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Plan Your Home Bathroom According To Your Needs

By Singapore Home Guy On August 10, 2009 Under Bathroom

A lot of  Singaporeans forget or do not plan what they want for their bathroom when they purchased their new home. It is all left to the ideas and innovation of the interior designers to read your mind. Well if you want to fully utilized what should be in your bathroom, you need to plan first, and I have some tips for how to do that:interior-design-bathroom

Sketch Your Ideas

I do not really mean to really sketch out the design, but to write out what you need in your bathroom. A visualized plan written down on paper will help you see and plan the necessary things in your bathroom. You may have to buy some renovation magazines or visit some renovation websites to give you ideas. Of course, a basic sketching of your future bathroom is also a great idea.

Determine Your Budget

Now that you know what you want, now is to look at how much you can afford. A typical bathroom renovation in Singapore will not go more than $5,000, unless you want a bathtub in your bathroom or adding some high end stuffs in it. Another way to lowering your budget for your bathroom is to shop around for the bathroom accessories yourself, this way you can choose the cheaper accessories instead of the interior designer company choosing for you. Or you might consider DIY. Do note that DIY can be very labour intensive, as Singaporeans tend not to DIY due to time and lack of knowledge in this area.

Number Of Users

Another factor to consider when planning for your bathroom. For Singaporean newly weds, most will move out and have their own time with each other, thus having only two users in the house. If you are planning to live together with someone like your parents, you will need to cater to their needs as well.

Anticipate Hidden Cost

Now that you have decided to go ahead with what you plan, and what you need. It is also good to set aside some money for hidden cost when renovating your bathroom. Why do I say that? A lot of time when you plan for a nice bathroom concept in your mind, it is all perfect. But when it becomes reality, things does not go as what you plan, and you might have to incur additional cost just to change or rectify what you want.

Creating Space For Your Bathroom

Having a spacious bathroom in your home can be quite easy. Plan what you want to have in the bathroom, like bathroom supplies, toiletries, etc… Then you must have some sort of area or storage for these necessities. A great place to shop is Ikea, where they provide nice design at an affordable price.

No matter what you do, remember to plan what you want first, so that it will be easy for you to decide.

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