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Washer and Washing Machine Hoses

By Singapore Home Guy On November 30, 2011 No Comments

Installation of any washing machine hose should be done properly. The hose should not be kinked or twisted when installed. Otherwise, it may prevent the proper water flow of the washer. Washing machine hoses are secured on both ends with hose clamps. They can be easily removed or replaced with the help of hex driver; pliers specialized for hose clamps or screw driver.

Fill Control Hose

This kind of hose is secured to the washer or tub with internal holding rings. This can be removed using needle-nose or regular pliers. The fill control hose is bonded to the plastic tubing with the use of reducing connector. This connector must be securely held to the internal part of the fill control hose using rubber cement.

Water Inlet Hose

Water inlet hose should be carefully attached to the nylon-made inlet valve of washing machine. When the nylon of this inlet valve becomes cross-threaded, it may result to leaks or thread damage. Avoid over-tightening. Each hose comes with filter washer screen which should be attached to the faucet. There are 2 3/8-inch rubbers attached to the stainless hose to bring the water from the faucet to the washer’s inlet valve.

Pump Outlet Hose

The hose of washers that are not equipped with two-way valve runs from pump outlet to the hole of the side cabinets and is held to hose couplings with hose clamps. On the other hand, those washers that have two-way valve have their hose running from the pump outlet to two-way valve inlet.

Recirculation Hose

Most washers use two hoses for water recirculation. The water should circulate from the external tub all through the recirculation pump and the filter which can be found on the top of the tub. The first hose can be found in between the pump and the tub. This hose is affixed to the plastic-side outlet which is held to the side of the tub with lock rings. The other hose is running from the recirculation pump outlet to the filter cover. Since the filter cover is attached on the top, you should remove the recirculation hose to lift the top of servicing is needed.

Hiring A Competent Painting Contractor

By Singapore Home Guy On October 6, 2011 No Comments

There are times when you feel that hiring a paint contractor is not a good idea. When you have plenty of time at hand, you believe that you can do it yourself. Come the start of the project, you buy cheap materials and lay out every single thing in front of you. You start painting and you soon realize that painting is not an easy job. It looks fairly easy as you see others do it by just moving the brush to and fro the walls. Days after, you begin to feel the enthusiasm slowly dries out. Then you feel tired. You look into your wall and you are not satisfied.

After all, painting the wall yourself is not an easy and engaging job.

What you really need to do is to get a competent paint contractor. First, set aside a brief meeting with your candidate and discuss about what you want to accomplish and how you want it be accomplished. You will be amazed by how fast and experienced your hired competent paint contractor is. The labor lasts for only a few days compared to when you did it yourself. Your competent paint contractor uses high quality materials which are good not only for your walls but also for you and your surroundings. The effects last for several years so you will not have to redo the painting over and over again.

Your competent paint contractor may even give you ideas for more beautiful walls. There are several types of wall paints like metal sidings and vinyl sidings. Your paint contractor will help you decide on which type of wall painting is best for you.

The overall outcome is visibly outstanding compared to your own painting job. It will give an effect that it has been done by a professional. Your house will significantly look more beautiful and more expensive.

It is true that you will shell out more money in an instant that you hire a paint contractor. What you don’t know is that in the long run, you will actually save more money as the effect of the painting lasts longer. In this case, you will not have to repaint year after year.

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How to Prevent Concrete From Cracking

By Singapore Home Guy On November 19, 2010 No Comments

Concrete is one of the mostly-used materials when it comes to building patios, driveway, shed, etc. Well, this could be an ideal option as concrete requires less maintenance, relatively durable and provide attractive appearance. The major turn off of concrete, however, is that it cracks.

You might think that not all concrete cracks as you’ve seen some concrete-made that don’t have cracks. Somewhere perhaps, but it is still safe to say that all concrete cracks. Let me explain then.

