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Classical Feng Shui: How to Determine The Best Feng Shui Position in Your Home and Office?

By Singapore Home Guy On October 11, 2010 No Comments

If you want to have effective Feng shui in your home or office, you may want to consider performing a Classical Feng Shui or also known as CFS. This kind of Feng shui deals about the proper position of feng shui in specific direction of your home or office. In this type of Feng Shui, you should determine the north, east, west and south direction of your office/house. Unlike in other feng shui type like Black Hat and Western/New Age Feng Shui, CFS does not being performed based on the position of the front door.

There are different types of feng shui method when I say CFS. Here are those:

Feng Shui Compass – If you want to create a good balance and harmony inside your home and office, this type of feng shui is suitable for you. This is more effective than any other feng shui type like Black Hat/Western/New Age.

Men Gua – This type of CFS feng shui deals about your personal aspects. It is based upon your birthday. You can identify the top 4 personal directions of your life once you have your birthday. Those personal directions are Success, Health, Wisdom and Relationship. This type of CFS is easy to do. It has specific method and once you have learned the basic, you can easily perform the overall method of this type of Feng shui.

Xaun Kong Da Gua – This kind of Classical Feng shui deals about the position of water feature in any part of your home/office. Most of home owners install water features like fountain, ponds and pools in their property as they believe it can attract wealth luck – which is basically true in the concept of feng shui. But before you install water feature in your property, it is advisable to seek for Xuan kong Da Gua Expert assistance for you to do the feng shui method properly.

Flying Star – If you want to determine the best area of your home or office in specific period of the year, Flying Star Feng Shui is the best CFS type for you. This kind of classical feng shui can give you the ability to determine the best period of the year for specific event. For instance, if you are thinking of the best timing for marriage, flying star can help you to decide. This is also beneficial when it comes to office aspects like perfect timing for launching a new program or promotion and asking for a raise. If you have this CFS in your home/office, it is like knowing the best answer for specific question ahead of time.

There are many other CFS types emerge nowadays, but these four are the most commonly used. Given the fact that CFS deals about directions, you should determine the east, south, west, north part of your home/office for you to apply the CFS properly. Some are having problems in identifying the specific directions of their home/office. However, there are some easy methods that can help you identify the right direction of your home/office area.

Method #1 – Identifying the N-W-S-E direction through sun rise

We all know that the sun rises at east direction. Now, if you are going to stand in front of where the sun rises in the morning, you’ll realize that the direction in front of you is the east direction. Therefore, the south area of your home and office is your right while your left is the north area. The home/office area that is behind you is the west direction.

Method #2 – Draw floor plan of your home/office and Use compass

This method is considered as the better and easy way of identifying the N-S-E-W direction of your home/office. In this method, you will draw a floor plan of your office. Identify the center part of your home/office and stand there with the compass at hand. Usually, compass comes with black or red arrow facing to the north. Face to the north direction of your home/office. This way, you’ll know that your left is the west direction and your right is the east direction. The direction behind you is the south area.

See? It is quite easy to identify directions of your home/office. You just have to be accurate in determining the directions of your property in order to perform the classical feng shui properly and effectively.

Home Office Decorating Feng Shui Tips: Achieve Good Fortune and Prosperity

By Singapore Home Guy On September 21, 2010 No Comments

Many people choose to work from home these days. Therefore, having office at your home that allows you to work conveniently and with full optimum capacity on both physically and mentally is important. In order to obtain that kind of working space at home, you should consider Feng Shui-ing your home office. The main idea behind Feng Shui is all objects and their position inside your home office influence the owner’s fortune and disposition. It means that everything that you are going to put or decorate inside your home office should be in proper position and arrangement. It is beneficial to home owner as it can attract good energy and allow it to flow freely through their home office. Having feng shui successfully applied in your home office can make you have the opportunity to prosper in your home business or work.

Here are some home office Feng Shui Decorating tips for you to have good energy optimized working environment at home.

If you are looking for furniture to buy while you’re having tight budget, you may want to consider buying second hard furniture. However, before jumping into any choice, you should determine the business history of the former owner of the furniture. In some instances, bad energy from failed business owner is still present in specific furniture. Avoid choosing that kind of furniture for you to avoid the negative energy that may affect the prosperity of your business.

The furniture however should be in proper feng shui-based arrangement. Arrange it in a position that people can walk around without hindrances. Make spaces as much as possible. Minimize clutter inside your home office. This way, you will be able to allow good energy to flow freely inside your home office.

