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DIY Cabinet Building – Easy and Effective Steps in Building your Own Cabinet

By Singapore Home Guy On August 11, 2010 Under Home Improvement Tips

There are a lot of uses that cabinet can do for us. This kind of furniture is meant as storage space for things like clothes and personal belongings. Therefore, knowing how to build one is essential so that you can have storage furniture at your home without the need of purchasing in the furniture store. Cabinet building can give you the opportunity to build high quality furniture at low-cost. You are also assured that the material used is high quality for long endurance.

For bedroom, cabinet can be use as storage of clothes, linens, towels, personal belongings and displays. It can also store up important things like books and legal documents. For kitchen, cabinet can be storage area of kitchen utensils and small appliances like pots, pans, kettles and gadgets. Aside from those, cabinet can also use to hold things like CD’s DVD, plaques and other accessories. This way, things can be hold properly and organized.

Cabinet designs and styles varies on the material will be use and its purpose. Usually, cabinets is three-dimensional furniture framework that has cover in the sidings with different materials such as wood, plywood, laminated wood, glass, particle board and metals. Cabinets usually divided into different partitions such as shelves and drawers. This way, it can serve different purposes for particular uses. The front of the cabinet is composed of door that supported by hinges and other material. It can have door knobs and handles to complete the style and design.

To start with, let’s take a closer look in the cabinet’s design. Firstly, you have to determine what kind of material you are going to use for cabinet building. In this part, you should consider the quality as well as the endurance of the material will be used. Now, if you are considering of using metal as framework, you should obtain welding equipment to join the metal materials.  For wood framework, rabbets, screws, nails or/and glue can be used for joinery.

Once you have finished building the framework, covering it is the next building step. For covers, you can use different material as well as different adhesive solutions. If you will use plywood or wood cover material, you can use nails or construction adhesive to join the material to framework. On the other hand, screw can be used for particle board as glue cannot join the cover to framework efficiently.

After you have done those two cabinet construction step, applying finishing touch to the cabinet is the final move. In this step, you can make use of door knobs, hinges, drawer slide, dish rack (for kitchen cabinet) and hanger rods. If you want the cabinet to be fully furnished, you can apply paint. This will also help to prolong the quality of the cabinet. But some cover materials like laminated board doesn’t require any painting touches so no need for that. If it’s wooden or plywood, enamel paint or varnish will be appropriate. Just let it dry after you apply for better result.

See? It’s not really hard to build your own cabinet. One should just need to have basic knowledge in carpentry and that’s it. You can enjoy the fruit of your effort with the efficient quality that the cabinet can give you.

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