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Top Tips on Choosing the Right Outdoor Rug for Your Home

By Singapore Home Guy On December 20, 2011 No Comments

There are different designs and styles of outdoor rugs. Hence, upon choosing the right outdoor rug, the overall design and theme of the house must be considered. The one you choose must complement with the existing design of your home. For example, if your home has traditional style interior design, then go for traditional-designed rugs to ensure harmony.

Similarly, if the style of your home is modern, it is advisable to choose rugs with modern style designs. You can have plenty of choices, ranging from bamboo rugs to hand-knitted and from fine linen to braided rugs. With wide varieties of designs and styles, choosing the right one won’t pose any problem.

To create artistic setting in your house, consider using braided rugs. For elegance and luxurious ambiance, better choose hand-knitted ones. But for those who want the touch of simplicity and nature, bamboo mats can be an ideal choice.

In choosing the right outdoor rugs for homes, the quality must be considered as well. Remember that outdoor rugs will be exposed to drastic weather condition since they will be located outside. Therefore, the rugs you should buy must be of high quality and much stronger. Choose the one that will most likely last longer.

Many people usually go for cheaper rugs thinking that they can save few bucks from it. However, they might just use their rugs for just short period. If you need long lasting and durable outdoor rugs, buy the ones that are made of high quality materials. It is advisable to consider the quality first before the price. That could be the reason why most beautifully designed and durable outdoor rugs are expensive.

Price is another factor that most homeowners consider when looking out for the most suitable outdoor rugs. Affordability is very important as it cuts down your options. The best thing you should do is to compare your possible choices. Both short term and long term cost must be carefully considered. Sometimes, buying cheaper rugs may lead you to spend more money in a long run because you need to buy new rugs over and over again. On the other hand, if your budget is enough to buy premium quality rugs then it can be more cost-effective. It is therefore advisable to weigh in the quality and price before settling on the outdoor rugs.

So, remember these buying tips when you’re out to buy outdoor rugs. These will ensure that you will be able to come up with the right choice that fits your beauty, budget and style.

Some Simple Precautions to Take Before Hiring Your New Painter

By Singapore Home Guy On October 26, 2010 No Comments

If you want to get your house painted or re-painted, hiring a professional painting contractor could be an ideal option. Unless you know how to do it yourself, considering you have enough knowledge about painting. In addition, it may take so much of your time which can be cumbersome if you have hectic schedule. Not just that, you also need to gather all equipments needed in house painting which perhaps you don’t have.

Now, if you choose to hire a professional painter to paint your house, another complex task you need to do is to narrow down your choices. There are plenty of contractors who offer their services at varied price. Of course, you want to pick out the best and the reliable contractor the first time. So you can you find “HIM”?

You should take few preventive measures before you choose the best painting service. Find the most reliable painting contractor using these simple tips.

  • Ask for referrals. Who knows, your family or close friends might have had renovation on their house and hired a contractor to do the house painting. Ask them if they have someone to recommend. You may also ask for whom you should be ware of. You can also browse the list of professional contractors online and customer’s reviews.
  • Check out their license and insurance. Make sure that the painter you’re going to choose have license and insurance and check out if both are current. Of course, if there is any damage or accident occurs during the painting process, you want your insurance company shoulder the expenses.
  • Ask for references. This could be repeat customers or homeowners who have had house painting done on their house few years ago. Brand new references might not be enough to support a painter’s reliability. Ask your painter’s previous customers if they would take his painting service again or not.
  • Explore their website and services. Most of painting companies put up their own website to take pride in their achievements and previous works. Choose the one that shows their credentials and photos of their faces and previous work on their website. This means they don’t have any problems about showing their faces and names on their work.
  • Don’t be tricked with nice photos. Obviously, painting contractors will show the best painting jobs they have done, with the pictures taken at the finest angle. If possible, you may want to arrange meeting to homeowners to see the painting job so that you can actually check out the details.
  • Take down notes. To avoid questions later, it is advisable to get everything in writing. From the estimation up to the smallest details, note it down.

And that’s it! By following these tips, searching for reliable and the most appropriate painting service would be much easier. Trust your instinct and be reasonable to get good quality painting job.

