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Window Tinting – Tips to Make Your DIY Window Tinting Easier

By Singapore Home Guy On June 28, 2010 Under General

If you want your windows to be tinted and still want to save cost from hiring professional that will do the tinting job for you, then start doing it on your own. Tinting a window maybe such a daunting task for you, but by following these easy guidelines, the daunting task will be much more convenient.

Before you start the DIY window tinting, you should have enough space where you can lay the solar tinting film because in some instances, you have to make some cuts for it to fit in the window. Firstly, clear the area. Those areas where you can put the tint film can be a cleared floor or wide table. Usually, it is better if you have cutting area that as big as the tint film, or even bigger. The smaller the area, the larger the chance you’ll encounter headaches in cutting the tint film. Worst, you’ll end up trashing the whole tint film roll.

Now, once you have the enough space, you can start cutting the tint film. In cutting, you should obtain handy ruler or straight edge so that you can cut the film more straightly. This way, you won’t have any problem about wonky tint film edges because you’ll have guide in cutting it.

Most importantly before you start your DIY window tinting, you should be prepared. Organized manner is beneficial as it will keep you doing the task orderly. First things first, as they say. For instance, you know you’re going to tint a window, thus, it should be cleaned first before anything else. Not like you’re going to cut tint film before you clean the window. This will mess up your tinting task as you need to wait the window to dry up before you can put your tint film.

See? DIY window tinting is not really hard to do. You just have to be organized, well-prepared and creative so that the task will be much easier. This way, you can tint your windows without pulling any penny out of your pocket.

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