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Archive for the ‘DIY Home Repair’ Category

Sink Traps Repairs: Effective Plumbing Tips for Trap Leaks

By Singapore Home Guy On June 22, 2010 No Comments

Our kitchen lavatories and kitchen sinks usually use curved traps in order to retain minimal amount of water in the drain pipe. The water that retains to that trap serves as blocking solution so that bad odors and gases coming from sewer lines and drains will not be able to come back inside of the house. Regards to that, curved traps in our sinks and lavatories are really beneficial. But most of the time, curved traps come as vulnerable with its very thin wall. It can easily be destroyed as it is not subjected to hold high pressured water. As times goes by, it becomes brittle and decayed. It is resulting to leaks so it should be replaced in due time.

The curved trap that is commonly used in homes is also known as P traps. There are different kinds of material that can be used as traps. The most commonly used trap materials are galvanized iron, steel and brass. You can also use chrome plated material –which is the most expensive but the most efficient trap material as it can lasts for long time. In choosing P trap material, you should consider the weight. You should determine if it will fit or match to the material used in drainpipes. Too heavy P traps can worsen the leaks in the pipe. Compare prices of P traps then choose the most suitable yet affordable.

There are two types of curved traps – the swivel traps and the fixed type traps. You can choose from these two based on what your sink drain pipes and tailpiece is needed. If you choose swivel type traps, you will be able to adjust the trap in any direction through adjusting the separate slip nut. This is beneficial as you do not have to remove the trap if you need to replace the tailpiece. You can also align the tailpiece and drainpipe into its perfect alignment without the need of removing the traps.

On the other hand, fixed trap is kind of trap that can be screwed fixedly upon repair. Unlike swivel traps, it can’t be adjusted or turned in any direction. However, you can still replace the tailpiece (if you need to) without removing the traps. You just need to be aware on the expert plumber’s plumbing technique. That is rolling the trap. First, let the tailpiece free and drop into the trap carefully. Loose the trap and roll it from one side to another until it get to the tailpiece. This maybe a daunting task for you, but once you have learned the technique, you can easily replace your tailpiece using fixed traps as conveniently as swivel traps.

However, replacing drainpipes is ever a tough job. Whatever the traps you will use in the repair, you have to remove all the drainpipes completely.

How to Repair Damaged Hardwood Floors Without Seeking for Professional Help?

By Singapore Home Guy On May 11, 2010 No Comments

Even how durable your wood floor is, it can be damaged after a long years of usage. To hide damages, some more likely place rags and carpets over the damaged part. But you don’t have to do those things. All you have to do is to engage yourself into repairing those damages using some basic carpentry. If you are thinking that you can’t do it because of lack of tools, you don’t have to worry no more. All you need in repairing damaged wood floor is hammer, chisel, circular saw, adhesive, wood filler and some wood replacement or scraps.

Firstly, you have to evaluate the damage in your wood floor. This way, you will know how big or small your work will be. Then, start carving the center part of the damaged planks. You can use circular saw in making hole in the plank. After that, hammer the hole with the chisel to remove the damaged part of the wood floors. You need to make sure that you are also removing nails on the planks. Use hammer to remove nails. If you find it difficult to remove, hammer it completely to the inner part of the wood.

Once the damaged plank has been removed, you can now start replacing them. In replacing planks, make sure the new part is smaller than the removed part of the planks. You should be aware that the wood becomes larger over time. To keep the new plank in position, put some construction adhesive in the backside of the wood. Tap it with mallet to fit.

Then, after the damaged wood has been replaced with the new one, secure and hold it in place. You can do it by putting nails into the new planks. Drive set of nails to hold the replaced planks. You can also use screw, as preferred. To hide nail or screw head, use wood filler. Once the fillers dry out and harden, rub the certain part with sand paper. This way, the replaced area will be refined. Repeat the whole process to other damaged planks. In some instances, you may find the replaced planks uneven to other planks. Toning them might be a little difficult to do but you have to decide whether to replace the whole wood floor or just have some two or more uneven planks.

See? You don’t have to employ professional to repair your hardwood floor. All you have to do is to make some floor repairs, and you’ll have wood floor as brand new as before.

Air Conditioning Efficiency: How to Clean Your AC Condenser Coil

By Singapore Home Guy On April 12, 2010 No Comments

Air Conditioning works as a cooling system by exchanging heat from inside to the atmosphere. Basic refrigeration cycle works in this heat flow. Condenser coil is one of the most important parts of this cooling system made of aluminum tube surrounding the air conditioning compressor.