Effective Techniques in Easier and Faster House Cleaning

By Singapore Home Guy On September 15, 2010 No Comments

Are you spending a lot of time in cleaning your home? Do you want to make your cleaning house chores easier and faster? This article is perfect for you. This article will give you some techniques and reveal some secret cleaning tips to make your cleaning experience quicker and more convenient. This is beneficial to you as it can shorten your cleaning time that can be spent to other important house task.

Firstly, you should be prepared. Before you start cleaning your house, you should prepare all the equipments and tools that are needed in your cleaning chores. It will minimize your move-around time if all the equipment and cleaning tools are comes at handy. Feather dusters, cleaning cloths, broom, brush, lambs wool duster are the cleaning equipment that you need to prepare before cleaning.

For faster dusting, you should start removing the dust at the top corner down to the bottom corner. Make sure that you are dusting everything in circular motion inside your room. To make the dusting task a bit easier for you, dust your room counterclockwise rotation if you are left handed. While clockwise dust rotation if you are right handed.

There are simple techniques in cleaning your windows. This technique will help you to clean your windows faster and easier. Some people are using different cleaning material when it comes to cleaning their window. Those cleaning materials are newspaper, damp cloth, paper towel and Windex. Some are using kitchen paraphernalia like vinegar.

Some people are committing same mistake over and over in cleaning their windows. They are rubbing the windows from one corner to another corner. They are not aware that when they are doing that cleaning method, they are just attracting more dirt and dust. That is because rubbing window creates static charge that attracts dirt and debris. As a result, once they have washed their window, it will have dust in it after a few hours or minutes.

The secret behind faster and easier window cleaning is using a squeegee. This cleaning method is the most commonly used by professional window washers. With the use of squeegee, they can clean large windows faster and more conveniently.

To start with squeegee window cleaning, you should have bucket of warm water and a dish washing liquid. Mix it well to create cleaning mixture. Spurt minimal amount of mixture onto your window and start squeegee-ing it. You should start at the top corner of your window down to the bottom part. Make an “s” motion in wiping your window with the use of squeegee. Make sure that you will wipe the squeegee with lint-free rag before you repeat the cleaning method. After that, wipe your window with damp chamois. Finish it with dry, clean rag.

With the use of these cleaning techniques, you will be able to clean your house faster and more efficiently. These will give you to opportunity to make the most out of your house cleaning.

Of course, if you are lazy to clean, do outsource a part time maid, as there are a lot of part time maid agency around in Singapore.

Get Rid the Unpleasant Cigarette Smell in Your Home with These Effective Tips

By Singapore Home Guy On September 2, 2010 No Comments

Many people hate the smell of cigarette. In our home, if one member of the family smoke most of the time, the smell of it linger inside for a long time. The bad odor coming from cigarette smoking creates the atmosphere of being untidy and uninhabitable of one’s home. This article will give you some effective tips in order to get rid the bad smell of cigarette.

Firstly, if you are a smoker or anyone in your home is a smoker, you should go outside and smoke there. Avoid smoking inside to get rid the bad odor that cigarette can create. This kind of smoking manner isn’t unusual anymore. In fact, many of establishments do not tolerate smoking inside their property. Most of smokers are agree to this term.

smoking picture

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However, if smoking inside cannot be helped, then you should open many windows in your home. This way, fresh air from outside will be able to enter and circulate inside. The smell of cigarette will be able to circulate as well and will not retain inside.

If you can still smell the bad odor of cigarette, you should wash fabrics and sheets in your home. Some of cigarette smoke molecules retains in fabrics especially if you are smoking in closed space. In some instances, the clothes of smoker are also having bad smell in it. Therefore, it should be washed thoroughly to get rid the small of cigarette.

You can also try cleaning and bleaching your wall and ceiling. In some cases, bad smell of cigarette retain even in wall and ceiling. Bleaching them can also help you to get rid the unpleasant odor of cigarette. You can also try reinstalling wall paper or repainting the wall after bleaching. This step is just for severe cases of bad cigarette smell. But if you want to have smoke smell-free home, you can try all the aforementioned tips.

