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Top Tips on Choosing the Right Outdoor Rug for Your Home

By Singapore Home Guy On December 20, 2011No Comments

There are different designs and styles of outdoor rugs. Hence, upon choosing the right outdoor rug, the overall design and theme of the house must be considered. The one you choose must complement with the existing design of your home. For example, if your home has traditional style interior design, then go for traditional-designed rugs to ensure harmony.

Similarly, if the style of your home is modern, it is advisable to choose rugs with modern style designs. You can have plenty of choices, ranging from bamboo rugs to hand-knitted and from fine linen to braided rugs. With wide varieties of designs and styles, choosing the right one won’t pose any problem.

To create artistic setting in your house, consider using braided rugs. For elegance and luxurious ambiance, better choose hand-knitted ones. But for those who want the touch of simplicity and nature, bamboo mats can be an ideal choice.

In choosing the right outdoor rugs for homes, the quality must be considered as well. Remember that outdoor rugs will be exposed to drastic weather condition since they will be located outside. Therefore, the rugs you should buy must be of high quality and much stronger. Choose the one that will most likely last longer.

Many people usually go for cheaper rugs thinking that they can save few bucks from it. However, they might just use their rugs for just short period. If you need long lasting and durable outdoor rugs, buy the ones that are made of high quality materials. It is advisable to consider the quality first before the price. That could be the reason why most beautifully designed and durable outdoor rugs are expensive.

Price is another factor that most homeowners consider when looking out for the most suitable outdoor rugs. Affordability is very important as it cuts down your options. The best thing you should do is to compare your possible choices. Both short term and long term cost must be carefully considered. Sometimes, buying cheaper rugs may lead you to spend more money in a long run because you need to buy new rugs over and over again. On the other hand, if your budget is enough to buy premium quality rugs then it can be more cost-effective. It is therefore advisable to weigh in the quality and price before settling on the outdoor rugs.

So, remember these buying tips when you’re out to buy outdoor rugs. These will ensure that you will be able to come up with the right choice that fits your beauty, budget and style.

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Home Office Furniture Must for Home Office

By Singapore Home Guy On August 8, 2011 No Comments

Home office should be decorated in a way similar to the actual office environment. And in order to achieve this kind of environment, one must have office furniture. When choosing home office furniture, the room size must be considered. Computer table, office desk and chairs and sofa are the common furniture that most home offices require. These office supplies provide office ambiance and comfort as you work. So, let’s start with the selection of home office furniture.

Being the main part of home office, the selection of office furniture must start with office desk. The office desk must fit to the room space and its size decides the choice of the rest of the furniture supplies. Office desk offer lots of benefits. It can be used in storing office items such as documents, books, files, stationary, files, etc.

Aside from storing important office items, office desk can also be used to support office equipments like desktop computers. If you use computer on your daily office work, it is advisable to have versatile desks intended to support desktop computers. This will complete the set of home office furniture.

Computer desks usually come with drawers on their both sides. This maximizes the storage space of the desk. They also have parts that can be detached or folded to maximize the space when they are not in use. There are plenty of size and designs of computer desks. They also come with different materials including metal, woos, resin or wicker.

People who like more to work from home needs to have proper time management. This is because they have to spend more time working in their home office. Hence, the environment of their so-called home office must be positive and encouraging to maintain one’s productivity. Home office must be decorated with furniture supplies that are suitable for office work. It will also be beneficial if these furniture supplies can be used in other household activities after office hours.

How To Remove Blood Stains From Carpet

By Singapore Home Guy On November 26, 2010 No Comments

Carpet is one of the priciest items of furnishing; therefore replacing them once they’ve been stained can be a pain to your pocket. But you really don’t have to replace it if you just know how to get rid of blood stains from your carpets. Here are some tips in removing blood stains from your carpet.

Common mistake of most people when they’re trying to remove the stain from their carpet is that they rub it too hard. This will even push the stain deeper into the fabric. Try mixing non-alkali detergent with warm water and put some of this mixture to the stained fabric. Then, remove the blood stain by blotting the stained area. Continue with this procedure until all stains are removed. For the remaining stain, if there’s any, you can use the mixture of ammonia and water to blood the stained fabric. Again, continue blotting the carpet until there’s no more stain left. Then, use absorbent pad to remove excess water from the carpet. Once done, hang your carpet dry.