Prevent Concrete Crack

Taken from

Cement, sand, rock and water are the essential “ingredients” of concrete. Once these ingredients are combined, chemical reaction occurs that creates hard material. Once this material has been worked on, the results are patios, walkways, shed, etc. As the concrete becomes hard, however, it shrinks. This shrinkage causes cracks in the concrete. So what you should do now to prevent cracks in the concrete? Just keep reading.

The first thing you need to do to prevent concrete cracks is to prepare the ground accordingly. You have to make sure that the ground has no soft areas and is level. Soft areas may cause cracks to your concrete. Thus if the ground you’re going to use has soft areas, be sure to compact them first using either hand-compactor or motorized compactor. For larger areas, motorized compactor could be an ideal choice. Once the spot has been compacted, level the surface with sand. The combination of gravel and sand works best in re-leveling ground surfaces. Next is reinforcing the concrete.

In reinforcing the concrete, you can have two options: the steel bars (also known as rebar) and the wiremesh. There are two kinds of wiremesh, the rolled and panels. Since rolled wiremesh is quite difficult to use, it is advisable to use panel wiremesh. You can cut the panels to fit with any size of concrete pad. They are also easy to move. But most people prefer using rebar. Typically, rebar is positioned on the ground in a checkerboard pattern and is tied with wires.

Once tied off, the rebar must be lifted slightly upward. That way, once the concrete is poured to the area, the rebar will be covered with concrete. You can lift the rebar using small pieces of rocks or bricks. Place them under the rebar. If positioned accordingly, the rebar or wiremesh will keep your driveway or walkways together when cracks develop.

Now you’re ready for the concrete. But wait, you should wet the ground first before you pour the cement mixture to the forms. Why? Because you wouldn’t want your ground to quickly absorb the water from your cement mixture, would you? After the cement has been placed and settled, be sure to protect your craft from direct sunlight and wind. These can cause quick drying of the cement, which may result to unpleasant cracking.

Well, it seems that the concrete has been settled accordingly but we’re not yet done, there’re more. Another way to prevent concrete cracks is control joints. You can see them almost everywhere. Most of concrete driveways and patios are done with contraction joints. You can create a control joints to your concrete using joiner, a special tool used for creating contraction joints, or concrete saw.

If you build a 4-inch sidewalk, the contraction joint should have ¾ to an inch depth through the concrete. The position of these joins may vary depending on the pad size. Let’s say if you have 4 by 50 foot patio, you can have even spacing of 4 to 6 feet. But for those who have 10 by 10 patio, you don’t need control joints.

And there you have it! Above recommendations will save our concrete from unsightly cracks and make it attractive and last longer.

High Pressure Sodium Light Bulbs: The Advantages of Cheap Yet Efficient Lighting Solutions

By Singapore Home Guy On October 5, 2010 No Comments

High Pressure Sodium Light bulbs can give us numerous advantages. Efficient and cheap lighting solution is one of those. You can get the exact lighting solution that can sustain the needs of lighting application through this kind of solution. High Pressure sodium Bulb is similar to florescent lighting that provides optimized lighting solution without the use of too much electric power. Regards to this, these kinds of bulbs can be used purposely such as security lights, gardening lights and street lights.

You can find various types of High pressure sodium light bulb as market can provide you vast preferences. Types vary on what you need. If you need light bulb that requires specific watts, you can choose from different wattage solutions of these bulbs. For instance, if for basic lighting purposes only, you can find 35 watts of bulbs. But the watts can range higher than 200 watts, as I mentioned earlier, depends on what you need. You need to consider the lighting requirement before jump into any choice. This way, you can have the best choice that best suit for your lighting needs. Usually, this kind of bulb can get 100-150 lumens per watts, which is beneficial because it means you’ll get higher brightness of light than other bulb that using more electric power. It only means that you can get the enough light at low-cost using this kind of bulb. Also, you can really get what you pay for, money-back guarantee as they say.

