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Roller Blinds For Nursery Rooms In Singapore

By Singapore Home Guy On November 23, 2011 No Comments

Decorating the nursery requires a higher attention to detail than designing other rooms. It should, first and foremost, be a safe and comfortable environment for the baby. Roller blinds are a great option for this. Since it comes in a variety of designs, it can make your nursery both aesthetically pleasing and functional.


Young infants can be very active – they can crawl and climb into various predicaments. They can pull on long, frilly window curtains with trailing laces, which might fall on them. The baby can also climb them and fall once they reach a considerable height. Roller blinds are trim and can be managed easier than extravagant curtains. Using blinds with safety features, such as systems with secure cords or cordless blinds, is a safe choice for your nursery.


Since the fabric of a roller blind is easily adjustable, it offers a great way to control both the light and the heat entering the nursery. Managing the light in the nursery is essential in the development of the baby’s sleeping pattern, and making sure that the room is neither too hot nor too cold can make your baby sleep more comfortably. Roller blinds with blackout material are more effective in controlling both the temperature and the light.

Aesthetic Value

Roller blinds always offer a chic feel to a place. They are offered in a variety of designs that can fit into the parents’ personal taste. Blinds can also be bought with matching fixtures for a coordinated interior design. The simplicity of its design also allows it to blend into a wide variety of interior designs, so it can adapt to a changing nursery.


There are various ways to operate roller blinds. While there are blinds operated manually, there are also roller blinds with motorized operation. These blinds can be operated remotely, either from a remote control or from a wall unit. It can also be incorporated into home automation systems and be controlled through a timer.


The arrival of a baby is a joyful occasion, but it also leads to additional expenses on the household. Blinds are offered in an affordable price, and with the functionality it has to offer – the baby’s safety and comfort, and the aesthetic value it adds to the nursery – it is worth every cent.

Lighting Options Suitable For Most Rooms

By Singapore Home Guy On October 14, 2011 No Comments

Providing enough lighting to each and every part of the house could be challenging. Hence, if you can find versatile options that can work on different space, you will be able to trim down your frustrations. If you have versatile choices, whether you redesign your room or alter the functionality of a certain room, you can still expect proper lightings.

Versatile lightings are trendy nowadays. Even your lights are only for a single use, with careful planning, you can use it in various purposes in every room. Piano lamps can be useful in lighting up the instrument but they also can be used in other purposes. These lamps can be used as task lighting as well as ambient lighting, setting the mood for living space, study or library.

Another multipurpose lighting option is chandelier. It can be both functional and decorative. Chandeliers can be used in a room that requires brighter lights such as kitchen or dining area. You can also use this light option in room that requires mellow and softer lighting. An unlit chandelier can still serve some purpose being a decorative item. There are different styles and sizes of chandelier. Choose the one that fits your existing interior and home decors.

Other overhead lighting can also illuminate different room spaces. They are often brighter than floor and table lighting hence they can be used in spaces where greater visibility is required. In addition, they will less likely create interruptions in the floor space since they are elevated. Lastly, their lighting can be functional and subtle. This can be an ideal option for those who want lighting that creates least impact to their lifestyle.

If you want to include lighting in your furnishing scheme and design, you may consider getting table and floor lamps. They have different potency. You just need to be careful though when choosing. You need to go for the one the suits your existing home interior and decorations.

Lastly, if you can’t decide on how to illuminate a space, then you may want to consider natural lighting solutions. Instead of using your lamps and lights to brighten your house, why not open up your doors and windows? This will not only effectively lighten up your living space but will also help save energy in a long run.

Sliding Interior Doors: What are The Benefits I Can Get in Sliding Interior Doors?

By Singapore Home Guy On August 3, 2010 No Comments

Sliding door has become very popular to people as they see the numerous benefits it can give to them. From space saving to interior designing benefits, people use sliding door for their office and homes. As they see the advantages of sliding door, they tend to use it as door for almost everything – from door entry to wardrobe and cabinet doors for homes and offices.

If you are looking for sliding door materials, there are a lot of choices depends on the types and kinds you can choose from. Types and quality varies depends on what you need or where you are going to put the sliding door into.  You can choose from lacquered finish, mirror, wooden, bi-folding or glass sliding doors. You can also try Japanese style sliding door or room divider. Because most people used sliding door for their homes and offices these days, they tend to demand more selection of sliding door to market.

Market however corresponds to the demand of people about interior designs of sliding doors. New designs and style increase for almost all types of sliding door needs. Most of manufacturers strategically enhance their marketing tactic in order to gain more quality customers. They can provide the new styles and design of sliding doors as well as installation of it for quite practical price. However, if you know how to install sliding door and want to save some bucks, then you can do the installation for yourself. With the financial crunch that people keep on encountering these days because of global recession, DIY sliding door is beneficial to save some few pennies from home repairs and maintenance. Installation of sliding doors can be one of those DIY tasks.

