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Archive for March, 2010

Hot Tub Cleaning Tips: Make Your Spa Cleaning Easier

By Singapore Home Guy On March 30, 2010 No Comments

Spa is considered as worth spending for as it can give your family health and happiness essentials. Your spa should be cleaned most of time for you to get the efficient effect into your body. It is important that you’re maintaining the cleanliness of your hot tub. Due to often usage, our hot tub collects dirt debris in its drainer. If the forming dirt will not be removed regularly, it will cause clogging so as leaks. So, how to clean your hot tubs more conveniently?

Hot Tub Cleaning Tips

The first thing you have to do is to drain the water from your hot tubs. Make sure that you will clean the drainer thoroughly. Draining and cleaning should be done regularly. Depending on how often your family uses the hot tub, you should clean your tub at least once on every 3 months.

In draining your hot tubs, first thing you have to do is to remove the drain plug in your spa. This process may take some time. If you want the draining process a bit faster, you may try investing sump pump. You will be able to avail one in any home depot stores that selling hot tubs. To drain your spa faster, hook the sump pump in your garden hose and plug it in. Then, drop the sump pump at the bottom part of the hot tub.

After you drained your hot tubs, prepare wipers and foam cleaner to remove dirt in the tub. Once you have wiped all the dirt formed in the tub, rinse it well using plenty of water.  Make sure that all the foam cleaner and degreasers will be removed because these types of cleaning solutions create foams. You can also shop for handy spa and hot tub cleaning in some home depot stores in your area. After you have drained and cleaned your hot tub, you can now fill it again with water. Put some start-up chemicals and start running it.

You can always get your home maid to help you. That will be all for our hot tub cleaning tips post.

Decorate your Small Office with These Helpful Ideas

By Singapore Home Guy On March 22, 2010 No Comments

Having well-decorated office is beneficial to someone who wants to have concentrated and comfortable working area. There’s a lot of decorating ideas for your office you may want to look into in order to properly decorate a certain office space. Here are those:

Wall color and decorations: If you have small space for your office, it is better if you will decorate it properly and more organized. The color paint that will be used in the wall should be light shade. Dark shade of paint can make a small room look closer or smaller than the real size. This is a no-no if you want to create spacious atmosphere in the office. Shades like pale blue, beige and light green is perfect for office wall colors. Also, it gives soothing ambience to the room. When it comes to decorations, go for simple yet elegant display like photographs, murals and paintings. Do not overdo the wall decoration; else, it will look cluttered.

Furniture: Avoid putting large furniture inside small office room. Choose only necessary furnishings like moderate size desks and tables. Also, it is important to have furniture that is multi-functional. This way, you can have one used space for double-purposed furniture. The furnishings should also complement to the office room’s decoration so that the room will not be look unprofessional. It will also create organized atmosphere which is necessary especially for office.

Lighting: if you want to have spacious office, then you need to go for light that will give an impression of space. Dim light won’t give that kind of impression thus you have to stay away from those. Instead of using stand alone lampshades, go for fluorescent light. It is important that lighting shouldn’t occupy so much floor space. Try to let the window open at daylight so that the sunlight from outside will be able to comes in. Through this, you don’t have to turn on lights most of the time.

Other Decoration and Accessories: To add more color in the office without over doing it, you can put some simple ornament like potted plants or flower vase at the table. You can also have personalized pin board to put your family photos or important reminders into.

All in all, you don’t have to spend much just to decorate your small office beautifully. With these helpful ideas, you can decorate your office room while enjoying the comfort it can give you.

Living Room Designs: What is the Best Interior Design for your Living Room?

By Singapore Home Guy On March 15, 2010 No Comments

If you are in the look of living room setting ideas, you can come up with a lot of choices. But choosing the best amongst them maybe cause you some difficulties and confusion. However, to make your search a bit easier, here are some living room ideas that will best fit for your taste. We’ve been ask about fifty families regards to this matter and majority of them selected same living room idea. That idea will be the one I will discuss in this article.

Amongst different interior living room ideas, majority selected the forest design. The design of the interior in this kind of setting resembles to a jungle environment. The idea of forest designs maybe a strange idea for some, but this will help you to expose the creativity out of you when it comes to designing your home. In designing forest living room, you can think of many setting that will give you an idea how to get the jungle setting you’re seeking for. You will then need to use your imagination to visualize the setting of forest design. After visualizing, you can now start designing your living room as you prefer.

In forest interior living room design, you don’t have to use a flowery or plants images. All you need to have is scenery of forest environment wherein you’ll use most of natural colors. Therefore, instead of using the color of lilac or related color, paint your living room with green and chrome colors. This will give your living room setting of jungle without using lots of plants or trees pictures. To congregate the colors of different fruits and natural environment, you can mix and matched the color shades.

However, if you want to create the vision of lake midst or river illusion of forest in your living room, you can paint the walls with variety of forest palettes. This maybe costly but having the soothing effect of lake midst of forest will give you the opportunity to get what you spend for. You really don’t have to draw the whole lake midst thing. You just need to merge the variety of forest color gradually to meet up the forest setting in your living room.

