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Air Conditioning: Helpful Tips in Choosing Air Conditioning to Buy

By Singapore Home Guy On October 18, 2010 No Comments

Whether you live in the city or in the country side there comes a moment when you want to turn on air conditioning unit. Pollution, extreme heat, cold or high levels of humidity makes us turn to technology for help. Air conditioning isn’t exactly a new invention so we know what to do when we want to buy a new unit but how do we chose from so many products? How do we know what to look for when we purchase an air conditioning unit?

Nowadays most new buildings have air conditioning (AC) included whether it’s an office building or a house. However, if we must buy it ourselves how do we choose from so many products that are currently available? The first thing you need to consider is the size of the room you need air conditioning for. In this case the size of the air conditioner really matters. If it’s too big you’ll end up spending too much money and if it’s too small your room might not be cooled efficiently. The size of the room and the insulation are two decisive factors you need to consider in buying a new air conditioning machine. When you purchase an AC, make sure you tell the seller about the size and insulation of the room. That way, they will be able to tell you what you need and how many BTU’s (British Thermal Units) are required for efficiently cooling your room.

However if you wish to find out yourself how many BTU’s should your new air conditioner should produce, there are simple calculators on the internet to help you with that.  Just make sure you mention the size of the room and of course the type of insulation that you have.

If the new place you bought already has an inbuilt AC unit that isn’t fit to your satisfaction and you want to upgrade it, there are a few things you need to be aware of like switches for high and low pressure cutout in the outdoor condenser unit. These switches can save the compressor if problems occur so even if they cost extra it’s best to have them. Higher efficiency units also come with a better blower motor for the indoor air handler. If possible, buy an AC unit that has an ECM (East Coast Mechanical) motor. They are more efficient especially if they run at low speeds most of the time.

The US Government uses the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating for every AC unit. It’s a formula that calculates how many BTU’s are created per unit of electricity (Kilowatt – KW) used. So the more BTU’s/KW are created the better your air conditioner is, thus you’ll spend less money on cooling your room.

To have an idea of how much you’ll spend with the air conditioning, simply calculate the number of days you intend of keeping the AC on in one year, and how many hours per day. The electrical usage of your new air conditioning unit should be provided by the manufacturer so just calculate the watts per hour, times the number of hours run time and divide by 1000. The resulting number will show you the number of KW/h (kilowatt hour) of electricity that your unit will consume. The next step is to take this number and multiply it by the number of days per year that your unit will run. Then, multiply the result to the cost of one KW from your electric company.

Knowing these numbers, you can easily calculate whether your pay back will be five years or less. If it is, you can definitely go for the higher efficiency air conditioner but always keep in mind that electricity costs may go up and there are some states where those costs are going to go up by 50% or even more in the years to come. It is probably safer to run those numbers at higher electricity costs just to be on the safe side.

Of course when it comes to air conditioning, it is always very important to know what kind of environment you will have in your location. For those who live in the south, it’s not exactly a matter of choice when it comes to the number of days the AC unit will run. In this case it’s best to purchase a higher efficiency unit even if the cost is a bit higher.

When it comes to cooling, we don’t always rely on air conditioners. The Heat Pump is often rated as being more efficient especially in the southern part of the country but we’ll address that in a different article in the future.

Since we live in a money based economy, the electricity costs will always go up so it will be more practical to have a higher efficiency air conditioner not just because they have more safety controls built into them but also because in the long run your costs will be less and at the same time you’ll be saving more electricity. With so many options to choose from, it’s often hard to decide.  But if you consider the few important factors shown in this article, you’ll certainly purchase an AC unit that will suit your needs. There are cheap air conditioners and of course there are expensive ones, just remember that the cheapest air conditioning is not always the best choice.

Solar Energy Panels: Save Money through Do It Yourself Solar Panel Installation

By Singapore Home Guy On July 1, 2010 1 Comment

Most of people are in the look of alternative energy resources nowadays. It is due to the increasing energy consumption as well as its cost. Now, for people to save thousand of dollar in their electric bills, one should know how to build and utilize a Solar Panel. This system will give you an opportunity to reduce the energy consumption as well as the electric bills in your home. Purposely, you also protect environment as the whole system of Solar Panel used mostly natural resources which is basically the sun energy. Furthermore, Solar Panel does not releasing any harmful materials. While enjoying the enormous benefits that the solar panel can give, you are also minimizing the pollution in your environment.

There’s a lot of alternative source available today but Home Solar Power System out-stand among them. This device produces useful energy by capturing the solar energy releasing by the sun and transforming it into solar energy. Because the energy source comes free, there’s a lot of people would like to take advantage of this system.

