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Archive for April, 2010

Reduce Your Electricity Cost: The Two Beneficial Alternative Energy Sources

By Singapore Home Guy On April 26, 2010 No Comments

Are you looking for some alternative ways that can reduce your electricity consumption and minimize your bills? If you ever realize, the factory charge in our electricity keep on increasing. That is due to depleting of fossil fuel which is the main source of electricity used by electric company. Because of depletion, fossil fuel becomes expensive. Factory tend to forward the expenses to their consumer, that’s why our bills becomes higher and higher over time. But you don’t have to suffer anymore. There are lots of alternative source of energy that can be converted into electricity and can be used in our homes. All you have to do is to be aware to those alternative energy sources.

In this article, two alternative energy sources will be discussed. The first one is wind energy while the other one is solar energy. These two alternative energy sources have been very beneficial to those who want to reduce their electric consumption as well as the cost. With its easy-to-learn interface, anyone can try implement this two energy sources.

To start with, wind energy. This kind of energy can be made for just an hour or so. The wind source that is being absorbed by its system converted into electricity. The good thing in this kind of energy source, the system can be installed somewhere in your yard. You can also do the installation yourself. Just obtain step-by-step manual on how you can install it properly for it to work effectively.

Another alternative energy source and considered as commonly used is solar energy. This alternative energy solution can be made through solar panel that absorbs sunlight and directly convert into electricity. Installation of solar panel is also easy to do. By just having the installation guide, you can easily set up your own.

Now, you can start enjoying the benefits that the two energy sources can give you. While minimizing your electricity cost, you’re also protecting nature as the two energy sources are environment -friendly.

Have Better Bedroom Living through These Effective Feng Shui Tips and Principles

By Singapore Home Guy On April 21, 2010 No Comments

The bedroom is the best place to bring in Feng Shui in order to activate the good luck, good health, good fortune, career luck and wealth luck. There are many people asking to feng shui their bedrooms. There are a few feng shui tips that can bring in good fortune and good luck in their bedroom.

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese method, can bring balance, health and happiness into a person’s life.  The bedroom is where Feng Shui is most appropriate since our bodies rest and rejuvenates there. By using the rules and principles of Feng Shui you can create effective good fortune and harmony in your bedroom.

In Feng Shui concept, there is a certain yin and yang perspective. Our bedroom has more yin perspective than any other room in our home. Your bedroom ambience must be one of feeling protected and free from powerful distracting chi that could disturb your rest. It is important that good chi circulate evenly in your bedroom as the fresh air recharges you.

Here are 10 efficient Feng Shui tips to harmonized and energized your bedroom for better Home living

1. Do not have too many electronic devices in your bedroom

If there are too many electronic devices in your bedroom, the good Feng Shui and chi can be ruined. All those electronic devices have negative ions that will interfere with a good nights sleep are, according to Feng Shui, bad chi and energy.

2. Let fresh air in by opening the windows

By opening the windows often, you let the bad energy and air out and the good energy and air in. Keep those windows open to purify the air and keep it full of fresh oxygen. If you breathe in polluted and stale air you cannot have good Feng Shui in your bedroom.

3. Put your bed opposite the door so that you can see it as you sleep

When a body is carried out, it is carried out head first through the door. Sleeping with the door behind you is considered really bad feng shui and can lead to bad luck and much misfortune. By placing your bed to see the door at night you will have inner peace and security.

4. Close all the doors in your bedroom

Make sure that you close all the doors in your bedroom no matter what door it is. If you do this you will get the best and most nourishing energy flow that will strengthen your good harmony relationships and your health.

5. Place you bed at the center part of your bedroom

Positioning your bed at the center of your bedroom will give you mush space so that you can walk around conveniently and hassle-free. This bed arrangement is important especially if you are sleeping with a partner –spouse. If you place you bedroom at the corner, one of you will have the feeling of being trapped or cornered. Having enough space inside your bedroom can make the good energy flow freely. In feng shui concept, large space inside your bedroom is essential to have balance relationship with your partner.

6. Have enough lighting inside your bedroom

If you want to create soothing and relaxing atmosphere inside your bedroom, you should have enough light dimness. Feng Shui concept is much related to lights. It deals about the manifestation of good energy inside one’s room. To create better chi, you should adjust the light brightness accordingly. This way, the flow or distribution of good energy will be balanced inside your bedroom.

7. Have a solid and strong enough headboard

In our sleep, our body is undergoing to extra busy rejuvenation process. Our body is drifting to many rejuvenation levels at sleep. So, you should have strong enough headboard to support your head. This way, you will be able to maintain the good chi flow inside your body and also inside your bedroom.

8. Have round edges bedside table

As I mentioned earlier, you should have large spaces to maintain the good energy flow inside your bedroom. Placing round-edge bedside table can add to the stability of energy flow inside your bedroom. It can support the longevity of one’s relationship. Avoid using sharp edges table as it can cut and destroy the balance of chi flow (according to feng shui principle).

9. Avoid placing your bed near the door or inline to your door

You should arrange your bedroom as bed is never near the door or in line the door. It should be applied in any type of door- whether it’s balcony door, bathroom door, or entry door.

10. Have good height bed and clutter-free underneath

Make sure that your bed has good enough height. It should be not be too high or too low. Moreover, avoid putting any items underneath your bed. It is important that the flow of chi inside your bedroom is never interrupted. Keep the spaces under your bed. This way, you will be able to maintain the balance flow of good energy inside your bedroom. This will more likely create harmony so as happiness.

