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Effective Techniques in Easier and Faster House Cleaning

By Singapore Home Guy On September 15, 2010 Under General, Home Improvement Tips

Are you spending a lot of time in cleaning your home? Do you want to make your cleaning house chores easier and faster? This article is perfect for you. This article will give you some techniques and reveal some secret cleaning tips to make your cleaning experience quicker and more convenient. This is beneficial to you as it can shorten your cleaning time that can be spent to other important house task.

Firstly, you should be prepared. Before you start cleaning your house, you should prepare all the equipments and tools that are needed in your cleaning chores. It will minimize your move-around time if all the equipment and cleaning tools are comes at handy. Feather dusters, cleaning cloths, broom, brush, lambs wool duster are the cleaning equipment that you need to prepare before cleaning.

For faster dusting, you should start removing the dust at the top corner down to the bottom corner. Make sure that you are dusting everything in circular motion inside your room. To make the dusting task a bit easier for you, dust your room counterclockwise rotation if you are left handed. While clockwise dust rotation if you are right handed.

There are simple techniques in cleaning your windows. This technique will help you to clean your windows faster and easier. Some people are using different cleaning material when it comes to cleaning their window. Those cleaning materials are newspaper, damp cloth, paper towel and Windex. Some are using kitchen paraphernalia like vinegar.

Some people are committing same mistake over and over in cleaning their windows. They are rubbing the windows from one corner to another corner. They are not aware that when they are doing that cleaning method, they are just attracting more dirt and dust. That is because rubbing window creates static charge that attracts dirt and debris. As a result, once they have washed their window, it will have dust in it after a few hours or minutes.

The secret behind faster and easier window cleaning is using a squeegee. This cleaning method is the most commonly used by professional window washers. With the use of squeegee, they can clean large windows faster and more conveniently.

To start with squeegee window cleaning, you should have bucket of warm water and a dish washing liquid. Mix it well to create cleaning mixture. Spurt minimal amount of mixture onto your window and start squeegee-ing it. You should start at the top corner of your window down to the bottom part. Make an ā€œsā€ motion in wiping your window with the use of squeegee. Make sure that you will wipe the squeegee with lint-free rag before you repeat the cleaning method. After that, wipe your window with damp chamois. Finish it with dry, clean rag.

With the use of these cleaning techniques, you will be able to clean your house faster and more efficiently. These will give you to opportunity to make the most out of your house cleaning.

Of course, if you are lazy to clean, do outsource a part time maid, as there are a lot of part time maid agency around in Singapore.

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