DIY Cabinet Building – Easy and Effective Steps in Building your Own Cabinet

By Singapore Home Guy On August 11, 2010 No Comments

There are a lot of uses that cabinet can do for us. This kind of furniture is meant as storage space for things like clothes and personal belongings. Therefore, knowing how to build one is essential so that you can have storage furniture at your home without the need of purchasing in the furniture store. Cabinet building can give you the opportunity to build high quality furniture at low-cost. You are also assured that the material used is high quality for long endurance.

For bedroom, cabinet can be use as storage of clothes, linens, towels, personal belongings and displays. It can also store up important things like books and legal documents. For kitchen, cabinet can be storage area of kitchen utensils and small appliances like pots, pans, kettles and gadgets. Aside from those, cabinet can also use to hold things like CD’s DVD, plaques and other accessories. This way, things can be hold properly and organized.

Cabinet designs and styles varies on the material will be use and its purpose. Usually, cabinets is three-dimensional furniture framework that has cover in the sidings with different materials such as wood, plywood, laminated wood, glass, particle board and metals. Cabinets usually divided into different partitions such as shelves and drawers. This way, it can serve different purposes for particular uses. The front of the cabinet is composed of door that supported by hinges and other material. It can have door knobs and handles to complete the style and design.

To start with, let’s take a closer look in the cabinet’s design. Firstly, you have to determine what kind of material you are going to use for cabinet building. In this part, you should consider the quality as well as the endurance of the material will be used. Now, if you are considering of using metal as framework, you should obtain welding equipment to join the metal materials.  For wood framework, rabbets, screws, nails or/and glue can be used for joinery.

Once you have finished building the framework, covering it is the next building step. For covers, you can use different material as well as different adhesive solutions. If you will use plywood or wood cover material, you can use nails or construction adhesive to join the material to framework. On the other hand, screw can be used for particle board as glue cannot join the cover to framework efficiently.

After you have done those two cabinet construction step, applying finishing touch to the cabinet is the final move. In this step, you can make use of door knobs, hinges, drawer slide, dish rack (for kitchen cabinet) and hanger rods. If you want the cabinet to be fully furnished, you can apply paint. This will also help to prolong the quality of the cabinet. But some cover materials like laminated board doesn’t require any painting touches so no need for that. If it’s wooden or plywood, enamel paint or varnish will be appropriate. Just let it dry after you apply for better result.

See? It’s not really hard to build your own cabinet. One should just need to have basic knowledge in carpentry and that’s it. You can enjoy the fruit of your effort with the efficient quality that the cabinet can give you.

What is the Best Security Alarm Suitable for Your House?

By Singapore Home Guy On June 14, 2010 No Comments

Which alarm system is the best, a wireless or a hard wired system? In the traditional hard wired system the alarm sensors are connected to the control panel with cabling. This kind of system requires lifting the skirting on trailers, placing piping to channel the wires through walls and lifting floorboards to install the wires. This will create chaos in the household and be very expensive to do.

On the other hard, in less than an hour, a wireless security system can be installed and the chaos and cost will be less. There is also less equipment needed to install a wireless system. You can do the installation for yourself. This will cut some cost of hiring people to install the alarm device in your house. All you need is a screwdriver and a drill.

Now, which companies are best at installing alarm systems? Some of the best known are Brinks, ADT, and GE Security. GE Security has been in security for many years, while Brinks and ADT are recent entries into the security sector. They can provide an excellent monitoring security service. Invite several companies to your house and ask them all the same question. Evaluate their answers to your questions and what they can offer for the security of your house. If there are any outstanding offers, note them, but do not accept the first good offer.

Check around for security alarm companies. You can also ask your friends, relatives and family for proven security alarm providers. They might give you better option in choosing company. You can also browse the web to have more option to choose from. Most of all use your gut feeling in choosing the company that you trust to guard your family. Check to be sure that the installers are certified to install the system you choose.

How to Prevent and Remove Mold Forming in your Air Conditioner

By Singapore Home Guy On June 1, 2010 No Comments

Molds are by-products of the air conditioner because of the moisture and oxygen rich environment. Molds are fungi that produce microscopic spores that can easily spread through the air, with the air conditioner’s help.