Some of the stain removal solutions for clothes are also applicable for carpet. For example, using cold water to remove stain can be effective as carpet stain removal. Try using lemonade or tonic water to remove blood stains from the carpet. This is quite effective as these agents reacts to the protein in the stain. They, however, are best used with fresh stains. So, how to use these liquids to get rid of blood stain?

Remove Blood Stains From Carpet

Taken from

First, put a small amount of these liquids over the stained area for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then, with the use of clean rags, wipe the carpet with blood stains. During this process, make sure that you won’t rub the stained area too hard as it will make the stains to go through the fabric even deeper.

For those who want an all-natural procedure of removing bloods stains, spit plus cold water could be your choice. Spit has enzymes that degrade the proteins in the blood. This method is best used for smaller stains.

Today, the market is swarmed with plenty of wet/dry vacuum cleaners. There are also some companies that provide different instructions of removing stains and carpet stain removal solutions.  But before you spend huge amount of money with these machines, it is advisable to read the manual carefully to know if they are safe to use on your carpets and stuff. Also, find out what kind of stain they can remove.

Considering what mentioned above, we can safely say that nature knows best when it comes to removing blood stains on carpet.

How to Prevent Concrete From Cracking

By Singapore Home Guy On November 19, 2010 No Comments

Concrete is one of the mostly-used materials when it comes to building patios, driveway, shed, etc. Well, this could be an ideal option as concrete requires less maintenance, relatively durable and provide attractive appearance. The major turn off of concrete, however, is that it cracks.

You might think that not all concrete cracks as you’ve seen some concrete-made that don’t have cracks. Somewhere perhaps, but it is still safe to say that all concrete cracks. Let me explain then.

Prevent Concrete Crack

Taken from

Cement, sand, rock and water are the essential “ingredients” of concrete. Once these ingredients are combined, chemical reaction occurs that creates hard material. Once this material has been worked on, the results are patios, walkways, shed, etc. As the concrete becomes hard, however, it shrinks. This shrinkage causes cracks in the concrete. So what you should do now to prevent cracks in the concrete? Just keep reading.

The first thing you need to do to prevent concrete cracks is to prepare the ground accordingly. You have to make sure that the ground has no soft areas and is level. Soft areas may cause cracks to your concrete. Thus if the ground you’re going to use has soft areas, be sure to compact them first using either hand-compactor or motorized compactor. For larger areas, motorized compactor could be an ideal choice. Once the spot has been compacted, level the surface with sand. The combination of gravel and sand works best in re-leveling ground surfaces. Next is reinforcing the concrete.

In reinforcing the concrete, you can have two options: the steel bars (also known as rebar) and the wiremesh. There are two kinds of wiremesh, the rolled and panels. Since rolled wiremesh is quite difficult to use, it is advisable to use panel wiremesh. You can cut the panels to fit with any size of concrete pad. They are also easy to move. But most people prefer using rebar. Typically, rebar is positioned on the ground in a checkerboard pattern and is tied with wires.

Once tied off, the rebar must be lifted slightly upward. That way, once the concrete is poured to the area, the rebar will be covered with concrete. You can lift the rebar using small pieces of rocks or bricks. Place them under the rebar. If positioned accordingly, the rebar or wiremesh will keep your driveway or walkways together when cracks develop.

Now you’re ready for the concrete. But wait, you should wet the ground first before you pour the cement mixture to the forms. Why? Because you wouldn’t want your ground to quickly absorb the water from your cement mixture, would you? After the cement has been placed and settled, be sure to protect your craft from direct sunlight and wind. These can cause quick drying of the cement, which may result to unpleasant cracking.

Well, it seems that the concrete has been settled accordingly but we’re not yet done, there’re more. Another way to prevent concrete cracks is control joints. You can see them almost everywhere. Most of concrete driveways and patios are done with contraction joints. You can create a control joints to your concrete using joiner, a special tool used for creating contraction joints, or concrete saw.

If you build a 4-inch sidewalk, the contraction joint should have ¾ to an inch depth through the concrete. The position of these joins may vary depending on the pad size. Let’s say if you have 4 by 50 foot patio, you can have even spacing of 4 to 6 feet. But for those who have 10 by 10 patio, you don’t need control joints.

And there you have it! Above recommendations will save our concrete from unsightly cracks and make it attractive and last longer.

