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Restyle your Kitchen through Cabinet Door Knobs Replacing

By Singapore Home Guy On February 23, 2010 Under Kitchen

If you want your kitchen to look new, you don’t have to engage yourself into full remodeling task. There’s a lot of quick and easy fix you can do in order to have the new look in your kitchen. Replacing door knobs and fasteners in your kitchen cabinet can spice up the boring look of your kitchen. This will give you the opportunity to re-style your kitchen without spending much in full renovation.

Firstly, remove all the old door knobs in your kitchen cabinet. At some point, door knobs starting to worn out due to heavy usage. Be careful in unscrewing screws in the pilot holes of the door knobs. This way, further damage within the holes can be avoided. Once you have removed the knobs, bring it with you when you by a new one. This will help you to get the correct screws and knobs for your kitchen cabinet.

Now you have the appropriate set of knobs and screws, you can now start you DIY kitchen re-styling. Grab a screwdriver and start re-installing the cabinet door knob. It is faster and easier task if the screws match to the old hole patterns in the cabinet. If not, put some wood glue in the pilot holes and wait to dry out. Once dried, put the door knob and drive the screw back to the cabinet door.

But in some cases, you may find the pilot holes becomes squirted and worn out. This is where you will have additional DIY work. You have to make sure the all the door knobs will be replaced evenly. Firstly, put the new door know in the door and ensure that the old holes will be covered. Hold it at once and mark the proper placement of the door know to the cabinet door using a pencil. Make sure that the door knob is properly aligned so that the measurement will be accurate. To ensure the accurate door holes measurement, grab 2 pieces of 2X4 plywood and joined them together into T-shape. Now, you can hold it in the cabinet door and start marking the new holes placement. Outline the cabinet door’s edge on the plywood and mark the location of drill hole on the pattern. After marking, you can now start drilling the new hole for new hardware. To ensure the proper drilling holes for each door knob, you can make pattern for each.

Carefully drill the marked cabinet door. This way, splintering of cabinet woods will be avoided. Once you have created new holes for new hardware, you can now start attaching them to the cabinet door. Place the screw back through the attaching door knob and tighten them into new holes. Make sure that you won’t over tighten the screw to avoid losing its trade.

All things considered, you can do your own DIY kitchen re-styling. It doesn’t require specialized skill but only basic knowledge in repair and maintenance. Now, you can have restyled kitchen without spending much from full kitchen renovation.

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