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Air Conditioning and The Need for Maintenance

By Singapore Home Guy On December 13, 2011 No Comments

Your air conditioning units must have regular maintenance to maintain its good condition and efficiency. There are a lot of good reasons for that. Of those reasons, one of the most important is that maintenance can make your AC works at its best. Also, well-maintained AC consumes less energy and can make you feel comfortable during warm season. Of all home appliances, AC is probably the most important as the family’s health and comfort is depending on it, hence proper maintenance is required.

We will be able to avoid costly damage in our AC units by conducting regular repair and maintenance. If you’re familiar with the components and functions of your AC, then you can perform the troubleshooting by yourself. But for those who don’t have enough knowledge in AC maintenance, then you may want to consider taking the services of your local technicians. But remember, maintenance must be done promptly. Otherwise, additional problems may arise. The following are some tips on air conditioning maintenance that will help you avoid more serious and costly damage.

First and foremost, you need to ensure that your AC unit is properly installed. Regular maintenance is required to keep it in good condition. You can do these simple methods:

Clean air filters regularly. One of the common reasons for declining AC is clogged filters. This often results to reduced efficiency. To avoid this, you have to clean your AC’s air filter in regular basis. Remove the dirt or debris accumulated inside the air filter. You can check the manual of your unit for the instruction in removing and cleaning the air filter. This step will significantly boost your unit’s efficiency and lower the risk of harmful diseases like asthma and bronchial disorders.

Clean the condenser and evaporator coils of your AC unit. You will find these coils in condensing and evaporator unit. The condensing coil requires regular cleaning as it is located in the outside part of the unit. And since the evaporator coil is located in the inside part of the unit, it requires less maintenance. Condensing coil can be cleaned by opening the condensing unit’s case using mild cleaning agents. You can also clean and correct the air vents. Likewise, evaporator coil should be cleaned at least twice a year. Remove the dirt and unnecessary objects inside the condenser. This will ensure that the air and heat will flow freely.

Check the Freon and refrigerant levels. Condensers are getting heated when the refrigerant levels become low. Hence, you should check the refrigerant level regularly. You should also inspect the Freon for any leakage. If you think that your unit has low level of refrigerant, then you may want to seek for professional help.

Maintenance of your air conditioning can be done by any home owners, unless the repairs required are complex. Regular inspection and maintenance is relatively important for your unit to provide you optimal efficiency.