In choosing office desk, go for dark shaded ones. You can choose dark red or black. Avoid using office desk that has distracting color as it can affect to your concentration. Position your desk where you can see the door of your home office. Never position it where your back is facing to the door. Also, avoid positioning your desk where in you are facing the wall while you’re working. If you have no choice about this matter, you can display some art work or painting in the wall in front of you so that every time you are going to look up, you will be able to breathe deeper and relax.

Area rug is also included when it comes to applying feng shui in your home office. Many people are not yet aware of this fact. Area rug can also occupy space in your office and everything that deals about area and spaces are included to the concept of feng shui as they also gives off energy that supply chi or energy flow inside your home office. Area rug can make the hard floor looks soft. This can also helps to create warm atmosphere inside. Choose area rug that will complement to the shade of the home office. In choosing, consider the color of the area rugs. It should unify in your office theme. You should be aware that color influence the mood inside your home office thus you have to be considerate in choosing the right area rug color.  The color of the area rug should not be too dull or too distracting.

Let your window open as much as possible. This way, fresh air will be able to circulate inside your home office. The natural sunlight can also enter from outside and give you natural daylight. Put wind chime outside your window.

Have some potted plants in your office. This will help you to have more good energy (yang) inside your home office. It can bring you joy and contentment. Have some fresh flowers in your table. You can also have scented candles to sooth your anxious mind.

You may want to include other accessories like miniature water fountains, crystal ball or wall art work. This can help you to attract wealth luck and bring your prospering home and business as they symbolized prosperity. You can also consider red color as your home office scheme. This color scheme represents prosperity.

Applying all the aforementioned feng shui decorating tips can help you to achieve the prosperity, well-being and contentment that every individual is aiming for.

Have Better Bedroom Living through These Effective Feng Shui Tips and Principles

By Singapore Home Guy On April 21, 2010 No Comments

The bedroom is the best place to bring in Feng Shui in order to activate the good luck, good health, good fortune, career luck and wealth luck. There are many people asking to feng shui their bedrooms. There are a few feng shui tips that can bring in good fortune and good luck in their bedroom.

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese method, can bring balance, health and happiness into a person’s life.  The bedroom is where Feng Shui is most appropriate since our bodies rest and rejuvenates there. By using the rules and principles of Feng Shui you can create effective good fortune and harmony in your bedroom.

In Feng Shui concept, there is a certain yin and yang perspective. Our bedroom has more yin perspective than any other room in our home. Your bedroom ambience must be one of feeling protected and free from powerful distracting chi that could disturb your rest. It is important that good chi circulate evenly in your bedroom as the fresh air recharges you.

Here are 10 efficient Feng Shui tips to harmonized and energized your bedroom for better Home living

1. Do not have too many electronic devices in your bedroom

If there are too many electronic devices in your bedroom, the good Feng Shui and chi can be ruined. All those electronic devices have negative ions that will interfere with a good nights sleep are, according to Feng Shui, bad chi and energy.

2. Let fresh air in by opening the windows

By opening the windows often, you let the bad energy and air out and the good energy and air in. Keep those windows open to purify the air and keep it full of fresh oxygen. If you breathe in polluted and stale air you cannot have good Feng Shui in your bedroom.

3. Put your bed opposite the door so that you can see it as you sleep

When a body is carried out, it is carried out head first through the door. Sleeping with the door behind you is considered really bad feng shui and can lead to bad luck and much misfortune. By placing your bed to see the door at night you will have inner peace and security.

4. Close all the doors in your bedroom

Make sure that you close all the doors in your bedroom no matter what door it is. If you do this you will get the best and most nourishing energy flow that will strengthen your good harmony relationships and your health.

5. Place you bed at the center part of your bedroom

Positioning your bed at the center of your bedroom will give you mush space so that you can walk around conveniently and hassle-free. This bed arrangement is important especially if you are sleeping with a partner –spouse. If you place you bedroom at the corner, one of you will have the feeling of being trapped or cornered. Having enough space inside your bedroom can make the good energy flow freely. In feng shui concept, large space inside your bedroom is essential to have balance relationship with your partner.

6. Have enough lighting inside your bedroom

If you want to create soothing and relaxing atmosphere inside your bedroom, you should have enough light dimness. Feng Shui concept is much related to lights. It deals about the manifestation of good energy inside one’s room. To create better chi, you should adjust the light brightness accordingly. This way, the flow or distribution of good energy will be balanced inside your bedroom.