Basic principle of Air Conditioning consists of four steps. First one is Compression and the others are Condensation, Expansion & Evaporation respectively. In the compression step refrigerant gas is compressed to high pressure & temperature. At Condensation step refrigerant gas becomes 100% liquid leaving heat to the condenser. In this step temperature reduces but pressure remains the same. Refrigerant gas expands in the expansion step. This results pressure & temperature drop. Refrigerant liquid converts to vapor at the Evaporation step. Evaporator area becomes cool. Throughout the cycle the refrigerant travels through the aluminum condenser coil which is many feats of tubing.

Problem arises whenever the condenser coil blocked up with dirt. These impurities prevent the hot gas to convert in liquid form. This results to fluctuation in cooling process. The compressor gets unwanted condition to become very hot which decreases its lifecycle including failure probability. Some guidelines are included here for ensuring error free run of air conditioning device by making the condenser coil debris free.

Before you start cleaning your condenser coil, you should prepare all the needed tools first. The tools that you might need in cleaning condenser coil are garden hose with nozzle, wrenches, and garden sprayer. Before you start, make sure that the unit is disconnected to the main power. You have to be careful dealing with electric appliance to avoid accident. Some type of condenser unit have disconnect switch in it.

Next, carefully remove the fan from the condenser component. Most of the time, you don’t have to disconnect wire from fan to motors as it can be set aside while cleaning it. Wet the coil using your garden hose. Make sure that the water pressure used in wetting coil is just enough. If the water pressure is too strong, there is a tendency of bending the coil fins. Coils fins are usually fragile and easily to be bended. Therefore, you should be extra careful. Next, cover the inner and outer part of the condenser coil with cleaning solution with the use garden sprayer. The cleaning solution will soften the dirt and make the coil easier to clean.

After the dirt loosen up, wash the condenser coil with the use of garden hose. Spray the coil starting from inner part to outer part. This method can make the coil cleaning easier. Once the dirt is all washed out, rinse the condenser coil with water. Put back the fan into the unit after cleaning.

You can use any household cleaner as cleaning solution for consider coil. You can also look for heavy duty cleaning if the dirt formed in the condenser coil is too many. In some instances, cleaning solution used in car radiator can also be good for cleaning condenser coils. If there is no cleaning solution available in your home, you can shop in plumbing and household material stores in your area. These cleaning solutions come with very strong chemicals. Make sure you have gloves at hand when cleaning your coil to avoid irritation.

Having clean coil can ensure the prolong life of your condenser. It can also provide you more efficient function. Clean condenser coil can also give you the opportunity to save electricity as the whole unit won’t exert too much effort just to function properly. You should clean your condenser coil at least once in every half year. That way, the forming dirt inside your condenser unit will not get worse. Avoid placing stuff near the condenser that may cause clogging to your coil like grass clippings and large flowers. There is a possibility that those stuffs block the airflow of the condenser.

How to Decorate Your Bathroom – Easy to Implement Decorating Bathroom Tile Ideas

By Singapore Home Guy On December 28, 2009 No Comments

Alluring and creatively decorated bathroom can be obtained by designing it with variety of tile styles, color and designs. Depends on what kind of atmosphere you want, you can have a lot of bathroom tile decorating ideas you can choose from.

To start with, use pink tiles with black trimmings in your bathroom. This kind of tile decoration is popular in old world homes because they usually implemented it as bathroom design. This create classic minimalist look in the bathroom. To balance, you can use white linens with black and white motifs.

On the other hand, if you want a glamorous look for your bathroom, you can try adding some alluring chandelier with pink tiles that have no trims. Putting brown trimming in the pink tiles can complement with the brownish and pinkish shower curtain, few white accents and wooden furniture. This decoration setting can give enchanting atmosphere in the bathroom.

Another bathroom tile decorating idea and considered as most popular one is tackling shower tiles. This designing idea deals about adding attention-grabbing designs of shower tiles instead of typical and boring ones. You can decorate the shower tiles using stencil that you can obtain in most of craft shops. This will add some enticing designs in your bathroom that is beneficial to obtain the alluring appearance. However, in designing with the use of stencil, the design should complement to the bathroom themes to avoid the look of being cluttered. You can also customize your bathroom design by replacing your existing shower tiles with ready made and custom tiles that has letters and images.

