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Archive for September, 2010

Get Deluxe Looking Bathroom with These Shower Tile Decorating Ideas

By Singapore Home Guy On September 29, 2010 1 Comment

Most of people tend to follow the trend of having different bathroom themes and designs these days. For you to have bathroom that has luxurious look and comfortable setting, you have to properly choose the perfect bathroom schemes and themes. You also have to choose great shower tile decorating ideas to create marvelous appearance in your bathroom. There’s a lot of shower tile design and style are available in the market today therefore you have vast preferences to choose from. The style and design of shower tiles vary on what your bathroom is needed and what kind of theme you want it to achieve. The selection also depends on how much you can spend for bathroom designing.

Now, if you want to come up with the perfect choice, you need to consider some factors. You need to ask yourself how much you can afford and what kind of materials you want to be used. For instance, you can choose from stone, marble or glass material.

Most of people tend to commit same mistake over and over. They opt to purchase expensive shower curtains and accessories to decorate their bathroom. They are thinking that having costly accessories can create luxurious appearance to their bathroom. While the truth is, you can have the appearance you want by just picking up the appropriate and well-designed shower tiles. It is much cheaper than buying expensive accessories that in due time, will be worn out.

Now, in choosing shower tile color, you need to consider the size of your bathroom. If it has small size space, then it’s better to choose light color shower tiles. Light color can create the atmosphere of spacious and that will make your bathroom looks bigger than its original size.

If you don’t want to spend too much in replacing your existing shower tiles, you can try painting them. You can use enamel paint to spice up the boring and old-looking shower tiles. Enamel paint is the best paint to be used in shower tiles because it has the ability to stay sealed in despite of weather and temperature changes. You can use contrasting or multiple colors to make your bathroom look exciting and inviting.

You can customize the shower tiles design by using stencil painting. Stencil painting is much cheaper and easier to implement as you can find lots of craft store selling stencil. You can choose multiple colors of stencil paint based on your bathroom themes. You can try beach, ocean midst and waves theme for your bathroom.

Home Office Decorating Feng Shui Tips: Achieve Good Fortune and Prosperity

By Singapore Home Guy On September 21, 2010 No Comments

Many people choose to work from home these days. Therefore, having office at your home that allows you to work conveniently and with full optimum capacity on both physically and mentally is important. In order to obtain that kind of working space at home, you should consider Feng Shui-ing your home office. The main idea behind Feng Shui is all objects and their position inside your home office influence the owner’s fortune and disposition. It means that everything that you are going to put or decorate inside your home office should be in proper position and arrangement. It is beneficial to home owner as it can attract good energy and allow it to flow freely through their home office. Having feng shui successfully applied in your home office can make you have the opportunity to prosper in your home business or work.

Here are some home office Feng Shui Decorating tips for you to have good energy optimized working environment at home.

If you are looking for furniture to buy while you’re having tight budget, you may want to consider buying second hard furniture. However, before jumping into any choice, you should determine the business history of the former owner of the furniture. In some instances, bad energy from failed business owner is still present in specific furniture. Avoid choosing that kind of furniture for you to avoid the negative energy that may affect the prosperity of your business.

The furniture however should be in proper feng shui-based arrangement. Arrange it in a position that people can walk around without hindrances. Make spaces as much as possible. Minimize clutter inside your home office. This way, you will be able to allow good energy to flow freely inside your home office.

In choosing office desk, go for dark shaded ones. You can choose dark red or black. Avoid using office desk that has distracting color as it can affect to your concentration. Position your desk where you can see the door of your home office. Never position it where your back is facing to the door. Also, avoid positioning your desk where in you are facing the wall while you’re working. If you have no choice about this matter, you can display some art work or painting in the wall in front of you so that every time you are going to look up, you will be able to breathe deeper and relax.

Area rug is also included when it comes to applying feng shui in your home office. Many people are not yet aware of this fact. Area rug can also occupy space in your office and everything that deals about area and spaces are included to the concept of feng shui as they also gives off energy that supply chi or energy flow inside your home office. Area rug can make the hard floor looks soft. This can also helps to create warm atmosphere inside. Choose area rug that will complement to the shade of the home office. In choosing, consider the color of the area rugs. It should unify in your office theme. You should be aware that color influence the mood inside your home office thus you have to be considerate in choosing the right area rug color.  The color of the area rug should not be too dull or too distracting.

Let your window open as much as possible. This way, fresh air will be able to circulate inside your home office. The natural sunlight can also enter from outside and give you natural daylight. Put wind chime outside your window.

Have some potted plants in your office. This will help you to have more good energy (yang) inside your home office. It can bring you joy and contentment. Have some fresh flowers in your table. You can also have scented candles to sooth your anxious mind.

You may want to include other accessories like miniature water fountains, crystal ball or wall art work. This can help you to attract wealth luck and bring your prospering home and business as they symbolized prosperity. You can also consider red color as your home office scheme. This color scheme represents prosperity.

Applying all the aforementioned feng shui decorating tips can help you to achieve the prosperity, well-being and contentment that every individual is aiming for.

Effective Techniques in Easier and Faster House Cleaning

By Singapore Home Guy On September 15, 2010 No Comments

Are you spending a lot of time in cleaning your home? Do you want to make your cleaning house chores easier and faster? This article is perfect for you. This article will give you some techniques and reveal some secret cleaning tips to make your cleaning experience quicker and more convenient. This is beneficial to you as it can shorten your cleaning time that can be spent to other important house task.

