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Home Office Decorating Feng Shui Tips: Achieve Good Fortune and Prosperity

By Singapore Home Guy On September 21, 2010 Under Feng Shui

Many people choose to work from home these days. Therefore, having office at your home that allows you to work conveniently and with full optimum capacity on both physically and mentally is important. In order to obtain that kind of working space at home, you should consider Feng Shui-ing your home office. The main idea behind Feng Shui is all objects and their position inside your home office influence the owner’s fortune and disposition. It means that everything that you are going to put or decorate inside your home office should be in proper position and arrangement. It is beneficial to home owner as it can attract good energy and allow it to flow freely through their home office. Having feng shui successfully applied in your home office can make you have the opportunity to prosper in your home business or work.

Here are some home office Feng Shui Decorating tips for you to have good energy optimized working environment at home.

If you are looking for furniture to buy while you’re having tight budget, you may want to consider buying second hard furniture. However, before jumping into any choice, you should determine the business history of the former owner of the furniture. In some instances, bad energy from failed business owner is still present in specific furniture. Avoid choosing that kind of furniture for you to avoid the negative energy that may affect the prosperity of your business.

The furniture however should be in proper feng shui-based arrangement. Arrange it in a position that people can walk around without hindrances. Make spaces as much as possible. Minimize clutter inside your home office. This way, you will be able to allow good energy to flow freely inside your home office.

In choosing office desk, go for dark shaded ones. You can choose dark red or black. Avoid using office desk that has distracting color as it can affect to your concentration. Position your desk where you can see the door of your home office. Never position it where your back is facing to the door. Also, avoid positioning your desk where in you are facing the wall while you’re working. If you have no choice about this matter, you can display some art work or painting in the wall in front of you so that every time you are going to look up, you will be able to breathe deeper and relax.

Area rug is also included when it comes to applying feng shui in your home office. Many people are not yet aware of this fact. Area rug can also occupy space in your office and everything that deals about area and spaces are included to the concept of feng shui as they also gives off energy that supply chi or energy flow inside your home office. Area rug can make the hard floor looks soft. This can also helps to create warm atmosphere inside. Choose area rug that will complement to the shade of the home office. In choosing, consider the color of the area rugs. It should unify in your office theme. You should be aware that color influence the mood inside your home office thus you have to be considerate in choosing the right area rug color.  The color of the area rug should not be too dull or too distracting.

Let your window open as much as possible. This way, fresh air will be able to circulate inside your home office. The natural sunlight can also enter from outside and give you natural daylight. Put wind chime outside your window.

Have some potted plants in your office. This will help you to have more good energy (yang) inside your home office. It can bring you joy and contentment. Have some fresh flowers in your table. You can also have scented candles to sooth your anxious mind.

You may want to include other accessories like miniature water fountains, crystal ball or wall art work. This can help you to attract wealth luck and bring your prospering home and business as they symbolized prosperity. You can also consider red color as your home office scheme. This color scheme represents prosperity.

Applying all the aforementioned feng shui decorating tips can help you to achieve the prosperity, well-being and contentment that every individual is aiming for.

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