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Washer and Washing Machine Hoses

By Singapore Home Guy On November 30, 2011 Under General

Installation of any washing machine hose should be done properly. The hose should not be kinked or twisted when installed. Otherwise, it may prevent the proper water flow of the washer. Washing machine hoses are secured on both ends with hose clamps. They can be easily removed or replaced with the help of hex driver; pliers specialized for hose clamps or screw driver.

Fill Control Hose

This kind of hose is secured to the washer or tub with internal holding rings. This can be removed using needle-nose or regular pliers. The fill control hose is bonded to the plastic tubing with the use of reducing connector. This connector must be securely held to the internal part of the fill control hose using rubber cement.

Water Inlet Hose

Water inlet hose should be carefully attached to the nylon-made inlet valve of washing machine. When the nylon of this inlet valve becomes cross-threaded, it may result to leaks or thread damage. Avoid over-tightening. Each hose comes with filter washer screen which should be attached to the faucet. There are 2 3/8-inch rubbers attached to the stainless hose to bring the water from the faucet to the washer’s inlet valve.

Pump Outlet Hose

The hose of washers that are not equipped with two-way valve runs from pump outlet to the hole of the side cabinets and is held to hose couplings with hose clamps. On the other hand, those washers that have two-way valve have their hose running from the pump outlet to two-way valve inlet.

Recirculation Hose

Most washers use two hoses for water recirculation. The water should circulate from the external tub all through the recirculation pump and the filter which can be found on the top of the tub. The first hose can be found in between the pump and the tub. This hose is affixed to the plastic-side outlet which is held to the side of the tub with lock rings. The other hose is running from the recirculation pump outlet to the filter cover. Since the filter cover is attached on the top, you should remove the recirculation hose to lift the top of servicing is needed.

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