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Archive for August, 2010

Shower Bathtub Installation: Fitting Bathtub in the Small Size Bathroom Ideas

By Singapore Home Guy On August 26, 2010 No Comments

It’s so nice to have a long, relaxing shower after a long day of work or even in usual days. But what if you still haven’t one? Or maybe you have existing shower bathtub but needs some improvements? Regardless on what you need, you can come up with a lot of options on whether to install a new shower bath set or enhance the existing shower bathtub. You can try installing an alcove or replace the old shower bathtub set into new, comfy one. From old-fashioned style bathroom, you can improve it into unconventional style like wet room. This article will give you some ideas on how to improve your shower room and give you the opportunity to have shower bathroom fitted into small space.

The first option you may want to choose is replacing the existing shower bathtub into new one, maybe smaller yet comfy tub. This option is obviously costly because you have to purchase for a whole set, therefore choose this if you are ready to spend or the existing tub cannot be used properly anymore. Yet, this is the best option if you really want to have a new shower bathtub that will match the decoration of your bathroom and you got the money to spend.

Now, if you have an existing and properly functioning bathtub but no shower, you can try installing a shower in it rather than purchasing the whole set. This option is quite low-cost than the first one. It is much better if you have basic knowledge in plumbing work. This way, you don’t have to employ professional plumber to do the shower installation job for you. Installing a shower into existing bathtub is quite easy to do. More importantly, you don’t have to spend much in this option. To avoid the floor from soaking, you will need to set up shower curtain or screen as well. But if you are unfamiliar with plumbing work, it is better to seek for professional help so that severe leak problem will be avoided in the future.

On the other hand, if your bathroom has a right shape and space, you can install a small bathtub shower in an alcove. It is considered as most effective way to fit a bathtub in small size bathroom. Although this option is not being used more often, this will give you the opportunity to have well-fitted bathtub shower and you can use most of your bathroom spaces productively.

Another option you may want to think about is converting the whole bathroom into wet room. This maybe an extreme option, but this will give you a lot of space for your shower bathtub. In this option, the whole floor will be removed and replaced by large shower tray. Although you won’t be able to use the bathroom for any other purposes because you are more likely need to get rid the whole bathroom floor, but with the large space you will get, it will be worth it. This method of installing a shower bathtub maybe used very rarely, but with the productive result it can give, this is the best option if you have an existing small bathroom.

Second Hand Kitchen Set: Enjoy the Quality of Luxury Kitchen Set at Low Price

By Singapore Home Guy On August 17, 2010 No Comments

With the global recession that we are encountering these days, buying used or second hand things is more than necessary than an option for some people. Buying used items can apply to any consumer stuff, from households down to accessories. Some maybe find it cheap, but nothing really to feel ashamed of. As a matter of fact, if you just know how to shop used items wisely, you’ll realize that there’s a lot of advantage you can get. The fact that you can have the things you want at much cheaper price is the best thing that will make you realize that buying used items is a bright, great idea to shop.

At some time, you’ll realize the significance of buying second hand items than new one at higher price. As a matter of fact, you can even have better things to buy in secondhand shop. For instance, if you’re in the look of kitchen set, will you go for new set for expensive cost that in some time you can’t afford to buy or in used one that you can have the same quality at low-cost?

Buying used kitchen set is not like buying a trashed one. Of course, even you’re in the look for cheaper one, it doesn’t mean that you have to settle for ready-to-trashed set. There’s a lot of used but well-cared kitchen set out there. You just have to resourceful in finding them. Actually, even you’re going to look for a new one; you still need to search places where you can buy kitchen set at good deals. Now, why not go for used one but still with high quality yet at low-priced? This will give you the opportunity to have a nice, great-looking kitchen that will be mouthed by your friend and relative without spending much.

In searching used kitchen set to buy, you maybe need some luck to find well-cared and still in good condition one. But you can have that luck for yourself because you can make your own. Instead of looking for new kitchen set at the stores like other can-afford people do, head to popular kitchen showroom. Although you can’t afford luxury kitchen set, there is someone that can.

Visualize this. At some point, there is someone rich that can afford all the luxury kitchen set he/she wants. Then all of sudden, due to fashion sake or any other reason, they want to change their kitchen set. That is the situation where in you can take place. You can now have the luxury kitchen you’re looking for without spending for the original price of it at furniture stores.

Now, for you to get that kind of used kitchen set, you have to be upfront in making inquiries. Ask the stores directly if they can sell you the second hand kitchen set. In some instances, some of kitchen set get dumped after it has been removed. But most of cabinet can be removed intact. You can install it yourself if you know some basic knowledge about cabinet installation. Now, you can have new kitchen set with those “old” ones at low-price.

