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High Pressure Sodium Light Bulbs: The Advantages of Cheap Yet Efficient Lighting Solutions

By Singapore Home Guy On October 5, 2010 Under General

High Pressure Sodium Light bulbs can give us numerous advantages. Efficient and cheap lighting solution is one of those. You can get the exact lighting solution that can sustain the needs of lighting application through this kind of solution. High Pressure sodium Bulb is similar to florescent lighting that provides optimized lighting solution without the use of too much electric power. Regards to this, these kinds of bulbs can be used purposely such as security lights, gardening lights and street lights.

You can find various types of High pressure sodium light bulb as market can provide you vast preferences. Types vary on what you need. If you need light bulb that requires specific watts, you can choose from different wattage solutions of these bulbs. For instance, if for basic lighting purposes only, you can find 35 watts of bulbs. But the watts can range higher than 200 watts, as I mentioned earlier, depends on what you need. You need to consider the lighting requirement before jump into any choice. This way, you can have the best choice that best suit for your lighting needs. Usually, this kind of bulb can get 100-150 lumens per watts, which is beneficial because it means you’ll get higher brightness of light than other bulb that using more electric power. It only means that you can get the enough light at low-cost using this kind of bulb. Also, you can really get what you pay for, money-back guarantee as they say.

In choosing high pressure sodium light bulb, you won’t be in the place that you need to be rush in deciding on which bulb you are going to choose. You can explore all of the options so that you can come up with the perfect choice. In deciding on which bulb to choose, lighting requirement should be considered. Take your time picking up the right bulb. You don’t have to rush yourself. There are a lot of choices you can choose from so you should be careful upon choosing. For specific application, there is suitable bulb solution. For instance, if the purpose of lighting solution is for street light, then you can go for 100 to 200 watts of bulb. More likely, this variety of bulb watts can produce 10,000 lumen or even higher which is perfect to light the street productively.

Now, if the lighting application will be used for gardening or plant growth, you should consider the lighting requirement of your plant is needed before you choose. In some cases, growing plant require specific light solution for specific growth stage. If you are unsure on what kind of wattage bulb you’re going to choose, you better research further about the lighting requirements of your plants. This way, wrong choices of bulb can be avoided. As I’ve said earlier, don’t rush things. Consider all the factors first before you jump to any choice. This way, you will be able to avoid to waste of money and effort and you will get what you really seek for.

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