In choosing high pressure sodium light bulb, you won’t be in the place that you need to be rush in deciding on which bulb you are going to choose. You can explore all of the options so that you can come up with the perfect choice. In deciding on which bulb to choose, lighting requirement should be considered. Take your time picking up the right bulb. You don’t have to rush yourself. There are a lot of choices you can choose from so you should be careful upon choosing. For specific application, there is suitable bulb solution. For instance, if the purpose of lighting solution is for street light, then you can go for 100 to 200 watts of bulb. More likely, this variety of bulb watts can produce 10,000 lumen or even higher which is perfect to light the street productively.

Now, if the lighting application will be used for gardening or plant growth, you should consider the lighting requirement of your plant is needed before you choose. In some cases, growing plant require specific light solution for specific growth stage. If you are unsure on what kind of wattage bulb you’re going to choose, you better research further about the lighting requirements of your plants. This way, wrong choices of bulb can be avoided. As I’ve said earlier, don’t rush things. Consider all the factors first before you jump to any choice. This way, you will be able to avoid to waste of money and effort and you will get what you really seek for.

Effective Techniques in Easier and Faster House Cleaning

By Singapore Home Guy On September 15, 2010 No Comments

Are you spending a lot of time in cleaning your home? Do you want to make your cleaning house chores easier and faster? This article is perfect for you. This article will give you some techniques and reveal some secret cleaning tips to make your cleaning experience quicker and more convenient. This is beneficial to you as it can shorten your cleaning time that can be spent to other important house task.

Firstly, you should be prepared. Before you start cleaning your house, you should prepare all the equipments and tools that are needed in your cleaning chores. It will minimize your move-around time if all the equipment and cleaning tools are comes at handy. Feather dusters, cleaning cloths, broom, brush, lambs wool duster are the cleaning equipment that you need to prepare before cleaning.

For faster dusting, you should start removing the dust at the top corner down to the bottom corner. Make sure that you are dusting everything in circular motion inside your room. To make the dusting task a bit easier for you, dust your room counterclockwise rotation if you are left handed. While clockwise dust rotation if you are right handed.

There are simple techniques in cleaning your windows. This technique will help you to clean your windows faster and easier. Some people are using different cleaning material when it comes to cleaning their window. Those cleaning materials are newspaper, damp cloth, paper towel and Windex. Some are using kitchen paraphernalia like vinegar.

Some people are committing same mistake over and over in cleaning their windows. They are rubbing the windows from one corner to another corner. They are not aware that when they are doing that cleaning method, they are just attracting more dirt and dust. That is because rubbing window creates static charge that attracts dirt and debris. As a result, once they have washed their window, it will have dust in it after a few hours or minutes.

The secret behind faster and easier window cleaning is using a squeegee. This cleaning method is the most commonly used by professional window washers. With the use of squeegee, they can clean large windows faster and more conveniently.

To start with squeegee window cleaning, you should have bucket of warm water and a dish washing liquid. Mix it well to create cleaning mixture. Spurt minimal amount of mixture onto your window and start squeegee-ing it. You should start at the top corner of your window down to the bottom part. Make an “s” motion in wiping your window with the use of squeegee. Make sure that you will wipe the squeegee with lint-free rag before you repeat the cleaning method. After that, wipe your window with damp chamois. Finish it with dry, clean rag.

With the use of these cleaning techniques, you will be able to clean your house faster and more efficiently. These will give you to opportunity to make the most out of your house cleaning.

Of course, if you are lazy to clean, do outsource a part time maid, as there are a lot of part time maid agency around in Singapore.

Feng Shui Principles: Have Energized Love Relationship through These Bedroom Feng Shui Principles

By Singapore Home Guy On July 26, 2010 No Comments

If you want to energize your love and romance aspect (or mostly known as nien yen in feng shui concept), you may want to consider applying the effective feng shui tips below in your bedroom. Although there is a lot of other feng shui energizing tips out there, these tips will help you to optimize the good energy flow inside your room that deals about love and romance aspect. You should apply these tips in 60 to 70 percent accuracy in order to achieve the effective feng shui result inside your bedroom.