Glass sliding door is the most popular style of sliding door so far. It is commonly use in offices and place that wants to have professional atmosphere as it can set organized and productive environment to small spaces. Some people use glass sliding door as entry door in patio and conservatory especially if the place is lacking of light. Light from outside can penetrate through glass panels of sliding door. However, if the owner wants to have dressing-room and chic feeling towards bedroom spaces, sliding door with mirror material is the best suit sliding door. It can add incredible amount of character and style to a certain room that no other material can do.

Sliding doors are beneficial especially to room with small spaces. Because it only occupy small amount of space when it open, you don’t have to worry about interference of foot traffic. You can simply slide it to open and to shut without occupying much space. Given all these facts, you can see how beneficial sliding door is to every home and office owner. With the advantages it can provide from interior designing to practical benefits, there is no way you can’t consider using sliding door when making a decision on what door to be used in your homes. Now, if you are in the look of sliding door types and style to buy, you can look over the internet or explore your area. With the vast selection that the market can give you, you can come up with a lot of good choices to choose from.

Nursery Room Decoration: Decorate your Nursery with Baby Room Murals

By Singapore Home Guy On May 30, 2010 No Comments

Do you want to make your baby rooms exciting and lively? You may want to consider decorating your nursery with Baby Room Murals. This kind of decoration can make one’s room look brighter and happier. You can have countless options of mural designs if you choose to have one. This article will give you some tips in choosing mural designs that are perfect for your nursery.

You maybe thinking that painting the wall of your baby’s room can give the “new” look to your nursery, mural decorated room however can create the atmosphere of being a special room. It can create a very special mood inside one’s room.

If you are looking for baby room murals, you can go for colorful and bright murals that have different style and patterns. You can also consider horse mural, nursery rhyme murals, circus animals and Noah’s Ark murals.

You don’t need to be high skilled just to decorate your nursery. You just have to be creative. Use your imagination to create special mural designs. Design options are endless. You can browse the web for baby room mural designs. You can also look around in your area – baby rooms of your relative and friends. That way, you will have an extra idea on how to decorate your nursery with murals.

You can also make your own mural. There are mural kits available in the market. They usually have easy-to-learn painting guidelines and you just have to paint by numbers.

However, if you feel that you are not artistic enough to do the mural decoration, you can ask for artistic friends or professional assistance to decorate your nursery. That’s if you have enough budgets for it. Nevertheless, decorating mural room comes affordable.

Or if you do not have the skill to do baby room mural, you might want to consider using a local mural artist. Contact mural artist in Singapore here!

Top 3 Decorating Ideas for Small Bedroom

By Singapore Home Guy On April 9, 2010 1 Comment

When decorating a small bedroom, owner engaging themselves into one, same mistake. That is putting a lot of unnecessary decorations that makes the small room looks crowded and cluttered. If you have small bedroom, then you should need to make it look spacious strategically. There’s a lot of way where you can get more space without having literal building extensions. This article will help you to have spacious and simplified bedroom as it will give you some ideas on how to properly decorate your small bed room.

Lighting –Because bedroom is meant to be a resting area, the lighting should be soft and subtle. This will give a gentle ambiance that creates soothing appeal to user. However, the position of the light should also be considered. Instead of installing a stand-alone lampshade, you can use hanging or wall-posted light. This way, the floor area can be use for other bedroom furniture. If you need light for studying, you can use light that can be mounted on the wall when not in use. You can use florescent light for an elegant looking bedroom.

Bed sheet and Curtains – For a small-spaced bedroom, it is advisable to use light palettes when it comes to bed sheet and curtains. Light color is essentially creating spacious ambiance to the room. Avoid using too much floral or airy design of curtains as it creates cluttered and crowded atmosphere in small bedroom insignificantly. It is better to use curtain that has same color as the wall. This way, the curtain color will complement to wall and more likely create well-balanced and organized ambiance to your bedroom. If your bedroom is having insufficient lightning, then it’s better to use light curtains as it will add some glow to your room.

Storage Space – If your room is small, every space that you can use from it is crucial. Therefore, the decoration as well as the storage of furniture inside the small bedroom should be organized and properly utilized. For example, instead of buying separate bed and small sofa, go for sofa bed. This way, you can have sofa and bed at the same time when needed without occupying too much space. Big furniture should be place at the corners so you’ll have more space in the center. It is also better if the furniture will be placed angular to the corner. It will give the atmosphere of being spacious to the room.