Obtaining and installing your own Solar Panel can be costly. Mostly, the largest cost is coming from installation. Those unfamiliar about Solar Panel installation opt to hire professional to do the installation task for them. But if you want to save some few bucks in the installation process, you can do it yourself. Obtain a step-by-step manual for proper installation. It is important that you will be able to do the whole process properly so that you can get the effective function of the Solar Panel. Don’t rush yourself upon installation – be patient. The panels maybe costly, but by installing it yourself, you can save a lot of money.

You can also earn money in having your own Solar Panel. Once you have properly installed solar panel, you can have the opportunity to capture large amount of solar energy. This way, while reducing the energy consumption in your house through using solar energy, you can also sell the excess energy source to other small company. You just have to make sure that the whole system is receiving enough sunlight so you can come up with a lot of solar energy. That way, you can minimize your electric bill consumption.

Solar energy can be converted into different power sources but the most common is electricity. The sunlight is directly converted into electric power once captured by the panels. The conversion process can be done with the use of solar cells or photovoltaic cells (PV cell).

Solar energy panels are environment-friendly and easy to maintain system that is why it becomes popular alternative energy source. This can be located in remote areas which is beneficial so that people can have electric power without the need of seeking for electric company service. Moreover, Solar Panels can last for long time as it has no moving parts.

Wind Energy: An Alternative Power Source Solution

By Singapore Home Guy On June 8, 2010 No Comments

People tend to use more than enough power these days. The result is the increasing demand of power supply. Due to this, alternative energy resource has become more popular and beneficial as conventional power resources are not able to reach the increasing demand. One of unconventional and renewable power resource is wind energy, where in you can have to same effective energy power at low cost.

Wind energy becomes popular to people as it can give renewable energy supply at much cheaper cost. This helps most of homeowner to get the enough supply of power without paying too much on their electric bills. Before, wind energy was being used just to pump water. But as time goes by, it evolves due to technology advancement. From pumping water turn into energy and power supplier- electricity supplier. Most of homeowner who tried to use wind energy as alternative source were able to cut back expense on their electricity bill for almost 80%. This is also beneficial to our environment as the resources used to implement this solution are merely natural.

Now, if you are considering of having your own wind power system, there’s a lot of video tutorial and step-by-step manuals available in the market. With its easy-to-understand interface, you don’t have to employ or hire professional to do the installation for you. You just need to obtain proper tools and necessary material requirements for you to do the installation properly and conveniently. You are more likely to spend 200$ for the whole thing installation. You may find it expensive, but with the benefits outweigh cost, you will realize that the money you are going to spend will be worth it.

Once you come up with the proper materials and installation tools, you can now start putting all that together. You just have to be careful upon installation. The whole process should be done in proper manner and in feasible area. Once you have your own wind power system, get ready to cut back your bills. It can also be very beneficial if you have small business that requires power energy as you don’t have to worry in your consumption.

Reduce Your Electricity Cost: The Two Beneficial Alternative Energy Sources

By Singapore Home Guy On April 26, 2010 No Comments

Are you looking for some alternative ways that can reduce your electricity consumption and minimize your bills? If you ever realize, the factory charge in our electricity keep on increasing. That is due to depleting of fossil fuel which is the main source of electricity used by electric company. Because of depletion, fossil fuel becomes expensive. Factory tend to forward the expenses to their consumer, that’s why our bills becomes higher and higher over time. But you don’t have to suffer anymore. There are lots of alternative source of energy that can be converted into electricity and can be used in our homes. All you have to do is to be aware to those alternative energy sources.

In this article, two alternative energy sources will be discussed. The first one is wind energy while the other one is solar energy. These two alternative energy sources have been very beneficial to those who want to reduce their electric consumption as well as the cost. With its easy-to-learn interface, anyone can try implement this two energy sources.

To start with, wind energy. This kind of energy can be made for just an hour or so. The wind source that is being absorbed by its system converted into electricity. The good thing in this kind of energy source, the system can be installed somewhere in your yard. You can also do the installation yourself. Just obtain step-by-step manual on how you can install it properly for it to work effectively.

Another alternative energy source and considered as commonly used is solar energy. This alternative energy solution can be made through solar panel that absorbs sunlight and directly convert into electricity. Installation of solar panel is also easy to do. By just having the installation guide, you can easily set up your own.

Now, you can start enjoying the benefits that the two energy sources can give you. While minimizing your electricity cost, you’re also protecting nature as the two energy sources are environment -friendly.

Air Conditioning Efficiency: How to Clean Your AC Condenser Coil

By Singapore Home Guy On April 12, 2010 No Comments

Air Conditioning works as a cooling system by exchanging heat from inside to the atmosphere. Basic refrigeration cycle works in this heat flow. Condenser coil is one of the most important parts of this cooling system made of aluminum tube surrounding the air conditioning compressor.

