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Get Rid the Unpleasant Cigarette Smell in Your Home with These Effective Tips

By Singapore Home Guy On September 2, 2010 Under Home Improvement Tips

Many people hate the smell of cigarette. In our home, if one member of the family smoke most of the time, the smell of it linger inside for a long time. The bad odor coming from cigarette smoking creates the atmosphere of being untidy and uninhabitable of one’s home. This article will give you some effective tips in order to get rid the bad smell of cigarette.

Firstly, if you are a smoker or anyone in your home is a smoker, you should go outside and smoke there. Avoid smoking inside to get rid the bad odor that cigarette can create. This kind of smoking manner isn’t unusual anymore. In fact, many of establishments do not tolerate smoking inside their property. Most of smokers are agree to this term.

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However, if smoking inside cannot be helped, then you should open many windows in your home. This way, fresh air from outside will be able to enter and circulate inside. The smell of cigarette will be able to circulate as well and will not retain inside.

If you can still smell the bad odor of cigarette, you should wash fabrics and sheets in your home. Some of cigarette smoke molecules retains in fabrics especially if you are smoking in closed space. In some instances, the clothes of smoker are also having bad smell in it. Therefore, it should be washed thoroughly to get rid the small of cigarette.

You can also try cleaning and bleaching your wall and ceiling. In some cases, bad smell of cigarette retain even in wall and ceiling. Bleaching them can also help you to get rid the unpleasant odor of cigarette. You can also try reinstalling wall paper or repainting the wall after bleaching. This step is just for severe cases of bad cigarette smell. But if you want to have smoke smell-free home, you can try all the aforementioned tips.

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