7. Have a solid and strong enough headboard

In our sleep, our body is undergoing to extra busy rejuvenation process. Our body is drifting to many rejuvenation levels at sleep. So, you should have strong enough headboard to support your head. This way, you will be able to maintain the good chi flow inside your body and also inside your bedroom.

8. Have round edges bedside table

As I mentioned earlier, you should have large spaces to maintain the good energy flow inside your bedroom. Placing round-edge bedside table can add to the stability of energy flow inside your bedroom. It can support the longevity of one’s relationship. Avoid using sharp edges table as it can cut and destroy the balance of chi flow (according to feng shui principle).

9. Avoid placing your bed near the door or inline to your door

You should arrange your bedroom as bed is never near the door or in line the door. It should be applied in any type of door- whether it’s balcony door, bathroom door, or entry door.

10. Have good height bed and clutter-free underneath

Make sure that your bed has good enough height. It should be not be too high or too low. Moreover, avoid putting any items underneath your bed. It is important that the flow of chi inside your bedroom is never interrupted. Keep the spaces under your bed. This way, you will be able to maintain the balance flow of good energy inside your bedroom. This will more likely create harmony so as happiness.

If you really want to have harmonized and energized bedroom, you should apply these feng shui tips properly. If you are unfamiliar with these methods, you can consult to any feng shui expert so you will be able to have properly feng shui bedroom so as home.

Feng Shui Tips – Create Balance and Harmony in Your Home with These Efficient Feng Shui Tips

By Singapore Home Guy On February 17, 2010 No Comments

In every particular room of your home, you may have tried applying specific feng shui principle. You may have noticed the difference of the environment or mood in that particular room. Actually, there is a suitable feng shui principle for every part of your home that should be applied in order to achieve the balance inside your entire home. If you want to have well-balanced feng shui home, here are some feng shui tips you may want to consider.

Walk/Entry Way

The feng shui principle that should be applied in this part of your home should be welcoming and inviting. In feng shui concept, this part of our home is what called the “mouth of chi”. Our entry/walk way is the first thing that people can see when they open our entry door therefore it should have inviting aura or atmosphere as much as possible.

The first scene that will be seen by you and your guest when they enter your home should be eye catching and attention grabbing. This way, your guest will focus their attention to the first scene inside once they entered your home. Therefore, if your stairway is facing to your entry door, you can consider the bold color for it (fire and earth theme) with matching tasteful artwork as decoration in downstairs.

But if your home is a bungalow, you can consider painting the wall that is facing to your door with such a bright and welcoming color. You can also add some enjoying and tasteful artwork. Placing mirror that facing inside your home can also help to retain the good chi inside your home.

Living Room

This part of your home is considered as the “bonding room” of your family. This is where your family spending their time to each other after a long day of work or everyday routine. Therefore, the environment in this part of your home should be inviting, warm and welcoming.

In order to obtain the efficient feng shui principle in this part of your home, you should keep the atmosphere warm and inviting. You will be able to do this by decorating your living room with such a neutral-colored fabrics and furniture. The theme that should be used in this room should be neutral and relaxing. You can use cotton pillow to your furniture to make it look soft and comfortable. You may also include decorating your living room with miniature fountain or rock artwork. This way, you will be able to create natural and warm atmosphere inside your living room.

In choosing fountain decoration, you may want to consider a bamboo fountain. This type of decoration symbolizes the two essential element of feng shui concept. The bamboo represents friendship and longevity and flowing water represents abundance and prosperity.


Our bedroom is served as our rejuvenation area in our home. This is where we rest and relax to regain our energy after a long, tiring day. Therefore, the atmosphere in this part of our home should be as tranquil, soothing and calming as much as possible. In feng shui concept, spacing and color are such an essential elements that need to be considered if you want to achieve a balance flow of good energy or Chi. You can use brown, beige, black, and metallic scheme in your bedroom to obtain a calming mood.

If you are sharing your bedroom to your spouse, it is important that the atmosphere inside your bedroom is having relaxing and romantic feeling. You may decorate your room with photograph representing lover images and picture of happiness and nature.

In furniture arranging, the bed should be in the center of your bedroom where both of you and your spouse can freely move around. Placing it in the corner can create an atmosphere of one is being trapped or cornered.

The aforementioned feng shui tips can help you to stimulate the good energy flow inside your home. You can easily achieve the balance and harmony inside your home by applying these feng shui tips accordingly.