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Get Deluxe Looking Bathroom with These Shower Tile Decorating Ideas

By Singapore Home Guy On September 29, 2010 Under Bathroom

Most of people tend to follow the trend of having different bathroom themes and designs these days. For you to have bathroom that has luxurious look and comfortable setting, you have to properly choose the perfect bathroom schemes and themes. You also have to choose great shower tile decorating ideas to create marvelous appearance in your bathroom. There’s a lot of shower tile design and style are available in the market today therefore you have vast preferences to choose from. The style and design of shower tiles vary on what your bathroom is needed and what kind of theme you want it to achieve. The selection also depends on how much you can spend for bathroom designing.

Now, if you want to come up with the perfect choice, you need to consider some factors. You need to ask yourself how much you can afford and what kind of materials you want to be used. For instance, you can choose from stone, marble or glass material.

Most of people tend to commit same mistake over and over. They opt to purchase expensive shower curtains and accessories to decorate their bathroom. They are thinking that having costly accessories can create luxurious appearance to their bathroom. While the truth is, you can have the appearance you want by just picking up the appropriate and well-designed shower tiles. It is much cheaper than buying expensive accessories that in due time, will be worn out.

Now, in choosing shower tile color, you need to consider the size of your bathroom. If it has small size space, then it’s better to choose light color shower tiles. Light color can create the atmosphere of spacious and that will make your bathroom looks bigger than its original size.

If you don’t want to spend too much in replacing your existing shower tiles, you can try painting them. You can use enamel paint to spice up the boring and old-looking shower tiles. Enamel paint is the best paint to be used in shower tiles because it has the ability to stay sealed in despite of weather and temperature changes. You can use contrasting or multiple colors to make your bathroom look exciting and inviting.

You can customize the shower tiles design by using stencil painting. Stencil painting is much cheaper and easier to implement as you can find lots of craft store selling stencil. You can choose multiple colors of stencil paint based on your bathroom themes. You can try beach, ocean midst and waves theme for your bathroom.

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