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Shower Bathtub Installation: Fitting Bathtub in the Small Size Bathroom Ideas

By Singapore Home Guy On August 26, 2010 Under Bathroom

It’s so nice to have a long, relaxing shower after a long day of work or even in usual days. But what if you still haven’t one? Or maybe you have existing shower bathtub but needs some improvements? Regardless on what you need, you can come up with a lot of options on whether to install a new shower bath set or enhance the existing shower bathtub. You can try installing an alcove or replace the old shower bathtub set into new, comfy one. From old-fashioned style bathroom, you can improve it into unconventional style like wet room. This article will give you some ideas on how to improve your shower room and give you the opportunity to have shower bathroom fitted into small space.

The first option you may want to choose is replacing the existing shower bathtub into new one, maybe smaller yet comfy tub. This option is obviously costly because you have to purchase for a whole set, therefore choose this if you are ready to spend or the existing tub cannot be used properly anymore. Yet, this is the best option if you really want to have a new shower bathtub that will match the decoration of your bathroom and you got the money to spend.

Now, if you have an existing and properly functioning bathtub but no shower, you can try installing a shower in it rather than purchasing the whole set. This option is quite low-cost than the first one. It is much better if you have basic knowledge in plumbing work. This way, you don’t have to employ professional plumber to do the shower installation job for you. Installing a shower into existing bathtub is quite easy to do. More importantly, you don’t have to spend much in this option. To avoid the floor from soaking, you will need to set up shower curtain or screen as well. But if you are unfamiliar with plumbing work, it is better to seek for professional help so that severe leak problem will be avoided in the future.

On the other hand, if your bathroom has a right shape and space, you can install a small bathtub shower in an alcove. It is considered as most effective way to fit a bathtub in small size bathroom. Although this option is not being used more often, this will give you the opportunity to have well-fitted bathtub shower and you can use most of your bathroom spaces productively.

Another option you may want to think about is converting the whole bathroom into wet room. This maybe an extreme option, but this will give you a lot of space for your shower bathtub. In this option, the whole floor will be removed and replaced by large shower tray. Although you won’t be able to use the bathroom for any other purposes because you are more likely need to get rid the whole bathroom floor, but with the large space you will get, it will be worth it. This method of installing a shower bathtub maybe used very rarely, but with the productive result it can give, this is the best option if you have an existing small bathroom.

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