DIY Cabinet Building – Easy and Effective Steps in Building your Own Cabinet

By Singapore Home Guy On August 11, 2010 No Comments

There are a lot of uses that cabinet can do for us. This kind of furniture is meant as storage space for things like clothes and personal belongings. Therefore, knowing how to build one is essential so that you can have storage furniture at your home without the need of purchasing in the furniture store. Cabinet building can give you the opportunity to build high quality furniture at low-cost. You are also assured that the material used is high quality for long endurance.

For bedroom, cabinet can be use as storage of clothes, linens, towels, personal belongings and displays. It can also store up important things like books and legal documents. For kitchen, cabinet can be storage area of kitchen utensils and small appliances like pots, pans, kettles and gadgets. Aside from those, cabinet can also use to hold things like CD’s DVD, plaques and other accessories. This way, things can be hold properly and organized.

Cabinet designs and styles varies on the material will be use and its purpose. Usually, cabinets is three-dimensional furniture framework that has cover in the sidings with different materials such as wood, plywood, laminated wood, glass, particle board and metals. Cabinets usually divided into different partitions such as shelves and drawers. This way, it can serve different purposes for particular uses. The front of the cabinet is composed of door that supported by hinges and other material. It can have door knobs and handles to complete the style and design.

To start with, let’s take a closer look in the cabinet’s design. Firstly, you have to determine what kind of material you are going to use for cabinet building. In this part, you should consider the quality as well as the endurance of the material will be used. Now, if you are considering of using metal as framework, you should obtain welding equipment to join the metal materials.  For wood framework, rabbets, screws, nails or/and glue can be used for joinery.

Once you have finished building the framework, covering it is the next building step. For covers, you can use different material as well as different adhesive solutions. If you will use plywood or wood cover material, you can use nails or construction adhesive to join the material to framework. On the other hand, screw can be used for particle board as glue cannot join the cover to framework efficiently.

After you have done those two cabinet construction step, applying finishing touch to the cabinet is the final move. In this step, you can make use of door knobs, hinges, drawer slide, dish rack (for kitchen cabinet) and hanger rods. If you want the cabinet to be fully furnished, you can apply paint. This will also help to prolong the quality of the cabinet. But some cover materials like laminated board doesn’t require any painting touches so no need for that. If it’s wooden or plywood, enamel paint or varnish will be appropriate. Just let it dry after you apply for better result.

See? It’s not really hard to build your own cabinet. One should just need to have basic knowledge in carpentry and that’s it. You can enjoy the fruit of your effort with the efficient quality that the cabinet can give you.

Sliding Interior Doors: What are The Benefits I Can Get in Sliding Interior Doors?

By Singapore Home Guy On August 3, 2010 No Comments

Sliding door has become very popular to people as they see the numerous benefits it can give to them. From space saving to interior designing benefits, people use sliding door for their office and homes. As they see the advantages of sliding door, they tend to use it as door for almost everything – from door entry to wardrobe and cabinet doors for homes and offices.

If you are looking for sliding door materials, there are a lot of choices depends on the types and kinds you can choose from. Types and quality varies depends on what you need or where you are going to put the sliding door into.  You can choose from lacquered finish, mirror, wooden, bi-folding or glass sliding doors. You can also try Japanese style sliding door or room divider. Because most people used sliding door for their homes and offices these days, they tend to demand more selection of sliding door to market.

Market however corresponds to the demand of people about interior designs of sliding doors. New designs and style increase for almost all types of sliding door needs. Most of manufacturers strategically enhance their marketing tactic in order to gain more quality customers. They can provide the new styles and design of sliding doors as well as installation of it for quite practical price. However, if you know how to install sliding door and want to save some bucks, then you can do the installation for yourself. With the financial crunch that people keep on encountering these days because of global recession, DIY sliding door is beneficial to save some few pennies from home repairs and maintenance. Installation of sliding doors can be one of those DIY tasks.

Glass sliding door is the most popular style of sliding door so far. It is commonly use in offices and place that wants to have professional atmosphere as it can set organized and productive environment to small spaces. Some people use glass sliding door as entry door in patio and conservatory especially if the place is lacking of light. Light from outside can penetrate through glass panels of sliding door. However, if the owner wants to have dressing-room and chic feeling towards bedroom spaces, sliding door with mirror material is the best suit sliding door. It can add incredible amount of character and style to a certain room that no other material can do.

Sliding doors are beneficial especially to room with small spaces. Because it only occupy small amount of space when it open, you don’t have to worry about interference of foot traffic. You can simply slide it to open and to shut without occupying much space. Given all these facts, you can see how beneficial sliding door is to every home and office owner. With the advantages it can provide from interior designing to practical benefits, there is no way you can’t consider using sliding door when making a decision on what door to be used in your homes. Now, if you are in the look of sliding door types and style to buy, you can look over the internet or explore your area. With the vast selection that the market can give you, you can come up with a lot of good choices to choose from.