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Some Simple Precautions to Take Before Hiring Your New Painter

By Singapore Home Guy On October 26, 2010 Under Home Improvement Tips

If you want to get your house painted or re-painted, hiring a professional painting contractor could be an ideal option. Unless you know how to do it yourself, considering you have enough knowledge about painting. In addition, it may take so much of your time which can be cumbersome if you have hectic schedule. Not just that, you also need to gather all equipments needed in house painting which perhaps you don’t have.

Now, if you choose to hire a professional painter to paint your house, another complex task you need to do is to narrow down your choices. There are plenty of contractors who offer their services at varied price. Of course, you want to pick out the best and the reliable contractor the first time. So you can you find “HIM”?

You should take few preventive measures before you choose the best painting service. Find the most reliable painting contractor using these simple tips.

  • Ask for referrals. Who knows, your family or close friends might have had renovation on their house and hired a contractor to do the house painting. Ask them if they have someone to recommend. You may also ask for whom you should be ware of. You can also browse the list of professional contractors online and customer’s reviews.
  • Check out their license and insurance. Make sure that the painter you’re going to choose have license and insurance and check out if both are current. Of course, if there is any damage or accident occurs during the painting process, you want your insurance company shoulder the expenses.
  • Ask for references. This could be repeat customers or homeowners who have had house painting done on their house few years ago. Brand new references might not be enough to support a painter’s reliability. Ask your painter’s previous customers if they would take his painting service again or not.
  • Explore their website and services. Most of painting companies put up their own website to take pride in their achievements and previous works. Choose the one that shows their credentials and photos of their faces and previous work on their website. This means they don’t have any problems about showing their faces and names on their work.
  • Don’t be tricked with nice photos. Obviously, painting contractors will show the best painting jobs they have done, with the pictures taken at the finest angle. If possible, you may want to arrange meeting to homeowners to see the painting job so that you can actually check out the details.
  • Take down notes. To avoid questions later, it is advisable to get everything in writing. From the estimation up to the smallest details, note it down.

And that’s it! By following these tips, searching for reliable and the most appropriate painting service would be much easier. Trust your instinct and be reasonable to get good quality painting job.