How to Easily Convert Small Bathrooms Into Luxury Bathrooms

By Singapore Home Guy On November 11, 2010 No Comments

Are planning to change your tiny bathroom into something huge and cozy? Then, you’ve come at the right place. Regardless of your budget or skill, you can easily renovate your bathroom from being small and worn out to something beautiful and spacious. So, let’s start.

There are plenty of renovation ideas you can use to create a small, but cozy bathroom. Your current bathroom interiors, the design and your budget must be considered before you execute your renovation plan. You can easily change your bathroom designs by making small alterations to showers, bathrooms mirrors and cupboards.

But you don’t actually have to change existing mirrors, cabinets or tiles in your bathroom just to bring out the best out of it. One quick solution is to cover the exposed plumbing in your bathroom. Uncovered brackets and painted pipes can make the underneath of your basin looks unpleasant. Cover up the unpleasant view by putting a vanity underneath your basin. This will also give your tiny bathroom a cozy look. Likewise, you can cover unpleasant view of exposed toilet plumbing with cabinet or cistern.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Taken from

Lacking of towel storage is quite common for small bathrooms. But putting towel racks and hooks can maximize the space available in your bathroom. You probably know how ugly it would appear having your towels on the floor or in dirty laundry. Remove the laundry bins and have your towels hanged instead to create instant bathroom makeover.

Paint scheme is another easy bathroom makeover you can try. Re-paint your dark or white-shaded bathroom to a light pastel paint. The color of warm pastel can make a tiny bathroom looks more inviting and spacious. Avoid using dark colors as it can make your bathroom even smaller. It is advisable to use oil-based as they are known as good mold inhibitors. This will make sure that the paint color will last longer. Include the ceiling as well to complete the fine look.

Create the illusion of large bathroom space by putting mirrors on the walls. Use mirrors with decorative frames to complete the cozy look of your bathroom. You can also use cabinets and vanities but make sure that they are sleek so that you can freely move around.

Light fitting should also be considered when making a small bathroom makeover. A good lighting can instantly change your bathroom and set the mood as per your desire. But be sure to use bathroom-safe light fittings to avoid accidents and those that complement to the color scheme of your bathroom.

And there you have it! All you need is careful planning to renovate your tiny bathroom on your own. You can do these DIY renovation ideas after your work or during weekends. Just be sure to set your budgets to avoid the risk of budget overruns. You should also gather all the materials and tools needed for your project before you start the task. Good luck!

Reducing Your Electric Bill – Measures

By Singapore Home Guy On November 3, 2010 1 Comment

If you’re looking for ways to cut down your monthly electric bill, then you may want to read on and consider these tips. These tips will not require you to cut back your power usage. You just need to follow certain steps to trim down your power usage which will eventually reduce your monthly bill. So here we go.

Use energy-efficient appliances and lights

The first thing you can do to reduce your power usage is using energy-efficient appliances and lighting systems. Let’s say for example, instead of using traditional light tubes or bulbs, use CFLs or Compact Fluorescent Lights. CFLs use two times less energy than light bulbs. Using energy-saving appliances and lightings can significantly reduce your home’s overall power usage.

Conduct system service upgrade regularly

System upgrade is considered as the most essential electric utility services. This service will require you to check the compatibility of your system with the power capacity of your house. You also need to run diagnosis, work out electric-related problems and improve efficiency of your appliances. This will not only improve that safety in your house or workplace but also lessen your home’s power consumption thus your monthly bill. Reduce Electric Bill

Limit your electrical appliances usage

Instead of using electrical appliances to do your daily chores, why not do it manually? You don’t have to do it always, just when you have time. Let’s say for example, instead of using electric dryer to dry your clothes, why not hang it outside? This will significantly help in cutting down power usage in your household.

Conduct System Maintenance Regularly

You can also trim down your power consumption by conducting system maintenance in a regular basis. For instance, a least-maintained AC tends to consume more energy as its filter gets clogged with debris and dirt which result to poor AC performance. Therefore, it is important to conduct regular maintenance to reduce overall power usage.

Choose Certified Products Only

There are some organizations that certify and rate appliances and electrical systems based on their efficiency. Higher rating means higher efficiency of particular product. Be sure to buy products that are certified for efficiency. This will save you a few bucks on your monthly electric bill.

By following above energy-saving suggestion and tips, you will not only trim down your monthly power usage, you will also help conserve the environment.

