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Archive for the ‘Renovation Design’ Category

Living Room Designs: What is the Best Interior Design for your Living Room?

By Singapore Home Guy On March 15, 2010 No Comments

If you are in the look of living room setting ideas, you can come up with a lot of choices. But choosing the best amongst them maybe cause you some difficulties and confusion. However, to make your search a bit easier, here are some living room ideas that will best fit for your taste. We’ve been ask about fifty families regards to this matter and majority of them selected same living room idea. That idea will be the one I will discuss in this article.

Amongst different interior living room ideas, majority selected the forest design. The design of the interior in this kind of setting resembles to a jungle environment. The idea of forest designs maybe a strange idea for some, but this will help you to expose the creativity out of you when it comes to designing your home. In designing forest living room, you can think of many setting that will give you an idea how to get the jungle setting you’re seeking for. You will then need to use your imagination to visualize the setting of forest design. After visualizing, you can now start designing your living room as you prefer.

In forest interior living room design, you don’t have to use a flowery or plants images. All you need to have is scenery of forest environment wherein you’ll use most of natural colors. Therefore, instead of using the color of lilac or related color, paint your living room with green and chrome colors. This will give your living room setting of jungle without using lots of plants or trees pictures. To congregate the colors of different fruits and natural environment, you can mix and matched the color shades.

However, if you want to create the vision of lake midst or river illusion of forest in your living room, you can paint the walls with variety of forest palettes. This maybe costly but having the soothing effect of lake midst of forest will give you the opportunity to get what you spend for. You really don’t have to draw the whole lake midst thing. You just need to merge the variety of forest color gradually to meet up the forest setting in your living room.

To complete the forest setting design, accessorize it with forest-based furniture and décor. Now, you can have the well-designed forest living room and enjoy the soothing atmosphere that forest can give you.

Designing Tips for your Studio Apartment with Minimal Space

By Singapore Home Guy On September 22, 2009 No Comments

Creative designing is an advantage when you are into a tight and minimal space such as small studio apartment. Most of this apartment type is having kitchen, living room and bedroom altogether but in some cases; this kind of house arrangement will give a cluttered atmosphere. Therefore, you need to designed it with minimal décor and furniture that can make your studio apartment functional yet well-organized.

Using multi-purpose furniture is highly recommended. Use sofa bed rather than separate bed and sofa that will surely consume lots of spaces. In this kind of designing, you can put more furniture that you might need to use without having disorder and full environment. You just need to consider its proper placement where it will be more convenient and neat.

You can also consider of having divider or cabinet that you can put your stuff like appliance but will serve as partition as well to other room such as kitchen. Moreover, you can put things that you think will have difficult placement in your apartment. Through that, you don’t have to put a certain wall just to separate rooms.

In kitchen designing, you should think some scheme that will not make your kitchen to be excesses with bunch of appliances. Using multi functional utilities are also considered. It will give you more spaces for you to run to every time you’re doing everyday routine without being bumped in every corner. Positioning the kitchen in the corner of the room is common placement which is recommended for it not to consume large spaces especially when the kitchen is together with the living room in open parameter. You can also look for cupboard that can be put in the wall, above the kitchen sink, thus will save spaces.

It will be much easier if you start to design your small size studio apartment in a scratch, through that, you can come up with the whole picture of apartment that you want it to be while designing and fitting all the decors and furniture perfectly.