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Hot Tub Cleaning Tips: Make Your Spa Cleaning Easier

By Singapore Home Guy On March 30, 2010 Under Bathroom

Spa is considered as worth spending for as it can give your family health and happiness essentials. Your spa should be cleaned most of time for you to get the efficient effect into your body. It is important that you’re maintaining the cleanliness of your hot tub. Due to often usage, our hot tub collects dirt debris in its drainer. If the forming dirt will not be removed regularly, it will cause clogging so as leaks. So, how to clean your hot tubs more conveniently?

Hot Tub Cleaning Tips

The first thing you have to do is to drain the water from your hot tubs. Make sure that you will clean the drainer thoroughly. Draining and cleaning should be done regularly. Depending on how often your family uses the hot tub, you should clean your tub at least once on every 3 months.

In draining your hot tubs, first thing you have to do is to remove the drain plug in your spa. This process may take some time. If you want the draining process a bit faster, you may try investing sump pump. You will be able to avail one in any home depot stores that selling hot tubs. To drain your spa faster, hook the sump pump in your garden hose and plug it in. Then, drop the sump pump at the bottom part of the hot tub.

After you drained your hot tubs, prepare wipers and foam cleaner to remove dirt in the tub. Once you have wiped all the dirt formed in the tub, rinse it well using plenty of water.  Make sure that all the foam cleaner and degreasers will be removed because these types of cleaning solutions create foams. You can also shop for handy spa and hot tub cleaning in some home depot stores in your area. After you have drained and cleaned your hot tub, you can now fill it again with water. Put some start-up chemicals and start running it.

You can always get your home maid to help you. That will be all for our hot tub cleaning tips post.

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