To complete the forest setting design, accessorize it with forest-based furniture and décor. Now, you can have the well-designed forest living room and enjoy the soothing atmosphere that forest can give you.

How to Maintain and Clean Our Hardwood Floor?

By Singapore Home Guy On March 8, 2010 No Comments

Wood floors are basically the commonly used type of floor these days. With its durability and elegance, it is preferably used by most of home owners. But for you to have long lasting wood floors, you should know how to maintain and protect it from damages that sooner or later will require serious treatments. Whatever the type of your floor is, there is a required or appropriate cleaning approach for it. This way, any further damage will be avoided.

Here are some fundamental cleaning and repairing tips to keep your wood floor pleasantly clean and durable.

For Stains and Scratches

In some instances, our wood floors can have stains and scratches made by people who passed by every now and then. Inadvertently, kids can also spill dirt and unpleasant sticky substances in our wood floors. To remove scratches, you can use fine sand paper and sweep off residue using clean cloth. You may want to do it gently so that any further scratches will be avoided. For gums and sticky substances, put some ice on a plastic and place it on the top of the sticky stain. Wait till the substance becomes brittle and scrape it gently.

For Cigarette and Other Burn marks

Check how bad the burn is first. Then, depends on the damage, you can use fine sand paper to refine the burn part. You can also use steel wool, but only the finest one. Upon cleaning, dip the sand paper in floor wax in order to protect the wood floor for more dents. After scratching, refine, rebuff and re-wax the affected part. If the burn is really bad and require deeper cleaning, you may want to replace the specific floor part.

For Oils and Grease stains

Depends on the type of wood floor, oil and grease can be removed using different ways. For urethane finish wood floor, you can use common cleaner to remove oil and grease stain. But in wax-based wood floor, you may need to be more careful. The stain might scattered all over the floor if you don’t know how to clean it properly. You can use cloth with high amount of lye and soap and rub it to the stained part. Otherwise, put some cotton with hydrogen peroxide on the top of the blemished floor. Then, place another layer of cotton with ammonia on the top of the solution. Repeat this step until the stains faded and gone. Then, rebuff the certain part using clean cloth or fine sand paper.

However, you can always avoid those damages if you will protect your wood floors from specific elements. This will help you to maintain the elegance of the wood floors and there is no way you will need repairs and cleaning. To avoid scratches and dents in your wood floors, put felt in the legs of your furniture. This way, every time you are changing the position of your furniture, you won’t cause any damage in the wood floors. If anyone in the house is using hard shoes or sandals especially high heels, make sure the protective caps are intact.

Place rug or runner in the hallway or way in every part of the house to protect your wood floor from stain and mud coming from the feet of your housemates. Shake it off often to remove dust. Do not let it wet. You can also use vacuum to remove dust from wood floor. In vacuuming, make sure you use appropriate material in cleaning. Do not use any wood or cleaning sprays. It might only damage your wood floor over time.

Kitchen Renovation: Quick and Easy Fix to Restyle your Existing Kitchen

By Singapore Home Guy On March 1, 2010 No Comments

If you want to alter the appearance of your kitchen, you don’t have to fully renovate it. We all know that full renovation of specific part of our house especially our kitchen require large amount of budget. If you are not yet ready to spend, use some basic restyling tips to change the look of your kitchen without spending much.

Kitchen cabinets are pricey. Now, in order to change the appearance of your kitchen you have to alter the design and style of your kitchen cabinets. But you don’t have to replace it for new one. You can achieve the restyling design of your kitchen by just remodeling and applying simple fix in your kitchen cabinets. Here are some quick fixes you can apply to your kitchen cabinets:

Remove the door of the cabinet. Start with unscrewing the hinges and putty holes of the cabinet. Then paint it, inside out. You can strategically change the appearance of the cabinet from having door turn into door less framework. Once done, you can now pile up the kitchen plates and utensils beautifully. There is no need to display can goods as it can be stored up to other covered part of the cabinet.

– If the door of your kitchen cabinet is made of wood, replace them with glass sliding door. Although this step is a bit pricey, but you can get the alteration for your kitchen you’re looking for. This will also help you expose the contents of your cabinet without allowing the entry of dust and dents.

Paint the whole cabinet with fresh, contrast color. This will spice up the look of your kitchen without the need of replacing its parts.

Replace the old cabinet door knobs and fasteners by new designed ones. By simply replacing them, you’ll be surprise with the big changes it can give in the appearance of your kitchen.

– For wooden cabinets, you can enhance or restyle them by simply refining or putting fresh tops coats into it. From semi-gloss matte, you can upgrade it into high gloss to achieve the high quality finishing touch of the cabinets.

However, if you already have frameless or door less cabinet, you can alter it by putting doors and painting it inside out. You really don’t have to exert too much effort just to get the restyled kitchen you’re looking for. You just need to set back and analyze what is your kitchen needs. Once found, you can start your own quick fix, DIY kitchen repairs.