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Archive for May, 2010

Nursery Room Decoration: Decorate your Nursery with Baby Room Murals

By Singapore Home Guy On May 30, 2010 No Comments

Do you want to make your baby rooms exciting and lively? You may want to consider decorating your nursery with Baby Room Murals. This kind of decoration can make one’s room look brighter and happier. You can have countless options of mural designs if you choose to have one. This article will give you some tips in choosing mural designs that are perfect for your nursery.

You maybe thinking that painting the wall of your baby’s room can give the “new” look to your nursery, mural decorated room however can create the atmosphere of being a special room. It can create a very special mood inside one’s room.

If you are looking for baby room murals, you can go for colorful and bright murals that have different style and patterns. You can also consider horse mural, nursery rhyme murals, circus animals and Noah’s Ark murals.

You don’t need to be high skilled just to decorate your nursery. You just have to be creative. Use your imagination to create special mural designs. Design options are endless. You can browse the web for baby room mural designs. You can also look around in your area – baby rooms of your relative and friends. That way, you will have an extra idea on how to decorate your nursery with murals.

You can also make your own mural. There are mural kits available in the market. They usually have easy-to-learn painting guidelines and you just have to paint by numbers.

However, if you feel that you are not artistic enough to do the mural decoration, you can ask for artistic friends or professional assistance to decorate your nursery. That’s if you have enough budgets for it. Nevertheless, decorating mural room comes affordable.

Or if you do not have the skill to do baby room mural, you might want to consider using a local mural artist. Contact mural artist in Singapore here!

Make your Home Spider Free

By Singapore Home Guy On May 19, 2010 No Comments

Some say spiders are their biggest fear. Some say they are ‘scared to death’ of them. In some cases it is true, 100% true. There is a very real fear for this and it is called Arachnophobia. A lot of people do not believe it could be that extreme as being petrified of spiders, but it exists. There have been cases where people are scared stiff from the sight or mention of the 8 legged creatures. Most cases spiders have been referred to in are harmful. Maybe not the best looking creation by God, but for the most part they are essential to our ecosystem. There a few that can do harm such as a brown recluse or a black widow. Both of which I am sure you are familiar with. To rid spiders from your home, you need to identify with them and understand them first.

They are predatory eating machines

Spiders spin intricate webs o deceit. I say deceit because more than half the time you cannot even see the web.  They are very patient hunters as well. They wait for hours for that one insect or one bug that is just not paying close enough attention to fly into or crawl up on their web and get entangled in it. See you must understand spiders have such poor eye sight they actually feel out their food by motion senses. As the prey moves and tries to get lose they move the strings in the web and that alerts the spider that lunch is ready and they strike them victim there. They weave them into a very strong circle of web string and either begins the eating process then or wait until later. Either way the prey is not getting loose.

Storage is the key to keep spiders away

The living habitat for most spiders is cool dry areas like a basement, cellar or an attic. So make sure you check cardboard boxes, old newspapers or magazines lying around. If you absolutely need all those newspapers from 1967 then store them correctly. Gather the papers to keep and wrap them tightly in a plastic garbage bag and then store them in a plastic bin with a sealing lid. This is a sure fire way to keep these critters out of there.

Watch your food and lighting in and around your home

Because, guess what? Spiders sure do watch these too. Where there is rotten food there are bugs and where there are bugs there are spiders for the most part. Make certain to remove your trash and your food that has not been eaten. Do not allow food to sit out and attract bugs or gnats. With these pesky bugs come pesky spiders. Also, note the lighting on the outside of your home. The regular outside lights used in most homes are white and they attract bugs which also attract spiders. To alleviate this problem try using the bug lights made with yellow sodium. These are sold in most any home or hardware store.

You are the predator and they are the prey

It does not take a Jedi Master to teach you to pick up or trap a spider and release it [if releasing it is your wish]. A few simple tricks may work. First, you can simply use a paper towel waded up and scoop it up. They are not known to be entirely too tricky. Creeping maybe, but not tricky. If releasing it back outside is not your intention you can simply use a vacuum cleaner and suck them up – just remember to keep your vacuum running a minute or so to make sure it is not just hanging out in the hose. Or for the less enthused captor, you can always just use your good old shoe sole. But after this there is no coming back for this poor spider.

