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Archive for the ‘Home Renovation’ Category

Saving Money on Home Renovation

By Singapore Home Guy On September 2, 2009 No Comments

If your family is growing, or if you just need to fix up the house you’re living in, then you may be considering spending some money on home renovation.  Many times you have projects that must get done, but you’re not sure if you can afford them.  You can save yourself some money if you take time to.


– Try to be as flexible as possible concerning the timetable of the work.  Contractors are often very busy during certain times of the year.  It will difficult to negotiate for better prices if the contractor has a lot of jobs lined up.  If possible, have the work done during the off seasons.

Make sure you get as many bids as possible.  Consider the total price, but also consider the quality of work and materials.  Saving money is important, but don’t sacrifice quality.

– You might want to see if there are some parts of the home renovation that you can do yourself.  Labor is a large part of the total cost, so if you can do some of the more menial tasks (such as removing drywall or flooring), you could save a significant amount of money.

It’s sometimes good to buy the materials yourself.  You can be sure of the quality and cost when you do the shopping.  Some contractors are more open to this than others, so make sure you talk to them about this before they make their bids.

– Look around for the best way to finance your home renovation.  If it’s a big project, you may need to take out a loan.  Talk to your bank about all possible options.

When deciding on the materials for the project, consider the cost over the long run.  You may end up saving money by using more expensive materials that will last longer.

Tips and Warnings:

– Always get references for the work of the contractors you are considering hiring.

– Remember that the price may go above the quote if there are unexpected problems

Quickest Way To Make Your Home Value Up

By Singapore Home Guy On July 22, 2009 No Comments

If you are on the verge of selling your home in Singapore, and you want to fetch a good price too, what you need to do is to raise the home value. There are a couple of ways that can raise your home value, but I will share with you the fastest and the most affordable.

Get A New Paint Make Over. A lot of people in Singapore who wants to sell their home, before moving into the new one, do not want to spend some money to your old home presentable and desirable to own. When you are viewing for a new home, don’t you want to see that your home-to-be in a bright and soothing feeling? That is what the buyers are thinking too. Besides that, you are impressing the buyers that you take care of the house, and most of the items in the house are being maintained properly.

How To Rise Home Value

Taken from

Keep Your House Neat. This is another that is off the radar always. A buyer will also want to see that the house is neat and tidy. If you do not mind getting someone in Singapore to clean your house weekly at a very good price, you can click house cleaning Singapore to find out more. Or you will have to DIY yourself, it will take like an hour or two to clean up.

Installing lighting and changing electrical cables. Changing to new light bulbs will help to further brighten up, and also tells the buyer that most of the stuffs in the house are new. It has been said that every 20 years, you should change your wires, but I would think that it’s better that you can change it around when its more than 10 years. This will help the buyer to save on the renovation cost, and at the same time save money on the long term. Why do I say that? It’s because when the wire gets older, it will create more resistance for the current to flow, thus wasting more money where you can see. If you can add this in and sell to them what you have done, your house will be sold very soon.

Well that will be all for the tips on increasing your home value by doing some minor renovation to it. If you have other value added tips that are inexpensive and fast, please fell free to share at the comment below.