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Decorate your Small Office with These Helpful Ideas

By Singapore Home Guy On March 22, 2010 Under General

Having well-decorated office is beneficial to someone who wants to have concentrated and comfortable working area. There’s a lot of decorating ideas for your office you may want to look into in order to properly decorate a certain office space. Here are those:

Wall color and decorations: If you have small space for your office, it is better if you will decorate it properly and more organized. The color paint that will be used in the wall should be light shade. Dark shade of paint can make a small room look closer or smaller than the real size. This is a no-no if you want to create spacious atmosphere in the office. Shades like pale blue, beige and light green is perfect for office wall colors. Also, it gives soothing ambience to the room. When it comes to decorations, go for simple yet elegant display like photographs, murals and paintings. Do not overdo the wall decoration; else, it will look cluttered.

Furniture: Avoid putting large furniture inside small office room. Choose only necessary furnishings like moderate size desks and tables. Also, it is important to have furniture that is multi-functional. This way, you can have one used space for double-purposed furniture. The furnishings should also complement to the office room’s decoration so that the room will not be look unprofessional. It will also create organized atmosphere which is necessary especially for office.

Lighting: if you want to have spacious office, then you need to go for light that will give an impression of space. Dim light won’t give that kind of impression thus you have to stay away from those. Instead of using stand alone lampshades, go for fluorescent light. It is important that lighting shouldn’t occupy so much floor space. Try to let the window open at daylight so that the sunlight from outside will be able to comes in. Through this, you don’t have to turn on lights most of the time.

Other Decoration and Accessories: To add more color in the office without over doing it, you can put some simple ornament like potted plants or flower vase at the table. You can also have personalized pin board to put your family photos or important reminders into.

All in all, you don’t have to spend much just to decorate your small office beautifully. With these helpful ideas, you can decorate your office room while enjoying the comfort it can give you.