If you really want to have harmonized and energized bedroom, you should apply these feng shui tips properly. If you are unfamiliar with these methods, you can consult to any feng shui expert so you will be able to have properly feng shui bedroom so as home.

Air Conditioning Efficiency: How to Clean Your AC Condenser Coil

By Singapore Home Guy On April 12, 2010 No Comments

Air Conditioning works as a cooling system by exchanging heat from inside to the atmosphere. Basic refrigeration cycle works in this heat flow. Condenser coil is one of the most important parts of this cooling system made of aluminum tube surrounding the air conditioning compressor.

Basic principle of Air Conditioning consists of four steps. First one is Compression and the others are Condensation, Expansion & Evaporation respectively. In the compression step refrigerant gas is compressed to high pressure & temperature. At Condensation step refrigerant gas becomes 100% liquid leaving heat to the condenser. In this step temperature reduces but pressure remains the same. Refrigerant gas expands in the expansion step. This results pressure & temperature drop. Refrigerant liquid converts to vapor at the Evaporation step. Evaporator area becomes cool. Throughout the cycle the refrigerant travels through the aluminum condenser coil which is many feats of tubing.

Problem arises whenever the condenser coil blocked up with dirt. These impurities prevent the hot gas to convert in liquid form. This results to fluctuation in cooling process. The compressor gets unwanted condition to become very hot which decreases its lifecycle including failure probability. Some guidelines are included here for ensuring error free run of air conditioning device by making the condenser coil debris free.

Before you start cleaning your condenser coil, you should prepare all the needed tools first. The tools that you might need in cleaning condenser coil are garden hose with nozzle, wrenches, and garden sprayer. Before you start, make sure that the unit is disconnected to the main power. You have to be careful dealing with electric appliance to avoid accident. Some type of condenser unit have disconnect switch in it.

Next, carefully remove the fan from the condenser component. Most of the time, you don’t have to disconnect wire from fan to motors as it can be set aside while cleaning it. Wet the coil using your garden hose. Make sure that the water pressure used in wetting coil is just enough. If the water pressure is too strong, there is a tendency of bending the coil fins. Coils fins are usually fragile and easily to be bended. Therefore, you should be extra careful. Next, cover the inner and outer part of the condenser coil with cleaning solution with the use garden sprayer. The cleaning solution will soften the dirt and make the coil easier to clean.

After the dirt loosen up, wash the condenser coil with the use of garden hose. Spray the coil starting from inner part to outer part. This method can make the coil cleaning easier. Once the dirt is all washed out, rinse the condenser coil with water. Put back the fan into the unit after cleaning.

You can use any household cleaner as cleaning solution for consider coil. You can also look for heavy duty cleaning if the dirt formed in the condenser coil is too many. In some instances, cleaning solution used in car radiator can also be good for cleaning condenser coils. If there is no cleaning solution available in your home, you can shop in plumbing and household material stores in your area. These cleaning solutions come with very strong chemicals. Make sure you have gloves at hand when cleaning your coil to avoid irritation.

Having clean coil can ensure the prolong life of your condenser. It can also provide you more efficient function. Clean condenser coil can also give you the opportunity to save electricity as the whole unit won’t exert too much effort just to function properly. You should clean your condenser coil at least once in every half year. That way, the forming dirt inside your condenser unit will not get worse. Avoid placing stuff near the condenser that may cause clogging to your coil like grass clippings and large flowers. There is a possibility that those stuffs block the airflow of the condenser.

Top 3 Decorating Ideas for Small Bedroom

By Singapore Home Guy On April 9, 2010 1 Comment

When decorating a small bedroom, owner engaging themselves into one, same mistake. That is putting a lot of unnecessary decorations that makes the small room looks crowded and cluttered. If you have small bedroom, then you should need to make it look spacious strategically. There’s a lot of way where you can get more space without having literal building extensions. This article will help you to have spacious and simplified bedroom as it will give you some ideas on how to properly decorate your small bed room.

Lighting –Because bedroom is meant to be a resting area, the lighting should be soft and subtle. This will give a gentle ambiance that creates soothing appeal to user. However, the position of the light should also be considered. Instead of installing a stand-alone lampshade, you can use hanging or wall-posted light. This way, the floor area can be use for other bedroom furniture. If you need light for studying, you can use light that can be mounted on the wall when not in use. You can use florescent light for an elegant looking bedroom.

Bed sheet and Curtains – For a small-spaced bedroom, it is advisable to use light palettes when it comes to bed sheet and curtains. Light color is essentially creating spacious ambiance to the room. Avoid using too much floral or airy design of curtains as it creates cluttered and crowded atmosphere in small bedroom insignificantly. It is better to use curtain that has same color as the wall. This way, the curtain color will complement to wall and more likely create well-balanced and organized ambiance to your bedroom. If your bedroom is having insufficient lightning, then it’s better to use light curtains as it will add some glow to your room.

Storage Space – If your room is small, every space that you can use from it is crucial. Therefore, the decoration as well as the storage of furniture inside the small bedroom should be organized and properly utilized. For example, instead of buying separate bed and small sofa, go for sofa bed. This way, you can have sofa and bed at the same time when needed without occupying too much space. Big furniture should be place at the corners so you’ll have more space in the center. It is also better if the furniture will be placed angular to the corner. It will give the atmosphere of being spacious to the room.