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Classical Feng Shui: How to Determine The Best Feng Shui Position in Your Home and Office?

By Singapore Home Guy On October 11, 2010 Under Feng Shui

If you want to have effective Feng shui in your home or office, you may want to consider performing a Classical Feng Shui or also known as CFS. This kind of Feng shui deals about the proper position of feng shui in specific direction of your home or office. In this type of Feng Shui, you should determine the north, east, west and south direction of your office/house. Unlike in other feng shui type like Black Hat and Western/New Age Feng Shui, CFS does not being performed based on the position of the front door.

There are different types of feng shui method when I say CFS. Here are those:

Feng Shui Compass – If you want to create a good balance and harmony inside your home and office, this type of feng shui is suitable for you. This is more effective than any other feng shui type like Black Hat/Western/New Age.

Men Gua – This type of CFS feng shui deals about your personal aspects. It is based upon your birthday. You can identify the top 4 personal directions of your life once you have your birthday. Those personal directions are Success, Health, Wisdom and Relationship. This type of CFS is easy to do. It has specific method and once you have learned the basic, you can easily perform the overall method of this type of Feng shui.

Xaun Kong Da Gua – This kind of Classical Feng shui deals about the position of water feature in any part of your home/office. Most of home owners install water features like fountain, ponds and pools in their property as they believe it can attract wealth luck – which is basically true in the concept of feng shui. But before you install water feature in your property, it is advisable to seek for Xuan kong Da Gua Expert assistance for you to do the feng shui method properly.

Flying Star – If you want to determine the best area of your home or office in specific period of the year, Flying Star Feng Shui is the best CFS type for you. This kind of classical feng shui can give you the ability to determine the best period of the year for specific event. For instance, if you are thinking of the best timing for marriage, flying star can help you to decide. This is also beneficial when it comes to office aspects like perfect timing for launching a new program or promotion and asking for a raise. If you have this CFS in your home/office, it is like knowing the best answer for specific question ahead of time.

There are many other CFS types emerge nowadays, but these four are the most commonly used. Given the fact that CFS deals about directions, you should determine the east, south, west, north part of your home/office for you to apply the CFS properly. Some are having problems in identifying the specific directions of their home/office. However, there are some easy methods that can help you identify the right direction of your home/office area.

Method #1 – Identifying the N-W-S-E direction through sun rise

We all know that the sun rises at east direction. Now, if you are going to stand in front of where the sun rises in the morning, you’ll realize that the direction in front of you is the east direction. Therefore, the south area of your home and office is your right while your left is the north area. The home/office area that is behind you is the west direction.

Method #2 – Draw floor plan of your home/office and Use compass

This method is considered as the better and easy way of identifying the N-S-E-W direction of your home/office. In this method, you will draw a floor plan of your office. Identify the center part of your home/office and stand there with the compass at hand. Usually, compass comes with black or red arrow facing to the north. Face to the north direction of your home/office. This way, you’ll know that your left is the west direction and your right is the east direction. The direction behind you is the south area.

See? It is quite easy to identify directions of your home/office. You just have to be accurate in determining the directions of your property in order to perform the classical feng shui properly and effectively.