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How To Remove Blood Stains From Carpet

By Singapore Home Guy On November 26, 2010 No Comments

Carpet is one of the priciest items of furnishing; therefore replacing them once they’ve been stained can be a pain to your pocket. But you really don’t have to replace it if you just know how to get rid of blood stains from your carpets. Here are some tips in removing blood stains from your carpet.

Common mistake of most people when they’re trying to remove the stain from their carpet is that they rub it too hard. This will even push the stain deeper into the fabric. Try mixing non-alkali detergent with warm water and put some of this mixture to the stained fabric. Then, remove the blood stain by blotting the stained area. Continue with this procedure until all stains are removed. For the remaining stain, if there’s any, you can use the mixture of ammonia and water to blood the stained fabric. Again, continue blotting the carpet until there’s no more stain left. Then, use absorbent pad to remove excess water from the carpet. Once done, hang your carpet dry.

Some of the stain removal solutions for clothes are also applicable for carpet. For example, using cold water to remove stain can be effective as carpet stain removal. Try using lemonade or tonic water to remove blood stains from the carpet. This is quite effective as these agents reacts to the protein in the stain. They, however, are best used with fresh stains. So, how to use these liquids to get rid of blood stain?

Remove Blood Stains From Carpet

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First, put a small amount of these liquids over the stained area for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then, with the use of clean rags, wipe the carpet with blood stains. During this process, make sure that you won’t rub the stained area too hard as it will make the stains to go through the fabric even deeper.

For those who want an all-natural procedure of removing bloods stains, spit plus cold water could be your choice. Spit has enzymes that degrade the proteins in the blood. This method is best used for smaller stains.

Today, the market is swarmed with plenty of wet/dry vacuum cleaners. There are also some companies that provide different instructions of removing stains and carpet stain removal solutions.  But before you spend huge amount of money with these machines, it is advisable to read the manual carefully to know if they are safe to use on your carpets and stuff. Also, find out what kind of stain they can remove.

Considering what mentioned above, we can safely say that nature knows best when it comes to removing blood stains on carpet.