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Archive for the ‘Renovation Ideas’ Category

LED: The Effective and Productive Indoor Gardening Solution

By Singapore Home Guy On July 7, 2010 No Comments

Light emitting diode or also know as LED is one of the major scientific developments this last century period. It is refer to the electronic light source. In late 1920’s, a certain radio technician invented LED solution. That LED inventor is no other than Oleg Vladimirovich Losev, a Russian national. He found out the diodes that commonly used in radio receivers to produce light by passing though them as current. The details about the LED solution have been published in Russian journal in year 1927 with the help of Losev invention ideas.

In year 1962, the system about LED solution has been introduced in American technology as a form of practical electronics. Most of the premature devices were used in emitting low-intensity red light. However, LED devices has become more developed turned into emission of more visible infrared wavelengths and ultraviolet that also produce very bright light.

These days, LED solution can be used in various applications. In fact, it can be used beneficially in gardening. Because LED devices can produce high brightness light, it can substitute to sunlight for indoor plants. It helps to promote growth of indoor plants as it can produce as natural light as sunlight. LED devices come into grow light at hand. It means, it produce electromagnetic spectrum using the concept of LED solution that is appropriate for the plant’s photosynthesis. The light spectrum emitting by this solution is similar to the light of the natural sun that allows the indoor plant to grow naturally. In getting bluish appearance, sunlight carries high color temperature and gives bluish color appearance to plants.

In different stage of plant’s growth, different color spectrum is being used. For initial vegetation, a blue light spectrum is needed while for the later vegetation stage is red-orange color spectrum. You can choose either to buy specific color spectrum for specific plant growth stage or purchase for light bulb that can be used for the whole growth stages.

In using these solutions, a reflector should come along in the usage. This way, the emission of light as well as the light intensifying can be controlled. It can also controlled he current flow with the used of electrical ballast. This is needed especially because of the light intensity so that the light bulb can emit light that is similar to natural sunlight

Now, if you’re looking for LED device for your indoor gardening, there’s a lot of online store you can look into. Because it becomes more popular source of light for gardening, it becomes in demand in the market thus you can have a lot of choice. Depends on what you need, wide variety of LED devices are available in the market. But before you jump into any choices, it is important that you know what exactly you need so you’ll get the enough supply.