Great Girl’s Bedroom Design Ideas and Themes

By Singapore Home Guy On December 10, 2009 No Comments

If you are looking for design that best fit for girl’s bedroom, you maybe come up with vast preferences. Choosing the best will make you have some hard time. But to make the difficult task a bit easier, this article will give you some girl’s bedroom design. Designing girl’s bedroom by painting it with variety of colors here and there is not really going to work. You have to determine what exactly you want your girl’s bedroom would like to appear to be. To start with, choose the theme for girl’s bedroom.

To give you an idea on which theme is perfect for girl’s bedroom, this article will discuss some of great bedrooms themes. This will also help you to design girl’s bedroom that will create the theme you’re seeking for.

We all know that a bedroom is meant to be a resting place for everyone, thus creating soothing environment inside the room is essential. Regards to that fact, a theme of ocean waves can be a great bedroom theme. This kind of theme does not only require ocean waves but aquatic plant and animals as well. This will give a girl’s bedroom a colorful environment that you would surely love. To spice up the ocean waves theme a little bit, you can put some contrast color and designs. You can add some beach color and sunny pallets. Therefore, more likely, the setting would be blue watery walls, yellowish floor (just like sand) and a ceiling with sky blue shade.

Another theme that is great for girl’s bedroom design is starlight theme. This kind of theme is best fit for every girl and even for boys. There are lots of wall papers and fabrics that can create the starlight theme in one’s bedroom are available in the market thus designing it is a bit easier. It can also be used in boy’s bedroom. You can actually do it yourself. Designing it yourself can help you achieve the theme you want without hiring professionals. Create your own star colors and shades to get starlight theme. To complete the design, decorate the room with start shaped rug and starlight related furniture accordingly.

You can also try moonlight theme for girl’s bedroom. This will give your room a romantic atmosphere. You can also try combining the starlight and moonlight theme. To do it, accessorize your room with star shaped decorations with the moonlight wallpapers. Just make sure that you are designing your room proportionally. This way, every theme details will be able to expose. Just being creative, you can have your own girl’s bedroom design.

Perfect Paint Color Scheme For Your Bedroom

By Singapore Home Guy On September 16, 2009 1 Comment

room-colour-selectionFor individual who just came from a long day of their everyday responsibilities, bedroom is the best part of the house which is ideal to spend some time with – to relax and rest. As it’s the place where you can find peace and comforting atmosphere, having it painted and decorated with such a calming ambiance or colors that is suitable for your taste is also helps to soothe your tired self. Unlike the other part of the house like living room or kitchen that the colors is based upon which will be look elegant and admirable spectacle for house guests and spectators, bedroom colors can be more intimate and personalized as it will serve as  reflection of one’s personality and private “abode” of one’s self. Color paint and décor that is soothe, especially if it’s preferred by you, can also create an ambiance of serenity and tranquility that can help – even a bit – to uplift your tired spirit.

Given the idea that you can choose however you want to decorate and accessorize your bedroom, you can now set a plan about working on it. For it to have newer, unique look, having it painted or re-painted with chosen paint color combination will be a good idea. Choose paint colors that match your taste and will give you the feeling of being relaxed and settled. You can also select from colors that you’ve been favorite. Research can help you a lot and give you some ideas that you might want to consider before you go shop. There are a lot of professional’s pointers and guidelines you can mull over in deciding which paint  colors can be suitable for your bedroom that will give an exquisite  appearance you will surely love.

Here are some paint color ideas you may want to consider that will best fit for your taste and personality.

Vibrant and Moderate Bedroom Paint Colors

If you want your bedroom to have energetic and lively atmosphere, colors of the sun, fire and autumn which is red, yellow and orange, can be your choice. It will give an exciting and enjoyable mood inside your bedroom. But if you preferred gentle and delicate color, you can select vibrant colors with warm combination such as warm pastel, peach or apricots with lively hue of accessories such as bronze, red and gold as shades. Although warm and moderate paint color will give an impression of elegance and coziness, this kind of shades will make your bedroom looks smaller and tight.

Calm and Cool Bedroom Paint Colors

If you’re looking for colors that will give you a calm and tranquil mood, hue of the morning breeze, clear sky and deep blue sea can be your preference. Those shades can be blue, green and lavender that are perfect for children’s bedroom as it gives a soothing sensation the leads to sleep. Not just children’s room, a person who loves to have a lot of furniture and personal belongings inside his/her bedroom can also choose those shades as it can make your bedroom looks larger.

Natural Bedroom Paint colors

Taupe, brown and terracotta are samples of natural colors as it display nature shades such as earth and trees. It will give you peaceful atmosphere and can always complement to those other shades as it is being neutral in color combination.

Now, you can pick what paint color combination for your bedroom that best describe and express your personality and taste as it will be your private haven for you to have soothed and comfortable feeling. Or you can engage a painting services company in Singapore that will help you do the work and help you choose the colour you want.