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Ceiling and Wall Cracks – How to Fix it yourself?

By Singapore Home Guy On November 10, 2009 Under Home Improvement Tips

You don’t have to be surprised if one day you’ll find some cracks in your ceiling and drywall. It is natural to happen especially if the touches of the ceiling were made long time ago. This article will help you to understand why is it your ceiling is having some unpleasant cracks and how to repair them.

Our ceiling and walls are having some unpleasant crack due to numerous factors and reasons. Those factors affect the surface of the walls and ceilings as resulting cracks and damages. One of the factors that create cracks within its surface is the structural movement of the house. This happens when the structure experience unusual movement due to instability of the house’s foundation. This may be caused by earthquake or any other odd activity. Also, ceiling can start having cracks when the lumber gets dry out and the plaster has start shrinking.

Nevertheless, what ever the reason is, we still don’t want to see any cracks and damages in our wall and ceiling. So, while still in early stage, we have to remedy and repair it right away before it become larger and more serious. If happened, you have no choice but to seek for professional help to do the repair task for you. But if it’s still slightly damaged, you can do the repair for yourself.

Firstly, evaluate the damage you have to repair. This will help you to know how much caulking and plaster material you’ll use in repairing them. Also, you can have the picture of how it can be repair without enlarging the damage. Once done, prepare paintable caulking plaster and paste it into the cracks. Repaint the repair part so that the uneven ceiling texture will be hidden.

You can also try applying fiberglass drywall tape to the ceiling to fix cracks. Use drywall compound to adjoin the joints of the ceiling. You might need to reapply drywall compound if your ceiling has wall texture in order to fix it correctly.

If you found hairline crack, it is better not to mind it unless it becomes larger. But if you’re still not rest assured, you can apply a bit of caulking material and repaint the plaster part.

It is not really hard to fix simple damages in your wall and ceilings. But as I’ve said earlier, if the damage becomes worse, you can always look for professional repair contractor so that it can be fixed correctly and immediately.

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