Basic principle of Air Conditioning consists of four steps. First one is Compression and the others are Condensation, Expansion & Evaporation respectively. In the compression step refrigerant gas is compressed to high pressure & temperature. At Condensation step refrigerant gas becomes 100% liquid leaving heat to the condenser. In this step temperature reduces but pressure remains the same. Refrigerant gas expands in the expansion step. This results pressure & temperature drop. Refrigerant liquid converts to vapor at the Evaporation step. Evaporator area becomes cool. Throughout the cycle the refrigerant travels through the aluminum condenser coil which is many feats of tubing.

Problem arises whenever the condenser coil blocked up with dirt. These impurities prevent the hot gas to convert in liquid form. This results to fluctuation in cooling process. The compressor gets unwanted condition to become very hot which decreases its lifecycle including failure probability. Some guidelines are included here for ensuring error free run of air conditioning device by making the condenser coil debris free.

Before you start cleaning your condenser coil, you should prepare all the needed tools first. The tools that you might need in cleaning condenser coil are garden hose with nozzle, wrenches, and garden sprayer. Before you start, make sure that the unit is disconnected to the main power. You have to be careful dealing with electric appliance to avoid accident. Some type of condenser unit have disconnect switch in it.

Next, carefully remove the fan from the condenser component. Most of the time, you don’t have to disconnect wire from fan to motors as it can be set aside while cleaning it. Wet the coil using your garden hose. Make sure that the water pressure used in wetting coil is just enough. If the water pressure is too strong, there is a tendency of bending the coil fins. Coils fins are usually fragile and easily to be bended. Therefore, you should be extra careful. Next, cover the inner and outer part of the condenser coil with cleaning solution with the use garden sprayer. The cleaning solution will soften the dirt and make the coil easier to clean.

After the dirt loosen up, wash the condenser coil with the use of garden hose. Spray the coil starting from inner part to outer part. This method can make the coil cleaning easier. Once the dirt is all washed out, rinse the condenser coil with water. Put back the fan into the unit after cleaning.

You can use any household cleaner as cleaning solution for consider coil. You can also look for heavy duty cleaning if the dirt formed in the condenser coil is too many. In some instances, cleaning solution used in car radiator can also be good for cleaning condenser coils. If there is no cleaning solution available in your home, you can shop in plumbing and household material stores in your area. These cleaning solutions come with very strong chemicals. Make sure you have gloves at hand when cleaning your coil to avoid irritation.

Having clean coil can ensure the prolong life of your condenser. It can also provide you more efficient function. Clean condenser coil can also give you the opportunity to save electricity as the whole unit won’t exert too much effort just to function properly. You should clean your condenser coil at least once in every half year. That way, the forming dirt inside your condenser unit will not get worse. Avoid placing stuff near the condenser that may cause clogging to your coil like grass clippings and large flowers. There is a possibility that those stuffs block the airflow of the condenser.

Solar Energy: The Cheapest Money Saving Solution

By Singapore Home Guy On February 18, 2010 No Comments

There’s a lot of people nowadays are experiencing financial crunch due to global recession. Most of them were laid off by their employers and as a result, they become jobless and homeless. Due to that, they tend to look for alternative ways of saving money.

We all know that most of energy generators are using fossil fuel in order to produce and supply power to their consumer. But fossil fuels are starting to be depleted – becomes expensive. As a result, power that is being produced with the use of fossil fuels such as electric power becomes expensive as well. Therefore, you don’t have to be surprise if your electric bills keep on increasing in a monthly or yearly basis. But regardless on the fossil fuel cost, the effect of the harmful element released by energy generator to our environment becomes more frightening. Global warming accelerates that resulting of glacier melts and frequent odd storms. Thus, we need to act now and solve this once and for all so that we will be able to avoid severe catastrophe in the future.

You don’t have to go farther just to find answer in your problem – both financially and environmentally. The answer is just right there in your door steps – the sunlight. Solar energy coming from the sun can be converted into electric power. This energy is natural and much cheaper than any other energy sources. In fact, it can be used free. All you have to do is to set up your own solar panels to capture sun rays. Because the energy source require in producing power is merely sunlight, the whole process is environment-friendly. Usually, standard solar panel can produce 140kw electric power. Imagine, you can have enough amount of electric power for free just by utilizing solar energy from the sun.

Solar Panels maybe costly, depends on the function you are looking for. But with the numerous benefits you can get once you have utilized one, solar panel is worth investing for. While you are saving money, you are also protecting environment from further damages and pollutions.