Some Simple Precautions to Take Before Hiring Your New Painter

By Singapore Home Guy On October 26, 2010 No Comments

If you want to get your house painted or re-painted, hiring a professional painting contractor could be an ideal option. Unless you know how to do it yourself, considering you have enough knowledge about painting. In addition, it may take so much of your time which can be cumbersome if you have hectic schedule. Not just that, you also need to gather all equipments needed in house painting which perhaps you don’t have.

Now, if you choose to hire a professional painter to paint your house, another complex task you need to do is to narrow down your choices. There are plenty of contractors who offer their services at varied price. Of course, you want to pick out the best and the reliable contractor the first time. So you can you find “HIM”?

You should take few preventive measures before you choose the best painting service. Find the most reliable painting contractor using these simple tips.

  • Ask for referrals. Who knows, your family or close friends might have had renovation on their house and hired a contractor to do the house painting. Ask them if they have someone to recommend. You may also ask for whom you should be ware of. You can also browse the list of professional contractors online and customer’s reviews.
  • Check out their license and insurance. Make sure that the painter you’re going to choose have license and insurance and check out if both are current. Of course, if there is any damage or accident occurs during the painting process, you want your insurance company shoulder the expenses.
  • Ask for references. This could be repeat customers or homeowners who have had house painting done on their house few years ago. Brand new references might not be enough to support a painter’s reliability. Ask your painter’s previous customers if they would take his painting service again or not.
  • Explore their website and services. Most of painting companies put up their own website to take pride in their achievements and previous works. Choose the one that shows their credentials and photos of their faces and previous work on their website. This means they don’t have any problems about showing their faces and names on their work.
  • Don’t be tricked with nice photos. Obviously, painting contractors will show the best painting jobs they have done, with the pictures taken at the finest angle. If possible, you may want to arrange meeting to homeowners to see the painting job so that you can actually check out the details.
  • Take down notes. To avoid questions later, it is advisable to get everything in writing. From the estimation up to the smallest details, note it down.

And that’s it! By following these tips, searching for reliable and the most appropriate painting service would be much easier. Trust your instinct and be reasonable to get good quality painting job.

Air Conditioning: Helpful Tips in Choosing Air Conditioning to Buy

By Singapore Home Guy On October 18, 2010 No Comments

Whether you live in the city or in the country side there comes a moment when you want to turn on air conditioning unit. Pollution, extreme heat, cold or high levels of humidity makes us turn to technology for help. Air conditioning isn’t exactly a new invention so we know what to do when we want to buy a new unit but how do we chose from so many products? How do we know what to look for when we purchase an air conditioning unit?

Nowadays most new buildings have air conditioning (AC) included whether it’s an office building or a house. However, if we must buy it ourselves how do we choose from so many products that are currently available? The first thing you need to consider is the size of the room you need air conditioning for. In this case the size of the air conditioner really matters. If it’s too big you’ll end up spending too much money and if it’s too small your room might not be cooled efficiently. The size of the room and the insulation are two decisive factors you need to consider in buying a new air conditioning machine. When you purchase an AC, make sure you tell the seller about the size and insulation of the room. That way, they will be able to tell you what you need and how many BTU’s (British Thermal Units) are required for efficiently cooling your room.

However if you wish to find out yourself how many BTU’s should your new air conditioner should produce, there are simple calculators on the internet to help you with that.  Just make sure you mention the size of the room and of course the type of insulation that you have.

If the new place you bought already has an inbuilt AC unit that isn’t fit to your satisfaction and you want to upgrade it, there are a few things you need to be aware of like switches for high and low pressure cutout in the outdoor condenser unit. These switches can save the compressor if problems occur so even if they cost extra it’s best to have them. Higher efficiency units also come with a better blower motor for the indoor air handler. If possible, buy an AC unit that has an ECM (East Coast Mechanical) motor. They are more efficient especially if they run at low speeds most of the time.

The US Government uses the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating for every AC unit. It’s a formula that calculates how many BTU’s are created per unit of electricity (Kilowatt – KW) used. So the more BTU’s/KW are created the better your air conditioner is, thus you’ll spend less money on cooling your room.

To have an idea of how much you’ll spend with the air conditioning, simply calculate the number of days you intend of keeping the AC on in one year, and how many hours per day. The electrical usage of your new air conditioning unit should be provided by the manufacturer so just calculate the watts per hour, times the number of hours run time and divide by 1000. The resulting number will show you the number of KW/h (kilowatt hour) of electricity that your unit will consume. The next step is to take this number and multiply it by the number of days per year that your unit will run. Then, multiply the result to the cost of one KW from your electric company.