The myth of running a spider down the drain of your sink with water is broken as well. These crafty fellows roll themselves in a tight little ball and they will actually form an air pocket until it is safe for them to come out and up the drain they come. They do make spiders traps if you really want to see the capture. It is a sticky paper actually – they are attracted to this and actually get stuck on the paper itself and are unable to escape from this obvious yet effective little trap.

How to Repair Damaged Hardwood Floors Without Seeking for Professional Help?

By Singapore Home Guy On May 11, 2010 No Comments

Even how durable your wood floor is, it can be damaged after a long years of usage. To hide damages, some more likely place rags and carpets over the damaged part. But you don’t have to do those things. All you have to do is to engage yourself into repairing those damages using some basic carpentry. If you are thinking that you can’t do it because of lack of tools, you don’t have to worry no more. All you need in repairing damaged wood floor is hammer, chisel, circular saw, adhesive, wood filler and some wood replacement or scraps.

Firstly, you have to evaluate the damage in your wood floor. This way, you will know how big or small your work will be. Then, start carving the center part of the damaged planks. You can use circular saw in making hole in the plank. After that, hammer the hole with the chisel to remove the damaged part of the wood floors. You need to make sure that you are also removing nails on the planks. Use hammer to remove nails. If you find it difficult to remove, hammer it completely to the inner part of the wood.

Once the damaged plank has been removed, you can now start replacing them. In replacing planks, make sure the new part is smaller than the removed part of the planks. You should be aware that the wood becomes larger over time. To keep the new plank in position, put some construction adhesive in the backside of the wood. Tap it with mallet to fit.

Then, after the damaged wood has been replaced with the new one, secure and hold it in place. You can do it by putting nails into the new planks. Drive set of nails to hold the replaced planks. You can also use screw, as preferred. To hide nail or screw head, use wood filler. Once the fillers dry out and harden, rub the certain part with sand paper. This way, the replaced area will be refined. Repeat the whole process to other damaged planks. In some instances, you may find the replaced planks uneven to other planks. Toning them might be a little difficult to do but you have to decide whether to replace the whole wood floor or just have some two or more uneven planks.

See? You don’t have to employ professional to repair your hardwood floor. All you have to do is to make some floor repairs, and you’ll have wood floor as brand new as before.

Effective Guidelines to Get Rid the Cloudy Water in Your Swimming Pool

By Singapore Home Guy On May 4, 2010 No Comments

Perhaps the most common maintenance problem of home owners with pools face is cloudy water. This particular condition can be caused by many different conditions that are easily correctable. The causes and solutions for this condition may include the following:

Ph levels not correct – Probably one of the most important pool maintenance chores is the testing and maintenance of the correct water chemistry. The best level of chlorine for a pool is between 7.2 and 7.6 on the ph scale. If the levels of chlorine are not at this ph value, chlorine will not work at its best at sanitizing the water. Correcting the chemical balance of your pool will help to eliminate that cloudy look

Debris too small to be filtered – There are some debris and waste particles like sun screen, hair products, oils, and makeup that are too small to be filtered. All these can be taken care of by back washing and adding fresh water to the pool. This is the next logical step after you have checked for the ph levels in the pool.

Bad Circulation and filtration – Bad pumps and worn and defective filtration components can lead to poor circulation problems and a cloudy look to your pool. Therefore it is essential that all filtration components are working properly. To insure water clarity it is important to establish regular schedule of back washing, cleaning, and inspecting the mechanical workings of the system.

High calcium levels—High calcium levels can lead to cloudy pools but is needed to protect the surface of the pool. By having the proper range in the water chemistry and adding a water clarifier, you can correct the cloudy water problem.

The maintenance of the water chemistry and filtration system on a regular basis will lead to a cloudy free pool. A little work now, will keep you from having a big job later on.