Mold can easily propagate in most of unclean air conditioners. Most of AC is having damp surface due to condensing of water out of the air. As a result, damp surfaces attract dust and dirt. The formed dust in the cooling fins is where mold is breeding. However, you can avoid the mold forming in your air conditioner. The installation of unit must be in proper manner. You should also have to make an effort to regularly maintain the cleanliness of your AC. On the other hand, if your AC is not well-fitted and irregularly maintained, it will have molds in it due to moisture that is not being removed by cool air. If the problems of mold are due to improper installation, it requires general maintenance. You have to pay attention on the forming mold in your AC as it may lead in to general problems.

If you are not paying attention in the mold growth in your AC, it may lead into serious problems, specifically health problems. Mold from AC can be inhaled or touched by any individual that is inside of a certain room. This can trigger asthma or respiratory problems so as allergic reactions. It can irritate individual’s eyes, nose and skin. Infants, elderly, pregnant and small children are prone to allergies and respiratory problems if they are exposed to mold.

Prevention is better than cure –so to speak. You won’t have any problem in mold forming in your AC if you will do certain preventions. First, because mold loves damp areas, make sure that your condensation pan is not collecting too much water into it. Check the drainage of your pan if it’s blocked or unclean. Blockage and dirt in the drainage may cause overflowing of water to the pan.

Second, clean your AC filters regularly. Make sure that they are dry well to prevent to mold forming. Next is checking the inner and outer part of the unit. This can be done at least once a year. In this process, you may ask for professional assistance as you have to check the HVAC system of the unit. Last but not the least, have UV (ultraviolet) in condensation pan.

The main key to prevent mold growth is controlling the moisture around the AC unit. If the unit appears to collect water or moisture around it, wipe and remove the water right away. If the drainage hose is appear to be clogged, remove the blockage to keep the steady flow of water in the condensation pan.

Now, if you think the mold is starting to form in your AC unit, get detergent and bleach and wash them thoroughly. Make sure you dry the surface very well to keep the mold from coming back.

Effective Guidelines to Get Rid the Cloudy Water in Your Swimming Pool

By Singapore Home Guy On May 4, 2010 No Comments

Perhaps the most common maintenance problem of home owners with pools face is cloudy water. This particular condition can be caused by many different conditions that are easily correctable. The causes and solutions for this condition may include the following:

Ph levels not correct – Probably one of the most important pool maintenance chores is the testing and maintenance of the correct water chemistry. The best level of chlorine for a pool is between 7.2 and 7.6 on the ph scale. If the levels of chlorine are not at this ph value, chlorine will not work at its best at sanitizing the water. Correcting the chemical balance of your pool will help to eliminate that cloudy look

Debris too small to be filtered – There are some debris and waste particles like sun screen, hair products, oils, and makeup that are too small to be filtered. All these can be taken care of by back washing and adding fresh water to the pool. This is the next logical step after you have checked for the ph levels in the pool.

Bad Circulation and filtration – Bad pumps and worn and defective filtration components can lead to poor circulation problems and a cloudy look to your pool. Therefore it is essential that all filtration components are working properly. To insure water clarity it is important to establish regular schedule of back washing, cleaning, and inspecting the mechanical workings of the system.

High calcium levels—High calcium levels can lead to cloudy pools but is needed to protect the surface of the pool. By having the proper range in the water chemistry and adding a water clarifier, you can correct the cloudy water problem.

The maintenance of the water chemistry and filtration system on a regular basis will lead to a cloudy free pool. A little work now, will keep you from having a big job later on.

How to Maintain and Clean Our Hardwood Floor?

By Singapore Home Guy On March 8, 2010 No Comments

Wood floors are basically the commonly used type of floor these days. With its durability and elegance, it is preferably used by most of home owners. But for you to have long lasting wood floors, you should know how to maintain and protect it from damages that sooner or later will require serious treatments. Whatever the type of your floor is, there is a required or appropriate cleaning approach for it. This way, any further damage will be avoided.

Here are some fundamental cleaning and repairing tips to keep your wood floor pleasantly clean and durable.

For Stains and Scratches

In some instances, our wood floors can have stains and scratches made by people who passed by every now and then. Inadvertently, kids can also spill dirt and unpleasant sticky substances in our wood floors. To remove scratches, you can use fine sand paper and sweep off residue using clean cloth. You may want to do it gently so that any further scratches will be avoided. For gums and sticky substances, put some ice on a plastic and place it on the top of the sticky stain. Wait till the substance becomes brittle and scrape it gently.