Firstly, you should determine the accurate nien yen direction inside your bedroom. This way, you will be able to apply the feng shui tips properly. Once you have identified your nien yen direction, you can now start feng shui-ing your room.

Here are the effective feng shi tips to optimize your nien yen:

  1. Sleep where your head is pointing in the corner of your nien yen direction.
  2. Choose a bedroom that is positioned in the corner of your nien yen.
  3. Avoid installing your bathroom and toilet in your nien yen direction.
  4. Ensure that your bedroom won’t miss your nien yen corner.
  5. Your bedroom door should be facing to your nien yen corner.

Now, there is an appropriate feng shui principle for every nien yen direction. As I mentioned earlier, once you have determined your nien yen direction, you will be able to apply the appropriate feng shui principle.

If your Nien yen direction is in south, you can put a bright light in your south bedroom corner. Then, place a small red light in your northwest bedroom area. You can also add wind chime in northeast part of your bedroom.

However, if your nien yen direction is in southeast part of your bedroom, put a small red light in the corner of your bedroom that is in southeast direction. Then, place another small red light in northwest part of your bedroom. Hang a wind chime in the northeast corner.

Now, have a clear-cut crystal in northwest corner of your bedroom if your nien yen direction is northwest. Subsequently, place a piece of black painted furniture in the south corner. Finally, hang a metal wind chime in the southeast corner of your bedroom.

Conversely, if your nien yen direction is east, decorate the west part of your bedroom with something red. The southwest part of your bedroom should be decorated with something black. You should also put a small red light in the east corner of your bedroom.

Place a crystal or small red light in southwest part of your room if your nien yen corner is in southwest direction. In your north corner, place another crystal. Mettalic colors should also be decorated in your east corner.

Place a silver color picture frame in northwest part of your bedroom if your nien yen is in northwest corner. Decorate your East and southeast bedroom corner with something metallic and gray colors.

If your nien yen corner is in northeast direction, you should place a crystal or small red light in the northeast part of your bedroom. Afterwards, decorate the east and southeast corner of your bedroom with metallic or gray colors decorations.

A silver picture frame should be placed in the west corner of your bedroom if the nien yen direction is in West and a crystal in a bedroom’s north part.

While a black painted decoration should be placed in your north corner if the nien yen is in North direction. Adorn your West bedroom corner with metallic and gray color decoration.

By following the aforementioned nien yen feng shui principle, you will be able to obtain the fully-optimized energy that deals about your love and romance aspect. This will also help you to achieve successful and harmonized love relationship.

Interior Wall Painting: Choosing the Best Color Paint for Your Room

By Singapore Home Guy On July 21, 2010 No Comments

Choosing right paint of one room is very essential. If you want to have an admiring room, you have to be careful in choosing the right color paint. You can choose paint color based on what concept you want. If you want a cozy design, then pick serious or visually active color paints. To avoid mistakes in choosing the right color paint for your room, see these common mistakes that people usually committed over and over.

Mistake #1 Making decision too quick

You do not have to be rushed. Choosing the right concept needs enough time to think. You have to take your time in choosing. That way, you will be able to come up with the best choice. Making decision too quickly is a disaster step in choosing paint for your room. Wrong decision may lead you to frustration in designing your room. You might end up starting the whole decorating all over again. The first thing you have to do to get the best fulfillment of your room decorating is to make a plan. Choose concept of what exactly you want to apply in your room.  Reading magazines about interior designing can help you to have a good idea about this. If certain interior designs catch your attention and you think that is the best paint for your room, cut out the page of the magazine where you have found the design.

