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DIY Hot Water Heater Leaks Plumbing

By Singapore Home Guy On September 7, 2010 Under Bathroom

Are you having problems in your hot water heater? Is there any leaks? Leaks in your hot water heater can easily be fixed yourself. If you have basic knowledge in plumbing, that’ll be a big plus. But before you start your DIY water heater leaks repair, you should determine the causes of the leaks first. That way, you will be able to know what the suitable procedure or repair means needed to a certain leak problem.

DIY Water Heater Leaks Repair Tips

1). Check if the leak is really a “leak”. Sometimes, people are assuming that water that can be found around the heater is leaks. But most of the time, that’s not a leak at all. Because water tank holds hot water, there is a tendency of water condensing. This may result of forming water near or around the water heater.

2). Check your water heater’s drain valves. Sometimes, leaks are coming from loose trade pipes or loose drain valves. If you think that the leak problem is caused by loose drain valves, get a wrench and tight it. Just be careful in tightening. Make sure you will tight it just enough to stop the leak.

3). Check your tank. Due to ages, tanks are being worn out and corrode. It can result to leaks. To repair the leak caused by corroded tank, it’s either replace the tank or buy new water heater set. I suggest buying a new heater as it can be less expensive than replacing the tank.

4). Check your heater pipes. Leaks coming from pipes simply need some tightening. As I mentioned earlier, if there is any loose pipe fitting, it can also cause leaks. Therefore, you should identify the loose pipes and tight it. If the leaks persist, you have to get a new fitting. Installing new fitting is very simple to do so you don’t have to worry.

Now, if the leaks persist and cause by other factors, you may want to consider buying a new unit, or get a professional plumber near your home.

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