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How to Decorate Your Bathroom – Easy to Implement Decorating Bathroom Tile Ideas

By Singapore Home Guy On December 28, 2009 Under Bathroom, DIY Home Repair

Alluring and creatively decorated bathroom can be obtained by designing it with variety of tile styles, color and designs. Depends on what kind of atmosphere you want, you can have a lot of bathroom tile decorating ideas you can choose from.

To start with, use pink tiles with black trimmings in your bathroom. This kind of tile decoration is popular in old world homes because they usually implemented it as bathroom design. This create classic minimalist look in the bathroom. To balance, you can use white linens with black and white motifs.

On the other hand, if you want a glamorous look for your bathroom, you can try adding some alluring chandelier with pink tiles that have no trims. Putting brown trimming in the pink tiles can complement with the brownish and pinkish shower curtain, few white accents and wooden furniture. This decoration setting can give enchanting atmosphere in the bathroom.

Another bathroom tile decorating idea and considered as most popular one is tackling shower tiles. This designing idea deals about adding attention-grabbing designs of shower tiles instead of typical and boring ones. You can decorate the shower tiles using stencil that you can obtain in most of craft shops. This will add some enticing designs in your bathroom that is beneficial to obtain the alluring appearance. However, in designing with the use of stencil, the design should complement to the bathroom themes to avoid the look of being cluttered. You can also customize your bathroom design by replacing your existing shower tiles with ready made and custom tiles that has letters and images.

Another bathroom decorating idea is painting the all the tile borders. You can also try adding some tiles that has contrast palettes to primary tile color. This will spice up and enhance the appearance of your bathroom. It can make your bathroom look exciting and interesting.

Now, if you want to have effective yet affordable bathroom design, you can try painting your bathroom with enamel paint. This will change the appearance and scheme of your tile colors. Instead of settling with the plain and boring tile schemes, you can change it into alluring and interesting appearance by panting enamel paint here and there. Just make sure that the paint is proportionally applied in the bathroom.

For colorful and bright shade of the bathroom, you can use hand painted ceramic tiles. This will adorn your bathroom walls and give exciting shades. These kinds of bathroom tiles have designs and colors that do not get washed off easily. Instead, the bright color remains intact and sealed in. Mural tiles are the examples.

Now you can have the new look of your bathroom. With these easy-to-implement bathroom decorating ideas, you don’t have to employ professional just to obtain the design you’re seeking for.

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