Mistake #2 Bad taste of choosing the right paint

In some instances, home owner paint their walls with their favorite colors. They are choosing neutral colors like pink, blue and green. After the whole painting work was done, they will realize that the room is yelling neutral colors. It is resulting to an “expressionless” room. There is no specific theme is being portrayed. To avoid this kind of mistake, you have to be aware on the outcome of the wall painting. You can ask for painting expert’s assistance in choosing the right color combination in your room. You can invest for some paint color samples. That way, you will be able to know the perfect color palettes that are best fit for your room.

interior wall painting singapore

Taken from

Mistake #3 Failure to bring paint samples

Not bringing paint sample to the paint store from your bordering room will give you hard time to choose suitable paint for your room. It is not advisable to choose paint using only the small sample chips. If you forgot to bring your fabric sample and paint color to the paint store, take time to go back in the paint store any time. Do not be on a rush. Remember, you can only choose color in your room. You will be amazed how light defines color, whether it is natural daylight or artificial light.

Mistake #4 Painting one particular color

Actually, nothing really went wrong about putting one particular color in your framework. If you think that it is good to have a small fragment of color in the pattern, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes, the color that is being seen by our eyes does not match on what our brain is getting. Therefore, you have to be picky in choosing the right color paint for your room. Do not use just your eyes in choosing. You have to understand the color blending of color paints for you to come up with the best choice.

So if you are looking to paint HDB, paint condo, paint office or paint landed property,  You can go to for more info. They can help you choose colour for your walls.

How to Get Rid of Pesky Bugs and Pests in Your Home?

By Singapore Home Guy On July 13, 2010 No Comments

The most commonly used pest terminator is Chemical pesticides. It has been very popular method of eliminating pests and bugs. But these chemical pesticides have elements that are poisonous on both human and animals. Most of pesticides used to eradicate pests is having sulfur compound that is dangerous to environment. It can damage nature as well as the ecosystem. However, most of exterminators nowadays are using eco-friendly pest controls. They are using natural methods in eliminating and controlling pest propagation. This kind of method has no side effects to environments. Sterilization is involved in the whole exterminating process. This reduces the propensity of pests and bugs to propagate.

Nowadays, the most effective way of eliminating pests is washing out or getting rid of the pest’s breeding grounds. That way, pests and other pesky bugs will not be able to propagate. This will control the growth of pests’ population. For instance, to reduce the case of mosquito propagation, clean drainage and get rid of stagnant water in your area. This method is much safer than spraying strong chemicals inside your home to get rid of mosquitoes. You should also have proper waste management. We all know that pests like rodents and insects are more likely living in the area that having lots of garbage and waste. By disposing the waste and garbage in proper manner, you will be able to get rid of those pesky pests.

You can also use traps and bait to eliminate rodents. In this process, you need to provide traps where in the bait is having poisonous element in it. However, you have to be extra careful when it comes to performing this kind of pest extermination. Most especially if you have small kids living with you in your house, you have to make sure that the poisonous bait will not be able to be reached by anyone. Mostly, poison used in traps and bait for rodents can kill animals and can be very harmful to human.

Pests eliminating method used in most croplands is field burning. In this process, farmers are harvesting their crops then burning the whole field to kill rodents and pest insects.

If you are having severe pests case in your home, you may want to consider asking for professional exterminator’s assistance. That way, you will be able to eliminate those pesky bugs and pest in your home.

Window Tinting – Tips to Make Your DIY Window Tinting Easier

By Singapore Home Guy On June 28, 2010 No Comments

If you want your windows to be tinted and still want to save cost from hiring professional that will do the tinting job for you, then start doing it on your own. Tinting a window maybe such a daunting task for you, but by following these easy guidelines, the daunting task will be much more convenient.

Before you start the DIY window tinting, you should have enough space where you can lay the solar tinting film because in some instances, you have to make some cuts for it to fit in the window. Firstly, clear the area. Those areas where you can put the tint film can be a cleared floor or wide table. Usually, it is better if you have cutting area that as big as the tint film, or even bigger. The smaller the area, the larger the chance you’ll encounter headaches in cutting the tint film. Worst, you’ll end up trashing the whole tint film roll.

