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How to Easily Convert Small Bathrooms Into Luxury Bathrooms

By Singapore Home Guy On November 11, 2010 Under Bathroom

Are planning to change your tiny bathroom into something huge and cozy? Then, you’ve come at the right place. Regardless of your budget or skill, you can easily renovate your bathroom from being small and worn out to something beautiful and spacious. So, let’s start.

There are plenty of renovation ideas you can use to create a small, but cozy bathroom. Your current bathroom interiors, the design and your budget must be considered before you execute your renovation plan. You can easily change your bathroom designs by making small alterations to showers, bathrooms mirrors and cupboards.

But you don’t actually have to change existing mirrors, cabinets or tiles in your bathroom just to bring out the best out of it. One quick solution is to cover the exposed plumbing in your bathroom. Uncovered brackets and painted pipes can make the underneath of your basin looks unpleasant. Cover up the unpleasant view by putting a vanity underneath your basin. This will also give your tiny bathroom a cozy look. Likewise, you can cover unpleasant view of exposed toilet plumbing with cabinet or cistern.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

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Lacking of towel storage is quite common for small bathrooms. But putting towel racks and hooks can maximize the space available in your bathroom. You probably know how ugly it would appear having your towels on the floor or in dirty laundry. Remove the laundry bins and have your towels hanged instead to create instant bathroom makeover.

Paint scheme is another easy bathroom makeover you can try. Re-paint your dark or white-shaded bathroom to a light pastel paint. The color of warm pastel can make a tiny bathroom looks more inviting and spacious. Avoid using dark colors as it can make your bathroom even smaller. It is advisable to use oil-based as they are known as good mold inhibitors. This will make sure that the paint color will last longer. Include the ceiling as well to complete the fine look.

Create the illusion of large bathroom space by putting mirrors on the walls. Use mirrors with decorative frames to complete the cozy look of your bathroom. You can also use cabinets and vanities but make sure that they are sleek so that you can freely move around.

Light fitting should also be considered when making a small bathroom makeover. A good lighting can instantly change your bathroom and set the mood as per your desire. But be sure to use bathroom-safe light fittings to avoid accidents and those that complement to the color scheme of your bathroom.

And there you have it! All you need is careful planning to renovate your tiny bathroom on your own. You can do these DIY renovation ideas after your work or during weekends. Just be sure to set your budgets to avoid the risk of budget overruns. You should also gather all the materials and tools needed for your project before you start the task. Good luck!

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