For Cigarette and Other Burn marks

Check how bad the burn is first. Then, depends on the damage, you can use fine sand paper to refine the burn part. You can also use steel wool, but only the finest one. Upon cleaning, dip the sand paper in floor wax in order to protect the wood floor for more dents. After scratching, refine, rebuff and re-wax the affected part. If the burn is really bad and require deeper cleaning, you may want to replace the specific floor part.

For Oils and Grease stains

Depends on the type of wood floor, oil and grease can be removed using different ways. For urethane finish wood floor, you can use common cleaner to remove oil and grease stain. But in wax-based wood floor, you may need to be more careful. The stain might scattered all over the floor if you don’t know how to clean it properly. You can use cloth with high amount of lye and soap and rub it to the stained part. Otherwise, put some cotton with hydrogen peroxide on the top of the blemished floor. Then, place another layer of cotton with ammonia on the top of the solution. Repeat this step until the stains faded and gone. Then, rebuff the certain part using clean cloth or fine sand paper.

However, you can always avoid those damages if you will protect your wood floors from specific elements. This will help you to maintain the elegance of the wood floors and there is no way you will need repairs and cleaning. To avoid scratches and dents in your wood floors, put felt in the legs of your furniture. This way, every time you are changing the position of your furniture, you won’t cause any damage in the wood floors. If anyone in the house is using hard shoes or sandals especially high heels, make sure the protective caps are intact.

Place rug or runner in the hallway or way in every part of the house to protect your wood floor from stain and mud coming from the feet of your housemates. Shake it off often to remove dust. Do not let it wet. You can also use vacuum to remove dust from wood floor. In vacuuming, make sure you use appropriate material in cleaning. Do not use any wood or cleaning sprays. It might only damage your wood floor over time.

Interior Painting Ideas – Make your Room Exciting with these Four Decorating Tips

By Singapore Home Guy On January 25, 2010 No Comments

Looking for a new concept or a painting idea? Want to start and turn your home more approachable and exciting? Look no more! This article will give you some designing and decorating tips for your rooms. These 4 are about interior painting ideas and some low-cost ways to re-decorate your home wisely.

1. Transform bathrooms or kids rooms with Fun Tropical Designs – If you want to have neat yet exciting color decoration in your bathroom and kids room, you can use enticing color paints and wallpapers. I suggest using wallpaper that has wavy stripes designs in the upper half wall. At the bottom part, you can use dots styles with fun type design in the border to separate it from the upper wallpaper.

In this decorating tip, you will be able to create beach theme inside your room. You can try different color combinations to create a certain theme. For instance, if you want to have summer beach scene, you can use pastel, light and tropical colors.

2. Kitchen Painting Concepts – This will help you to hype up your kitchens lively, even bedrooms and bathrooms with painted stripes. You can paint you upstairs hallway with stripes designs. You can try the color combination of light blue and lime. In order to make the lined straight and in vertical level, use a carpenter’s level and a very special blue painter’s tape that won’t bleed. It is great for painting nice sharp-looking stripes.

To blend the interior design of the room, you can try installing a shower curtain with porcelain containers in sink area. Try to make an effort to provide those decorations as stripe designs. This will give your kitchen the atmosphere of living near the beach.

3. Bedroom Painting Ideas – do you want to have bedroom that has an atmosphere of being under the moon and the stars at night?  You can take a look on some “sky night designs” that is being popular nowadays. In this kind of design, when you turn off your light, your room will appear like being outside the house and under the twinkling stars. You will be able to feel the mood of warm sky night. This can also give you the rejuvenating feeling inside your bedroom- which is beneficial as our bedroom is meant to be resting area.

4. Faux Painting – this kind of interior painting idea is considered as another affordable way of making a certain room exciting and lively. This can give you the opportunity to have room that looks luxurious and expensive. You can take a look on some “glaze brochures” in order to have an idea about faux painting designs.

Most of million dollar worth mansions use faux painting in their walls. If you want to know the basic of faux painting, you can attend some workshops that talks about interior design like faux painting and marbling. That way, you will be able to master the faux painting method and you will be able to apply it in your home. Through that, you will be able to luxury-looking house.

Moreover, faux painting has been very popular nowadays. You can browse for sample designs online and selected brochures and magazines.