Knowing these numbers, you can easily calculate whether your pay back will be five years or less. If it is, you can definitely go for the higher efficiency air conditioner but always keep in mind that electricity costs may go up and there are some states where those costs are going to go up by 50% or even more in the years to come. It is probably safer to run those numbers at higher electricity costs just to be on the safe side.

Of course when it comes to air conditioning, it is always very important to know what kind of environment you will have in your location. For those who live in the south, it’s not exactly a matter of choice when it comes to the number of days the AC unit will run. In this case it’s best to purchase a higher efficiency unit even if the cost is a bit higher.

When it comes to cooling, we don’t always rely on air conditioners. The Heat Pump is often rated as being more efficient especially in the southern part of the country but we’ll address that in a different article in the future.

Since we live in a money based economy, the electricity costs will always go up so it will be more practical to have a higher efficiency air conditioner not just because they have more safety controls built into them but also because in the long run your costs will be less and at the same time you’ll be saving more electricity. With so many options to choose from, it’s often hard to decide.  But if you consider the few important factors shown in this article, you’ll certainly purchase an AC unit that will suit your needs. There are cheap air conditioners and of course there are expensive ones, just remember that the cheapest air conditioning is not always the best choice.

Classical Feng Shui: How to Determine The Best Feng Shui Position in Your Home and Office?

By Singapore Home Guy On October 11, 2010 No Comments

If you want to have effective Feng shui in your home or office, you may want to consider performing a Classical Feng Shui or also known as CFS. This kind of Feng shui deals about the proper position of feng shui in specific direction of your home or office. In this type of Feng Shui, you should determine the north, east, west and south direction of your office/house. Unlike in other feng shui type like Black Hat and Western/New Age Feng Shui, CFS does not being performed based on the position of the front door.

There are different types of feng shui method when I say CFS. Here are those:

Feng Shui Compass – If you want to create a good balance and harmony inside your home and office, this type of feng shui is suitable for you. This is more effective than any other feng shui type like Black Hat/Western/New Age.

Men Gua – This type of CFS feng shui deals about your personal aspects. It is based upon your birthday. You can identify the top 4 personal directions of your life once you have your birthday. Those personal directions are Success, Health, Wisdom and Relationship. This type of CFS is easy to do. It has specific method and once you have learned the basic, you can easily perform the overall method of this type of Feng shui.

Xaun Kong Da Gua – This kind of Classical Feng shui deals about the position of water feature in any part of your home/office. Most of home owners install water features like fountain, ponds and pools in their property as they believe it can attract wealth luck – which is basically true in the concept of feng shui. But before you install water feature in your property, it is advisable to seek for Xuan kong Da Gua Expert assistance for you to do the feng shui method properly.

Flying Star – If you want to determine the best area of your home or office in specific period of the year, Flying Star Feng Shui is the best CFS type for you. This kind of classical feng shui can give you the ability to determine the best period of the year for specific event. For instance, if you are thinking of the best timing for marriage, flying star can help you to decide. This is also beneficial when it comes to office aspects like perfect timing for launching a new program or promotion and asking for a raise. If you have this CFS in your home/office, it is like knowing the best answer for specific question ahead of time.

There are many other CFS types emerge nowadays, but these four are the most commonly used. Given the fact that CFS deals about directions, you should determine the east, south, west, north part of your home/office for you to apply the CFS properly. Some are having problems in identifying the specific directions of their home/office. However, there are some easy methods that can help you identify the right direction of your home/office area.

Method #1 – Identifying the N-W-S-E direction through sun rise

We all know that the sun rises at east direction. Now, if you are going to stand in front of where the sun rises in the morning, you’ll realize that the direction in front of you is the east direction. Therefore, the south area of your home and office is your right while your left is the north area. The home/office area that is behind you is the west direction.

Method #2 – Draw floor plan of your home/office and Use compass

This method is considered as the better and easy way of identifying the N-S-E-W direction of your home/office. In this method, you will draw a floor plan of your office. Identify the center part of your home/office and stand there with the compass at hand. Usually, compass comes with black or red arrow facing to the north. Face to the north direction of your home/office. This way, you’ll know that your left is the west direction and your right is the east direction. The direction behind you is the south area.

See? It is quite easy to identify directions of your home/office. You just have to be accurate in determining the directions of your property in order to perform the classical feng shui properly and effectively.

