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Possible To Save Money With a Home Made Solar Energy System?

By Singapore Home Guy On November 15, 2011 Under Green Homes

Living off grid and producing electricity from natural resource may sound ambitious. But let’s face it, is it impossible? It’s true that it can be challenging and complicated but there’s always a possibility. It is possible to produce electricity for homes with solar energy. It requires ample amount of money, time and effort though. Yet, it’s achievable. Here are some few tips to achieve this goal.

Patience, Patience, Patience…

Living off-grid doesn’t mean that you call your electric provider to disconnect your power supply after you build one solar panel. A single home-made solar panel is not enough to support your household’s power needs. You need to build plenty of solar panels and to have lots of batteries. You may start with using home-made solar panels to compliment the electric consumption in your households and reduce your monthly utility bill. You will know that you can completely live off grid when your bill goes down to almost zero without too much trouble in regards to you and your family daily lifestyle.

Let’s do the Computation

First step to off-grid living is finding out the power consumption of your home. A standard American home usually consumes about 588kWh monthly. But this factor may vary depending on the home’s size, the number of occupants, time of the year and number of appliance at home. For an instance, many households have doubled power usage during summer season since they use air-conditioning more often. Check your old electric bills and know the monthly power usage in your household. Some electric company may also include the average of your home’s monthly power usage.

Once you have known the amount of electricity you need to start living off-grid, find out how many solar energy panels you need to put up. Actually, it is easier to know the number of solar cells you will need and divide these cells into solar panels later on.  Sadly, solar cells generate varied amount of electric power. It depends upon the location, cloud cover, size, time of the year, etc. But you can always get dependable number of watts generated by each solar cell by contacting your solar energy supplies manufacturers.

Lastly, you need to know the number of batteries you will need to keep the electric power produced by the panels during daylights. These batteries will supply your household the needed electric power during the night. You can choose from two types of batteries. The car batteries, or known as wet cell lead batteries and AGM or deep-cycle gel batteries. The latter is more expensive but are best suitable for solar power. They tend to last longer than the car batteries.

Depending on the calculation and the result, you’ll know how much power your household needs in a daily basis. Once you have come up with the battery type, know it storage capacity. Then, divide the power consumption by the storage capacity of the battery. The result will by the number of batteries you really need.

Reduce your electric Consumption

All of us enjoy and use up unlimited electric power. We worry less about using plenty of electric power and just pay what we used up once the bill comes up. Once you start living off grid, you need to limit your energy consumption as home-made solar panels generate finite amount of electricity.

There are few lifestyle changes you need to embrace once you try the off grid living. Firstly, you cannot leave your desktop on all-day, all-night. You will also need to be frugal in using air conditioner and heaters. As you build your home-made energy system, start replacing you traditional appliances with energy saving ones. So, instead of using incandescent bulbs, better use CFL lights. If you can, replace electric appliances with appliances that don’t use electric power. For instance, use hot water heater or furnace.

You will also need to change your behavior to achieve off-grid living successfully. You need to get yourself used to turning off lights and appliances when you don’t need them. Instead of drying your clothes with electric dryers, hang it dry outside.

Yes, living off grid is challenging but at the end of the day, you can reap seamless benefits from your home-made solar power system.

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