with allergies.

Another advantage of using window with built-in blinds is having safer environment especially to small kids and pets. Because it has fixed pane inside the windows, there will be no cord hanging around the corner that can more likely create accident among kids and pets. With the features of compact blinds, cord is unnecessary to make some adjustments. Unlike in traditional blinds that require cords just to let it flaunt or close. Built-in blinds can be made of woods, plastic or glass, depends on your preferences.

Moreover, the cooling and heating system can be managed very well. With the eco-friendly feature of this designer’s windows, the coolness and the hotness of one’s room can be controlled. Because this type of window with built-in blind can create more insulated environment, temperature from the outside can’t easily penetrate inside. Regards to this, the cost from cooling and heating system will be cut down significantly.

Lastly, you will get the modern and stylish type of window. With the modern and innovative feature of this window, you can show it off among friends and relatives. You can come up with a lot of choices as this window has a lot of styles and colors that will fit your taste.

All things considered, if you are in the look of window replacement, you can go for designer’s window with blinds inside. Along with the unique style are the numerous advantages you will more likely to get.