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Reducing Your Electric Bill – Measures

By Singapore Home Guy On November 3, 2010 Under Electric Tips

If you’re looking for ways to cut down your monthly electric bill, then you may want to read on and consider these tips. These tips will not require you to cut back your power usage. You just need to follow certain steps to trim down your power usage which will eventually reduce your monthly bill. So here we go.

Use energy-efficient appliances and lights

The first thing you can do to reduce your power usage is using energy-efficient appliances and lighting systems. Let’s say for example, instead of using traditional light tubes or bulbs, use CFLs or Compact Fluorescent Lights. CFLs use two times less energy than light bulbs. Using energy-saving appliances and lightings can significantly reduce your home’s overall power usage.

Conduct system service upgrade regularly

System upgrade is considered as the most essential electric utility services. This service will require you to check the compatibility of your system with the power capacity of your house. You also need to run diagnosis, work out electric-related problems and improve efficiency of your appliances. This will not only improve that safety in your house or workplace but also lessen your home’s power consumption thus your monthly bill. Reduce Electric Bill

Limit your electrical appliances usage

Instead of using electrical appliances to do your daily chores, why not do it manually? You don’t have to do it always, just when you have time. Let’s say for example, instead of using electric dryer to dry your clothes, why not hang it outside? This will significantly help in cutting down power usage in your household.

Conduct System Maintenance Regularly

You can also trim down your power consumption by conducting system maintenance in a regular basis. For instance, a least-maintained AC tends to consume more energy as its filter gets clogged with debris and dirt which result to poor AC performance. Therefore, it is important to conduct regular maintenance to reduce overall power usage.

Choose Certified Products Only

There are some organizations that certify and rate appliances and electrical systems based on their efficiency. Higher rating means higher efficiency of particular product. Be sure to buy products that are certified for efficiency. This will save you a few bucks on your monthly electric bill.

By following above energy-saving suggestion and tips, you will not only trim down your monthly power usage, you will also help conserve the environment.

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