Another bathroom decorating idea is painting the all the tile borders. You can also try adding some tiles that has contrast palettes to primary tile color. This will spice up and enhance the appearance of your bathroom. It can make your bathroom look exciting and interesting.

Now, if you want to have effective yet affordable bathroom design, you can try painting your bathroom with enamel paint. This will change the appearance and scheme of your tile colors. Instead of settling with the plain and boring tile schemes, you can change it into alluring and interesting appearance by panting enamel paint here and there. Just make sure that the paint is proportionally applied in the bathroom.

For colorful and bright shade of the bathroom, you can use hand painted ceramic tiles. This will adorn your bathroom walls and give exciting shades. These kinds of bathroom tiles have designs and colors that do not get washed off easily. Instead, the bright color remains intact and sealed in. Mural tiles are the examples.

Now you can have the new look of your bathroom. With these easy-to-implement bathroom decorating ideas, you don’t have to employ professional just to obtain the design you’re seeking for.

DIY Sliding Door Repair Ideas – The Affordable Way of Repairing Your Door

By Singapore Home Guy On November 23, 2009 1 Comment

Most of home owners especially US homes are using sliding door as entry door for their patio, backyard or even main entry door (not a lot in Singapore). If you are one of those homeowners, you maybe find some simple damages or out-of-figure problems in your sliding glass doors due to longer period of time usage. This article will help you to find out those damages so that you can keep it from worsening. I will also discuss with you some basic repairs for your damaged sliding glass door so that you don’t have to employ professional contractors to do the repairs for you. Most of sliding glass door repair tips is easy to do and just require basic knowledge in home maintenance and repairs.

Due to age and some elements, our house becomes out of shape and sometimes gaining a lot of damages. Our sliding door maybe one of those house parts that you may find having dents and damages. Sometimes, it becomes out of square and start to fall apart. You maybe find it hard to close and to open. It is due to unusual soil movement in the foundation of the house caused by earthquakes and other soil disturbances. To start with, you need to inspect what is the cause of malfunctioning sliding door. At the bottom or top part, it maybe has some dents and cracks that’s why it becomes hard to open and close.

Mostly, sliding doors has rolling wheels in both top and bottom part of it. Sometimes, it becomes unaligned due to some elements. To settle it again, you need screw driver to pull out screw in the rolling wheel and align it back properly. Or you just need some adjustment to move the rolling wheel upward or downward by inserting screwdriver in the holes to adjust. This way, you will be able to settle the rolling wheel back into shape.

Now, if the problem is not in the rolling wheels but in the shimming of sliding door, you need to loosen up the secure screw in the door frame so that you will be able to repair the frames back into shape. Firstly, remove the molding in the sliding door. You will probably see the door frame after the molding has been removed. Secondly, inspect the door trimming. Determine which part of the door has been out of square that causing hurdles in opening and closing of it. Once identified, with the use of screwdriver, re-square the out-of-shape door. This will not just repair the damage but also add endurance with the sliding door. This way, it will last much longer with smooth function.

Another problem you may find in your sliding glass door is the fallen apart handles and lock mechanism. In this part, you might need to replace the worn out part for you to have back into shape mechanism latch. In replacing hardware part, make sure that you know the specific measurement of the door lock. It is better to bring the worn-out hardware to the store when you purchase a new one. This way, you’ll have the correct hardware to buy. If you didn’t be able to find correct door lock in hardware store in your area, you can search through internet for e-stores that sell certain hardware parts. Just make sure that the proper measurement was able to meet up upon ordering online. Replacing broken handles and locks mechanism not only giving you convenient function in your door but also upgrading the security measure within your home that is beneficial to you and your family.

Dents and damages in sliding door can be avoided with proper cleaning and maintenance. Through this, you don’t have to exert too much effort repairing and replacing parts of the sliding door. All you have to do is to maintain it so that damages and dents will be prevented. You have to protect it from harmful damage causing element inside and out. The common damage causing element is dirt and molds due to changing weather. From outside, wash your sliding door using soapy water and brush. This way, dirt and mold forming will be washed out. From inside, you can use slightly wet rag to wipe dirt. Inspect the rolling wheels once in awhile to see if there’s any forming mold in it. You can also use some cleaning agent like wax to bring back the shine of the door.

All facts considered you don’t have to spend much just to maintain your sliding door. You just have to clean and maintain it regularly so that further damages can be avoided. And once you’ve found simple dents and damages in your sliding door, it’s better to repair it immediately so you can keep it from worsening.