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Kitchen Renovation: Quick and Easy Fix to Restyle your Existing Kitchen

By Singapore Home Guy On March 1, 2010 Under Kitchen

If you want to alter the appearance of your kitchen, you don’t have to fully renovate it. We all know that full renovation of specific part of our house especially our kitchen require large amount of budget. If you are not yet ready to spend, use some basic restyling tips to change the look of your kitchen without spending much.

Kitchen cabinets are pricey. Now, in order to change the appearance of your kitchen you have to alter the design and style of your kitchen cabinets. But you don’t have to replace it for new one. You can achieve the restyling design of your kitchen by just remodeling and applying simple fix in your kitchen cabinets. Here are some quick fixes you can apply to your kitchen cabinets:

Remove the door of the cabinet. Start with unscrewing the hinges and putty holes of the cabinet. Then paint it, inside out. You can strategically change the appearance of the cabinet from having door turn into door less framework. Once done, you can now pile up the kitchen plates and utensils beautifully. There is no need to display can goods as it can be stored up to other covered part of the cabinet.

– If the door of your kitchen cabinet is made of wood, replace them with glass sliding door. Although this step is a bit pricey, but you can get the alteration for your kitchen you’re looking for. This will also help you expose the contents of your cabinet without allowing the entry of dust and dents.

Paint the whole cabinet with fresh, contrast color. This will spice up the look of your kitchen without the need of replacing its parts.

Replace the old cabinet door knobs and fasteners by new designed ones. By simply replacing them, you’ll be surprise with the big changes it can give in the appearance of your kitchen.

– For wooden cabinets, you can enhance or restyle them by simply refining or putting fresh tops coats into it. From semi-gloss matte, you can upgrade it into high gloss to achieve the high quality finishing touch of the cabinets.

However, if you already have frameless or door less cabinet, you can alter it by putting doors and painting it inside out. You really don’t have to exert too much effort just to get the restyled kitchen you’re looking for. You just need to set back and analyze what is your kitchen needs. Once found, you can start your own quick fix, DIY kitchen repairs.

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