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Top 3 Decorating Ideas for Small Bedroom

By Singapore Home Guy On April 9, 2010 Under Bedroom

When decorating a small bedroom, owner engaging themselves into one, same mistake. That is putting a lot of unnecessary decorations that makes the small room looks crowded and cluttered. If you have small bedroom, then you should need to make it look spacious strategically. There’s a lot of way where you can get more space without having literal building extensions. This article will help you to have spacious and simplified bedroom as it will give you some ideas on how to properly decorate your small bed room.

Lighting –Because bedroom is meant to be a resting area, the lighting should be soft and subtle. This will give a gentle ambiance that creates soothing appeal to user. However, the position of the light should also be considered. Instead of installing a stand-alone lampshade, you can use hanging or wall-posted light. This way, the floor area can be use for other bedroom furniture. If you need light for studying, you can use light that can be mounted on the wall when not in use. You can use florescent light for an elegant looking bedroom.

Bed sheet and Curtains – For a small-spaced bedroom, it is advisable to use light palettes when it comes to bed sheet and curtains. Light color is essentially creating spacious ambiance to the room. Avoid using too much floral or airy design of curtains as it creates cluttered and crowded atmosphere in small bedroom insignificantly. It is better to use curtain that has same color as the wall. This way, the curtain color will complement to wall and more likely create well-balanced and organized ambiance to your bedroom. If your bedroom is having insufficient lightning, then it’s better to use light curtains as it will add some glow to your room.

Storage Space – If your room is small, every space that you can use from it is crucial. Therefore, the decoration as well as the storage of furniture inside the small bedroom should be organized and properly utilized. For example, instead of buying separate bed and small sofa, go for sofa bed. This way, you can have sofa and bed at the same time when needed without occupying too much space. Big furniture should be place at the corners so you’ll have more space in the center. It is also better if the furniture will be placed angular to the corner. It will give the atmosphere of being spacious to the room.

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