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Effective Guidelines to Get Rid the Cloudy Water in Your Swimming Pool

By Singapore Home Guy On May 4, 2010 Under Home Improvement Tips

Perhaps the most common maintenance problem of home owners with pools face is cloudy water. This particular condition can be caused by many different conditions that are easily correctable. The causes and solutions for this condition may include the following:

Ph levels not correct – Probably one of the most important pool maintenance chores is the testing and maintenance of the correct water chemistry. The best level of chlorine for a pool is between 7.2 and 7.6 on the ph scale. If the levels of chlorine are not at this ph value, chlorine will not work at its best at sanitizing the water. Correcting the chemical balance of your pool will help to eliminate that cloudy look

Debris too small to be filtered – There are some debris and waste particles like sun screen, hair products, oils, and makeup that are too small to be filtered. All these can be taken care of by back washing and adding fresh water to the pool. This is the next logical step after you have checked for the ph levels in the pool.

Bad Circulation and filtration – Bad pumps and worn and defective filtration components can lead to poor circulation problems and a cloudy look to your pool. Therefore it is essential that all filtration components are working properly. To insure water clarity it is important to establish regular schedule of back washing, cleaning, and inspecting the mechanical workings of the system.

High calcium levels—High calcium levels can lead to cloudy pools but is needed to protect the surface of the pool. By having the proper range in the water chemistry and adding a water clarifier, you can correct the cloudy water problem.

The maintenance of the water chemistry and filtration system on a regular basis will lead to a cloudy free pool. A little work now, will keep you from having a big job later on.

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