High Pressure Sodium Light Bulbs: The Advantages of Cheap Yet Efficient Lighting Solutions

By Singapore Home Guy On October 5, 2010 No Comments

High Pressure Sodium Light bulbs can give us numerous advantages. Efficient and cheap lighting solution is one of those. You can get the exact lighting solution that can sustain the needs of lighting application through this kind of solution. High Pressure sodium Bulb is similar to florescent lighting that provides optimized lighting solution without the use of too much electric power. Regards to this, these kinds of bulbs can be used purposely such as security lights, gardening lights and street lights.

You can find various types of High pressure sodium light bulb as market can provide you vast preferences. Types vary on what you need. If you need light bulb that requires specific watts, you can choose from different wattage solutions of these bulbs. For instance, if for basic lighting purposes only, you can find 35 watts of bulbs. But the watts can range higher than 200 watts, as I mentioned earlier, depends on what you need. You need to consider the lighting requirement before jump into any choice. This way, you can have the best choice that best suit for your lighting needs. Usually, this kind of bulb can get 100-150 lumens per watts, which is beneficial because it means you’ll get higher brightness of light than other bulb that using more electric power. It only means that you can get the enough light at low-cost using this kind of bulb. Also, you can really get what you pay for, money-back guarantee as they say.

In choosing high pressure sodium light bulb, you won’t be in the place that you need to be rush in deciding on which bulb you are going to choose. You can explore all of the options so that you can come up with the perfect choice. In deciding on which bulb to choose, lighting requirement should be considered. Take your time picking up the right bulb. You don’t have to rush yourself. There are a lot of choices you can choose from so you should be careful upon choosing. For specific application, there is suitable bulb solution. For instance, if the purpose of lighting solution is for street light, then you can go for 100 to 200 watts of bulb. More likely, this variety of bulb watts can produce 10,000 lumen or even higher which is perfect to light the street productively.

Now, if the lighting application will be used for gardening or plant growth, you should consider the lighting requirement of your plant is needed before you choose. In some cases, growing plant require specific light solution for specific growth stage. If you are unsure on what kind of wattage bulb you’re going to choose, you better research further about the lighting requirements of your plants. This way, wrong choices of bulb can be avoided. As I’ve said earlier, don’t rush things. Consider all the factors first before you jump to any choice. This way, you will be able to avoid to waste of money and effort and you will get what you really seek for.

Get Deluxe Looking Bathroom with These Shower Tile Decorating Ideas

By Singapore Home Guy On September 29, 2010 1 Comment

Most of people tend to follow the trend of having different bathroom themes and designs these days. For you to have bathroom that has luxurious look and comfortable setting, you have to properly choose the perfect bathroom schemes and themes. You also have to choose great shower tile decorating ideas to create marvelous appearance in your bathroom. There’s a lot of shower tile design and style are available in the market today therefore you have vast preferences to choose from. The style and design of shower tiles vary on what your bathroom is needed and what kind of theme you want it to achieve. The selection also depends on how much you can spend for bathroom designing.

Now, if you want to come up with the perfect choice, you need to consider some factors. You need to ask yourself how much you can afford and what kind of materials you want to be used. For instance, you can choose from stone, marble or glass material.

Most of people tend to commit same mistake over and over. They opt to purchase expensive shower curtains and accessories to decorate their bathroom. They are thinking that having costly accessories can create luxurious appearance to their bathroom. While the truth is, you can have the appearance you want by just picking up the appropriate and well-designed shower tiles. It is much cheaper than buying expensive accessories that in due time, will be worn out.

Now, in choosing shower tile color, you need to consider the size of your bathroom. If it has small size space, then it’s better to choose light color shower tiles. Light color can create the atmosphere of spacious and that will make your bathroom looks bigger than its original size.

If you don’t want to spend too much in replacing your existing shower tiles, you can try painting them. You can use enamel paint to spice up the boring and old-looking shower tiles. Enamel paint is the best paint to be used in shower tiles because it has the ability to stay sealed in despite of weather and temperature changes. You can use contrasting or multiple colors to make your bathroom look exciting and inviting.

You can customize the shower tiles design by using stencil painting. Stencil painting is much cheaper and easier to implement as you can find lots of craft store selling stencil. You can choose multiple colors of stencil paint based on your bathroom themes. You can try beach, ocean midst and waves theme for your bathroom.