Now, once you have the enough space, you can start cutting the tint film. In cutting, you should obtain handy ruler or straight edge so that you can cut the film more straightly. This way, you won’t have any problem about wonky tint film edges because you’ll have guide in cutting it.

Most importantly before you start your DIY window tinting, you should be prepared. Organized manner is beneficial as it will keep you doing the task orderly. First things first, as they say. For instance, you know you’re going to tint a window, thus, it should be cleaned first before anything else. Not like you’re going to cut tint film before you clean the window. This will mess up your tinting task as you need to wait the window to dry up before you can put your tint film.

See? DIY window tinting is not really hard to do. You just have to be organized, well-prepared and creative so that the task will be much easier. This way, you can tint your windows without pulling any penny out of your pocket.

Make your Home Spider Free

By Singapore Home Guy On May 19, 2010 No Comments

Some say spiders are their biggest fear. Some say they are ‘scared to death’ of them. In some cases it is true, 100% true. There is a very real fear for this and it is called Arachnophobia. A lot of people do not believe it could be that extreme as being petrified of spiders, but it exists. There have been cases where people are scared stiff from the sight or mention of the 8 legged creatures. Most cases spiders have been referred to in are harmful. Maybe not the best looking creation by God, but for the most part they are essential to our ecosystem. There a few that can do harm such as a brown recluse or a black widow. Both of which I am sure you are familiar with. To rid spiders from your home, you need to identify with them and understand them first.

They are predatory eating machines

Spiders spin intricate webs o deceit. I say deceit because more than half the time you cannot even see the web.  They are very patient hunters as well. They wait for hours for that one insect or one bug that is just not paying close enough attention to fly into or crawl up on their web and get entangled in it. See you must understand spiders have such poor eye sight they actually feel out their food by motion senses. As the prey moves and tries to get lose they move the strings in the web and that alerts the spider that lunch is ready and they strike them victim there. They weave them into a very strong circle of web string and either begins the eating process then or wait until later. Either way the prey is not getting loose.

Storage is the key to keep spiders away

The living habitat for most spiders is cool dry areas like a basement, cellar or an attic. So make sure you check cardboard boxes, old newspapers or magazines lying around. If you absolutely need all those newspapers from 1967 then store them correctly. Gather the papers to keep and wrap them tightly in a plastic garbage bag and then store them in a plastic bin with a sealing lid. This is a sure fire way to keep these critters out of there.

Watch your food and lighting in and around your home

Because, guess what? Spiders sure do watch these too. Where there is rotten food there are bugs and where there are bugs there are spiders for the most part. Make certain to remove your trash and your food that has not been eaten. Do not allow food to sit out and attract bugs or gnats. With these pesky bugs come pesky spiders. Also, note the lighting on the outside of your home. The regular outside lights used in most homes are white and they attract bugs which also attract spiders. To alleviate this problem try using the bug lights made with yellow sodium. These are sold in most any home or hardware store.

You are the predator and they are the prey

It does not take a Jedi Master to teach you to pick up or trap a spider and release it [if releasing it is your wish]. A few simple tricks may work. First, you can simply use a paper towel waded up and scoop it up. They are not known to be entirely too tricky. Creeping maybe, but not tricky. If releasing it back outside is not your intention you can simply use a vacuum cleaner and suck them up – just remember to keep your vacuum running a minute or so to make sure it is not just hanging out in the hose. Or for the less enthused captor, you can always just use your good old shoe sole. But after this there is no coming back for this poor spider.

The myth of running a spider down the drain of your sink with water is broken as well. These crafty fellows roll themselves in a tight little ball and they will actually form an air pocket until it is safe for them to come out and up the drain they come. They do make spiders traps if you really want to see the capture. It is a sticky paper actually – they are attracted to this and actually get stuck on the paper itself and are unable to escape from this obvious yet effective little trap.