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DIY Sliding Door Repair Ideas – The Affordable Way of Repairing Your Door

By Singapore Home Guy On November 23, 2009 Under DIY Home Repair

Most of home owners especially US homes are using sliding door as entry door for their patio, backyard or even main entry door (not a lot in Singapore). If you are one of those homeowners, you maybe find some simple damages or out-of-figure problems in your sliding glass doors due to longer period of time usage. This article will help you to find out those damages so that you can keep it from worsening. I will also discuss with you some basic repairs for your damaged sliding glass door so that you don’t have to employ professional contractors to do the repairs for you. Most of sliding glass door repair tips is easy to do and just require basic knowledge in home maintenance and repairs.

Due to age and some elements, our house becomes out of shape and sometimes gaining a lot of damages. Our sliding door maybe one of those house parts that you may find having dents and damages. Sometimes, it becomes out of square and start to fall apart. You maybe find it hard to close and to open. It is due to unusual soil movement in the foundation of the house caused by earthquakes and other soil disturbances. To start with, you need to inspect what is the cause of malfunctioning sliding door. At the bottom or top part, it maybe has some dents and cracks that’s why it becomes hard to open and close.

Mostly, sliding doors has rolling wheels in both top and bottom part of it. Sometimes, it becomes unaligned due to some elements. To settle it again, you need screw driver to pull out screw in the rolling wheel and align it back properly. Or you just need some adjustment to move the rolling wheel upward or downward by inserting screwdriver in the holes to adjust. This way, you will be able to settle the rolling wheel back into shape.

Now, if the problem is not in the rolling wheels but in the shimming of sliding door, you need to loosen up the secure screw in the door frame so that you will be able to repair the frames back into shape. Firstly, remove the molding in the sliding door. You will probably see the door frame after the molding has been removed. Secondly, inspect the door trimming. Determine which part of the door has been out of square that causing hurdles in opening and closing of it. Once identified, with the use of screwdriver, re-square the out-of-shape door. This will not just repair the damage but also add endurance with the sliding door. This way, it will last much longer with smooth function.

Another problem you may find in your sliding glass door is the fallen apart handles and lock mechanism. In this part, you might need to replace the worn out part for you to have back into shape mechanism latch. In replacing hardware part, make sure that you know the specific measurement of the door lock. It is better to bring the worn-out hardware to the store when you purchase a new one. This way, you’ll have the correct hardware to buy. If you didn’t be able to find correct door lock in hardware store in your area, you can search through internet for e-stores that sell certain hardware parts. Just make sure that the proper measurement was able to meet up upon ordering online. Replacing broken handles and locks mechanism not only giving you convenient function in your door but also upgrading the security measure within your home that is beneficial to you and your family.

Dents and damages in sliding door can be avoided with proper cleaning and maintenance. Through this, you don’t have to exert too much effort repairing and replacing parts of the sliding door. All you have to do is to maintain it so that damages and dents will be prevented. You have to protect it from harmful damage causing element inside and out. The common damage causing element is dirt and molds due to changing weather. From outside, wash your sliding door using soapy water and brush. This way, dirt and mold forming will be washed out. From inside, you can use slightly wet rag to wipe dirt. Inspect the rolling wheels once in awhile to see if there’s any forming mold in it. You can also use some cleaning agent like wax to bring back the shine of the door.

All facts considered you don’t have to spend much just to maintain your sliding door. You just have to clean and maintain it regularly so that further damages can be avoided. And once you’ve found simple dents and damages in your sliding door, it’s better to repair it immediately so you can keep it from worsening.

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