Firstly, you should be prepared. Before you start cleaning your house, you should prepare all the equipments and tools that are needed in your cleaning chores. It will minimize your move-around time if all the equipment and cleaning tools are comes at handy. Feather dusters, cleaning cloths, broom, brush, lambs wool duster are the cleaning equipment that you need to prepare before cleaning.

For faster dusting, you should start removing the dust at the top corner down to the bottom corner. Make sure that you are dusting everything in circular motion inside your room. To make the dusting task a bit easier for you, dust your room counterclockwise rotation if you are left handed. While clockwise dust rotation if you are right handed.

There are simple techniques in cleaning your windows. This technique will help you to clean your windows faster and easier. Some people are using different cleaning material when it comes to cleaning their window. Those cleaning materials are newspaper, damp cloth, paper towel and Windex. Some are using kitchen paraphernalia like vinegar.

Some people are committing same mistake over and over in cleaning their windows. They are rubbing the windows from one corner to another corner. They are not aware that when they are doing that cleaning method, they are just attracting more dirt and dust. That is because rubbing window creates static charge that attracts dirt and debris. As a result, once they have washed their window, it will have dust in it after a few hours or minutes.

The secret behind faster and easier window cleaning is using a squeegee. This cleaning method is the most commonly used by professional window washers. With the use of squeegee, they can clean large windows faster and more conveniently.

To start with squeegee window cleaning, you should have bucket of warm water and a dish washing liquid. Mix it well to create cleaning mixture. Spurt minimal amount of mixture onto your window and start squeegee-ing it. You should start at the top corner of your window down to the bottom part. Make an “s” motion in wiping your window with the use of squeegee. Make sure that you will wipe the squeegee with lint-free rag before you repeat the cleaning method. After that, wipe your window with damp chamois. Finish it with dry, clean rag.

With the use of these cleaning techniques, you will be able to clean your house faster and more efficiently. These will give you to opportunity to make the most out of your house cleaning.

Of course, if you are lazy to clean, do outsource a part time maid, as there are a lot of part time maid agency around in Singapore.

DIY Hot Water Heater Leaks Plumbing

By Singapore Home Guy On September 7, 2010 No Comments

Are you having problems in your hot water heater? Is there any leaks? Leaks in your hot water heater can easily be fixed yourself. If you have basic knowledge in plumbing, that’ll be a big plus. But before you start your DIY water heater leaks repair, you should determine the causes of the leaks first. That way, you will be able to know what the suitable procedure or repair means needed to a certain leak problem.

DIY Water Heater Leaks Repair Tips

1). Check if the leak is really a “leak”. Sometimes, people are assuming that water that can be found around the heater is leaks. But most of the time, that’s not a leak at all. Because water tank holds hot water, there is a tendency of water condensing. This may result of forming water near or around the water heater.

2). Check your water heater’s drain valves. Sometimes, leaks are coming from loose trade pipes or loose drain valves. If you think that the leak problem is caused by loose drain valves, get a wrench and tight it. Just be careful in tightening. Make sure you will tight it just enough to stop the leak.

3). Check your tank. Due to ages, tanks are being worn out and corrode. It can result to leaks. To repair the leak caused by corroded tank, it’s either replace the tank or buy new water heater set. I suggest buying a new heater as it can be less expensive than replacing the tank.

4). Check your heater pipes. Leaks coming from pipes simply need some tightening. As I mentioned earlier, if there is any loose pipe fitting, it can also cause leaks. Therefore, you should identify the loose pipes and tight it. If the leaks persist, you have to get a new fitting. Installing new fitting is very simple to do so you don’t have to worry.

Now, if the leaks persist and cause by other factors, you may want to consider buying a new unit, or get a professional plumber near your home.

Get Rid the Unpleasant Cigarette Smell in Your Home with These Effective Tips

By Singapore Home Guy On September 2, 2010 No Comments

Many people hate the smell of cigarette. In our home, if one member of the family smoke most of the time, the smell of it linger inside for a long time. The bad odor coming from cigarette smoking creates the atmosphere of being untidy and uninhabitable of one’s home. This article will give you some effective tips in order to get rid the bad smell of cigarette.

Firstly, if you are a smoker or anyone in your home is a smoker, you should go outside and smoke there. Avoid smoking inside to get rid the bad odor that cigarette can create. This kind of smoking manner isn’t unusual anymore. In fact, many of establishments do not tolerate smoking inside their property. Most of smokers are agree to this term.

smoking picture

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However, if smoking inside cannot be helped, then you should open many windows in your home. This way, fresh air from outside will be able to enter and circulate inside. The smell of cigarette will be able to circulate as well and will not retain inside.

If you can still smell the bad odor of cigarette, you should wash fabrics and sheets in your home. Some of cigarette smoke molecules retains in fabrics especially if you are smoking in closed space. In some instances, the clothes of smoker are also having bad smell in it. Therefore, it should be washed thoroughly to get rid the small of cigarette.

You can also try cleaning and bleaching your wall and ceiling. In some cases, bad smell of cigarette retain even in wall and ceiling. Bleaching them can also help you to get rid the unpleasant odor of cigarette. You can also try reinstalling wall paper or repainting the wall after bleaching. This step is just for severe cases of bad cigarette smell. But if you want to have smoke smell-free home, you can try all the aforementioned tips.